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You’re Not a Person, You’re a Mommy…

“You’re not a person. You’re a mommy!”…. My almost three year-old told me this a few days ago. And honestly, doesn’t that pretty much totally and completely sum up motherhood? You’re not a person with rights that ordinary Americans take for granted. You’re now a servant. You have small masters who suffer from crazy mood swings, and are irrationally demanding at all hours of the day. They are tiny, adorable, and sometimes terrifying. But, unlike traditional servants, you do at least get some pretty darn amazing perks… hugs and kisses, lots of love, and an overwhelming sense of joy {you know, until they have a toddler break down again. The perks are so epic, but in between, there is constant chaos, lol.}

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Balancing the Chaos with the Cute

To make the balancing act of motherhood a little more manageable, you need a few good tools in your mommy tool belt. Things like amazingly smart apps for your phone, some helpful household gear {Magic Erasers anyone??} – and great brands that you can trust, that make products that grow with your kids through all of their many phases. One that I’m particularly in love with is from Baby Magic – it’s called No-Rinse Wash, and it is crazy-amazing at solving SO darn many kid-tastrophes:

  • Day at the beach: Oh, what fun! Sun and surf and sand…. But you end up with a kiddo who has sand in weird places like ears, between toes, noses and belly buttons – a mess. Grab some of the amazing No-Rinse Wash to quickly give them a wash up. The foam gets into all of those little hard to clean spots and leaves them soft and gently scented in a jiffy.
  • Fast food restaurant: You love letting the kids climb and jump and slide in those big ol’ play structures. The giggles and squeals of excitement are priceless. But then when it’s time to sit down and eat their lunch you worry about what types of crazy germs they’ve picked up from their adventures. A little bit of the No-Rinse Wash can clean them up fast without a trip to the bathroom to wash hands.
  • Babies are so sensitive: When you have a newborn, just barely getting through the day can be a challenge. Bath time can be extra nerve-wracking – they’re SO little! But a baby doesn’t really get dirty {they save up all of that getting dirtiness until toddlerhood, :)} – and their skin is so sensitive you don’t want to bathe them too often. But you do, of course, want to keep them soft and clean. The No-Rinse Wash is a lifesaver with a new baby – just use the foam to wash them off, add a bit of baby lotion, and dress ’em back up in their favorite snuggly PJs. Easy peasy.

I bet your mind is already swirling thinking of the million different ways that you can use this in your daily madness too, right? Motherhood is messy – But Baby Magic No-Rinse can help clean up a few of your worst problems with a quickness.

A little bit about No-Rinse Wash

“Baby Magic No-Rinse Wash is your on the go solution to keeping your baby clean, fresh and smelling great. Our wash is specially formulated for baby’s sensitive skin and the self-foaming application allows you to clean your baby without using water. Now you can keep your baby clean even when you are away from home.” – Learn more on their site:

Let’s Chat: What’s your go-to product to help with the craziness of motherhood? Leave me a comment with some of your favorites – I know we all need a little help, and reading what works for others is so awesome. Plus – by commenting you have a chance to WIN some great Baby Magic products of your own!!



  1. This looks like a handy product to take everywhere with you! I always have baby wipes and hand sanitizer with me :)

  2. Brittany says

    Too cool I have yet to try the no rinse products yet,with three kids…might have to now lol.

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