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Potty Training Tips You Need for the Holiday Season

I’m a Pull-Ups Potty Training Partner, and was compensated for this post as part of my relationship with the brand…

Can you believe the holidays are almost here? The stores are already full of Thanksgiving and Christmas goodies, my Pandora station has brought back my Christmas music station, and my stress level is rising day by day – as I think about travel and events and activities and parties and, and, and…. All the million other things going on this time of year.

Potty Training during the Holidays

The holidays are amazing and magical, no matter what your age. But, no matter what your age, they can still be stressful. Especially if you’re in the potty training stage – there are so many challenges at this time of year. But here are some tips and tricks I’ve used myself, that I hope can help to make it easier for you and your family. Learn how to get ready for the holiday season of travel and fun events…

Pull-Ups are a must for holiday events and travel!

1. Clothes: Think about the outfits you put your kids in. Puffy skirts that are hard to hold up above a potty chair, or new buttons and snaps on fancy trousers for boys, or any type of new zip or snap can be confusing for kids. So keep that in mind in mind as you shop for holiday gear. The easier the better. And think about things like – extra leggings or tights for girls, or maybe a second set of pants for boys.

2. Bathrooms: Whether it’s being uncomfortable in a mini-mart restroom or with the newness of grandma’s bathroom, new places can be intimidating. Be sure to discuss this beforehand. Let littles know about things like automatic flushing, sinks that turn on like magic, and how loud it all will be.

3. Supplies: Studies show that it’s best to be consistent with kiddos – and using Pull-Ups training pants are a necessity to have on hand throughout the entire potty training process, so be sure to stash some in your bag at all times. Even once you don’t need a “diaper bag,” you usually still need a “toddler bag” to be ready for emergencies. And I mean, Pull-Ups training pants are super fun, with all of the popular Disney characters. They are amazingly absorbent. And they teach kids great lessons about pulling pants up and down, to get them ready for big kid undies later on. Total win :)

4. Schedule: Holiday travel and events can mean tight schedules. But, as you plan outings, be sure to schedule some extra time for potty breaks. Whether it’s on the road where you map in extra rest stops – or just adding some extra time into your own agenda as you prep for holiday parties at home – make sure you leave enough time to not be stressed during potty breaks. Because a stressed out momma means a stressed out kiddo.

5. Treats and Drinks: Be aware of what your little one is eating and drinking during the holiday festivities. Too much to eat, or too many treats, can lead to tummy aches – which in turn lead to them not knowing when to do to the potty. And, too many cups or punch or juice at an evening party can lead to wetting the bed, when they usually don’t. One great idea to help with this are GoodNites Bed Mats – they help protect against accidents, no matter where you are. Which makes everyone happy. And speaking of good nights – check out all of these awesome tips to help kids stay dry at night.

6. Be Consistent: This is the most important. Try to keep up with your regular routines as much as possible. If you travel, bring things like your potty chair, special blanket or teddy, and any rewards you usually use – like stickers or suckers. And a great reminder when times get busy is to use the Time to Potty App – which is seriously, my NUMBER ONE recommendation to anyone who’s potty training. It gives you a timer on your phone, which beeps to let you know when it’s time to go potty again. It helps you stay on track, despite all of the holiday distractions – and gives kids something fun to motivate them. Also be sure to check out the Big Kid Academy, which offers customized activities and advice and is another great way to stay on track!

7. Be Patient: Regression can be normal. Even kids who are almost-to-fully potty trained can have setbacks you don’t expect. The holidays  are stressful for us all, so it makes sense that little ones would feel that stress too. And stress can make kids suddenly start wetting their pants or the bed. Some ways to overcome this are to make sure you’re giving them your full attention, at least a few times a day, no matter what else is going on. Have family members that are visiting {or that you’re visiting} give them accolades and encouragement when they go potty, and maybe go back to using rewards like stickers again.

Pull-Ups Logo

And remember too…. Breath. The holidays get hectic. Preschoolers get hectic. Combined – it can lead to a lot of stress. Don’t let that happen. Just keep up the routines you’ve had, as best as you can. Be sure to keep supplies on hand, like extra clothes and Pull-Ups. Get the app, to keep you both on track with “potty times.” And keep your sense of humor. Because accidents happen. Trust me – they’re funnier later. Like this one….

Abby in the potty

When Abby was first learning to potty train, I heard her in the bathroom one day. Came in. And she was IN the toilet. She said – “I’m on the potty train mom. When does it start going?” Followed by some chugga chugga choo-choos. :) And it’s so funny how parenting has changed – my mom would have right away picked me up out of there. But I grabbed my phone to take a picture first <3 But how to you not capture a moment like that? It’s frustrating at the time – but it I promise, all of the potty training stress will fade away before you know it, and lead to lots of funny memories.

We Love Pull-Ups Training Pants

And as you can see – kids truly do LOVE Pull-Ups :) Abby is hugging all of her favorite characters – like Doc McStuffins and Ariel, from The Little Mermaid!

I asked on Facebook what challenges other moms face with potty training during the holidays – or what tips anyone has to share. Feel free to join the conversation – I LOVE to hear from you guys!


How Do You Potty Train When On-The-Go?

