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Back to School Shopping Tips for Glam Girls

We’ve partnered with for this post – we received some awesome new girl’s shoes for back to school to show you, all opinions are totally ours. As always. #shopkidsshoes #shoeuswhatyougot

Do you have a little fashionista in your life? A girl who lives for glitter and glam? A girl who’s young enough that you still have to do most of the shopping and assisting in the fitting room, but old enough to be super opinionated on what she wants to wear to school every day? Then I’ve got some tips here to help make your mom life easier. Because I love you. Keep reading.

Finding the best shoes for glam girls

First – It pains me to have to talk to you about back to school. Not because there’s anything wrong with school –  Abby and I are both pretty excited about starting a new year. Back to school always feels a little bit like a mini-new year; fresh starts, new routines, big goals. But man, it feels like we barely got into our swimsuits and threw the first floaties into the pool, and suddenly there are school supply displays when we go grocery shop. Ugh. Killin’ our summer vibes here, man. {And dudes, I saw Christmas displays going up at Hobby Lobby. Slow your roll, retail.}

Get the perfect size in kids shoes

But, back to school does involve shopping. And we like shopping. :) So, there’s that. And, I like shopping even better when it’s online. I send my order, and it shows up on my front porch. Bam, winner winner chicken dinner, easy peasy. But, shopping online for kids shoes can be a challenge, right? Because kids’ feet grow every other minute, so I never know for sure what size to buy, Well, has that part figured it out – those smarty pants peeps have an app that measures your kids foot and gives you their size, for the PERFECT fit, all Cinderella style. Love it, right? Try KidSizing today – exclusive to {There’s even a video there to help walk you through it.}

School Shopping for Glam Girls

I told you that I’d share tips on dressing those little fashionistas of yours. I am not a super conservative type, but oh maaaaan, some clothes and accessories for little girls are just…. NOT for little girls, knowwhatimean?? Abby wants stuff that’s “totes adorbs” and filled with color and glitter and fun. But we both also want comfortable gear that she can run and climb and swing in. And that can be a hard combo. But – has a HUGE selection of high quality designer shoes – all just for kids. And they have some of the coolest, trendiest, most unique shoes that we have seen ANYWHERE. Just what every little glam girl’s heart wants.

Sequined and glitter shoes for girls

This was our first time shopping with – and I will never go back to bending and tying and untying and waiting for clerks to get more sizes and pinching toes to check fit and going to another store because there’s nothing she likes in her size and….. You know how it goes. And I’m loving these Sydney Jordyn Floral Applique Sneakers from!!!! They’re basic enough to match just about everything in her wardrobe, but the details make them a total statement piece that adds a BIG pop of WOW to her look. She’s gotten stopped for compliments a couple of times already, which makes her feel like the coolest kid ever. :)

And, truth: I was worried about these at first… I mean, they are pretty stylin’ sneaks. And she is a bit picky on how things feel, but adores the comfortable fit on these shoes. But, WHITE sneakers? With playgrounds and bus stops and sports? And the applique – would it just fall off?

But, after a couple of weeks of wild child testing, {even through picking raspberries in the muddy garden, swinging over the grass, climbing the playhouse…} I can give you my mom promise that these rock. They’re a faux leather that wipes clean {mom tip: use a Magic Eraser. You’ll clean them in a just swipe or two} and the applique and stitching and all of the other fun details are all super sturdy and well put together. These are going to last, for sure.

Sydney Jordyn Embellished Mule - finding the best kids shoes for back to school

We also got a pair of more dressy shoes too – the Sydney Jordyn Embellished Mule. At first, I kind of thought these were too wild, and not a practical shoe for a little girl. Like, what on earth would she wear this with? But duh. She wears them with everything, lol. They look great with dresses and skirts, as well as leggings and skinny jeans. Because really, little girls luck out so hard in the fashion department – they can wear all the patterns and prints and colors and accessories and razzle and the dazzle – and be perfectly dressed for any old Tuesday afternoon, you know? So fun. And these embellished mules meet the comfort requirements too, and I can tell they’re going to stay sturdy through a ton of wear this year at school!

They have SO many styles to choose from too – casual everyday shoes with pizazz, sporty sneakers for PE and after school activities, dressy mules and flats with jewels and feathers, so many fun choices of kids shoes, all designer brands you can trust, at affordable prices, with their crazy smart app to ensure they always fit. Abby adores both pairs. I can seriously say that she has never, ever, ever loved shoes this much before. They have everything a glam girl wants for back to school:

  • Trendsetting statement shoes, that set her apart from all of the other kids.
  • Flashy and fun, but still comfy and built to last.

And everything a busy mom wants:

  • Lots of options in every size, from baby, through toddler, to big kids youth sizes – plus a way to ensure the perfect fit!
  • Affordable way to have fun designer kids fashions.

And right now, for back to school, every purchase comes with a super fun set of FREE school supplies! Vist to learn more. And be sure to follow them on Instagram – @shopkidsshoes. {You can see more of Abby’s fave back to school pics on my Instagram too – @sunandsipcups.} And use their hashtag to show off your own faves – #shoeuswhatyougot. {If you share a pair you’ve purchased, feel free to tag me in the pic too, so I can check them out!!}

Let’s chat: What were your fave shoes as a kid? Do you have glam girls in your house too? How do you feel about back to school shopping this year? I love hearing from yous guys in the comments :)





  1. Those shoes are crazy cute. I’d love a pair for ME. Do we have a back-to-work section?

  2. Shelly Parker says

    Great tips; school shopping can be so expensive.

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