I’m a Pull-Ups Potty Training Ambassador. Big thank you to them for trusting me to offer potty training tips and advice as part of a compensated relationship.

“The trouble with being a parent is that by the time you are experienced, you are unemployed.” – I became a mother very unexpectedly. I was 30 years old, thought that I was on a set career path, and was set in my routines. Then BAM! Life throws you a curve ball. And those two little pink lines were just the start of the curve balls I’d start to face on a regular basis… Every time you think you’re getting the hang of the whole mom thing, your kiddo changes again. They say babies are hard. But you know what? Babies stay in one spot. It’s once they learn to move that things really start to get tricky. Do you remember the first time you laid your baby on a blanket for tummy time, and came to find that they had moved? All by themselves?? Sometimes I feel like motherhood is just a big race to stay ahead of the game, lol.

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Getting Ready for School: 5 Fun Preschool Learning Tools

“Children have to be educated, but they have also to be left to educate themselves.” – Abbé Dimnet… I’ve always been addicted to learning. I’ve been a voracious reader since I was a kid – during the summer, in my middle school years, I used to go to our local library every week to search out interesting new finds. As I moved to high school, I would read at least a full book every single week – sometimes a couple of them. And now, as a mom, I still enjoy learning… Whether it’s building new skills to help me grow my online business, or discovering fun ways to teach Abby new things – I’m kind of a learning junkie. One of the most important things in the world to me is helping Abby grow into the kind of person who is curious… Someone who wants to learn, yearns to broaden their horizons, and enjoys expanding her mind. Which is why I am totally in love with a new set of tools we recently discovered, to help her prepare for preschool – they’re called Schoolies, and I think you’ll love them too!

Five fun preschool learning resources

Five fun preschool learning resources

Preschoolers will love meeting the unique and colorful cast of Schoolies characters, created by artist and designer Ellen Crimi-Trent and published in Priddy Books’ signature early learning formats. All of the books are totally interactive – with clock hands to move, stickers to add, cool fold-out scenes, and even wipe-away pages to practice their skills. The graphics are clean and bright, the design is modern and fun, and they really help encourage kids to get excited about learning new skills. Check out how much fun Abby has drawing and counting in the School Days book, and then see some of the other fold out and pop up action to0:

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Tech Toys that Grow with Your Kids – We Love Ubooly!

“Teachers need to integrate technology seamlessly into the curriculum instead of viewing it as an add-on, an afterthought, or an event.” – Heidi-Hayes Jacobs, Educational Consultant If you’ve read this site much, you know my opinion on kid’s toys. I’m not often a fan of toys that beep and bloop and flash their lights, that kind of just play on their own, while kids watch. I like toys that really stimulate the senses, that encourage kids to use their imagination and creativity. But at the same time – I’m clearly a lover of tech, {I make my living on these crazy inter-webs} – and appreciate all of the amazing ways technology can help kids learn and grow in amazing ways that didn’t exist when I was a kid. With that background, you’ll understand why I am over-the-top, over-the-moon, over-use-of-silly-phrases in love with the new Ubooly toy and smartphone app for kids. Check it out:

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Monsters Scare Away Potty Training Fears

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Huggies Pull-Ups. I’m super excited that they trust us to share our best potty training tips with you ladies today…

“Kids these days. They just don’t get scared like they used to.” – Henry J. WaternooseThere are a few phrases that can strike fear into both kids and parents. Things like, “Dentist Appointment,” or “Longer than expected wait time” make everyone cringe. And when you say, “Potty training” – well, that can cause a lot of apprehension from both the kiddo that has to learn a new skill, and from a first-time parent who’s not sure where to start.

Take the fear out of potty training
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You’re Not a Person, You’re a Mommy…

“You’re not a person. You’re a mommy!”…. My almost three year-old told me this a few days ago. And honestly, doesn’t that pretty much totally and completely sum up motherhood? You’re not a person with rights that ordinary Americans take for granted. You’re now a servant. You have small masters who suffer from crazy mood swings, and are irrationally demanding at all hours of the day. They are tiny, adorable, and sometimes terrifying. But, unlike traditional servants, you do at least get some pretty darn amazing perks… hugs and kisses, lots of love, and an overwhelming sense of joy {you know, until they have a toddler break down again. The perks are so epic, but in between, there is constant chaos, lol.}

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Unplug Your Kids: Lilliputiens Toys for Sensory Stimulation and Creative Learning

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” – Pablo Picasso… As a blogger, I obviously see the amazing value of the internet – I’m constantly connected to the web on my smartphone, my laptop, my Kindle, my iPod… You get the picture. So I’m definitely OK with my almost 3-year old having some cool tech toys – she adores learning letters on her LeapPad, and the new Ubooly we’ve been playing makes acting out imaginary scenes super fun. But – I do still love toys that really help kids develop their imagination. Toys that are simple – but clever. So many toys these days have a million flashing lights and beeping noises and moving parts – it’s almost like they play themselves, and kids just sorta follow along. So, I’m super excited to share a new toy we recently tried out that I am IN.LOVE.WITH. She’s called Ophelia, she has 4 adorable chicks, and I think you’ll love her too….

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