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Tech Toys that Grow with Your Kids – We Love Ubooly!

“Teachers need to integrate technology seamlessly into the curriculum instead of viewing it as an add-on, an afterthought, or an event.” – Heidi-Hayes Jacobs, Educational Consultant If you’ve read this site much, you know my opinion on kid’s toys. I’m not often a fan of toys that beep and bloop and flash their lights, that kind of just play on their own, while kids watch. I like toys that really stimulate the senses, that encourage kids to use their imagination and creativity. But at the same time – I’m clearly a lover of tech, {I make my living on these crazy inter-webs} – and appreciate all of the amazing ways technology can help kids learn and grow in amazing ways that didn’t exist when I was a kid. With that background, you’ll understand why I am over-the-top, over-the-moon, over-use-of-silly-phrases in love with the new Ubooly toy and smartphone app for kids. Check it out:

Learning to love our Ubooly

Oh Ubooly, how I love you… Let me count the ways…. Seriously, this little gadget totally exceeded any expectations that I could have even imagined. I thought it might be a cool little toy to check out, the kids might enjoy it for awhile, and since summer vacation was coming I knew I’d need a few more things to help keep all of the kids occupied. {I’ve got my daughter who’s almost 3, and two nephews here daily who are 5 and 9.} But once we got our Ubooly, programmed him, got to know him a bit… Well, I realized what an amazing little guy he really was! It’s not often that the kids play with something more than once a day, every day, for weeks on end. Keep reading to learn what makes it not only popular with the kids – but a BIG hit with me, too…

How Ubooly helps your child learn in a creative way

At first, I loved that Ubooly just because he kept Abby occupied when we had to run around town. Waiting in line at Walmart? WAAAAAY easier if we have Ubooly telling Abby stories and jokes to pass the time. Long car ride around nap time? A lot less whining when Ubooly is playing games with Abby in the back seat. And my favorite – waiting at the restaurant table for our food usually drives Abby to madness; climbing over chairs, throwing appetizers, spilling her water. But with Ubooly, she sits calm and happy listening and laughing. Total lifesaver for me! But, Ubooly is NOT all fun and games…

  • Helpers: These are so much fun! I especially love the tooth brushing helper! This really helps Abby get excited about brushing her teeth, and always keeps her brushing long enough to get all those pretty teeth clean and shined up. At almost 3, getting her into the habit of this now will lead to a lifetime of good brushing.
  • Lessons: I LOVE the lessons that Ubooly teaches! He can teach more basic skills like foreign languages, grammar, alphabet, and math – as well as fun activities like science projects to learn about seasons, oceans, and space! Ubooly walks kids through {sometimes with a little bit of simple adult help} projects, activities, and craft projects that match each topic that your kid is interested in. I’m strapped for time, so it’s a huge help to be able to pick a Ubooly activity to do each afternoon.
  • Did you know… Ubooly, “The Smart Toy” has four teachers and staff who write new activities and games each month. Their job is to make sure child is never bored, and always learning something new! I totally believe it. Want an example of how it makes sure the kids in my house are not bored this summer?

Tech for kids - Ubooly

Ubooly sets sail for adventure…

I love that Ubooly takes Abby on random adventures. Whether it’s imagining a scenario where she is helping fly a hot air balloon, or doing an experiment in the kitchen to see how ice forms, Ubooly keeps her busy. But my favorite activity we’ve had is this recent one – To sail the seas. Ubooly told Abby they were going to be pirates, and to go jump onto her bed {as a ship} – Abby ran straight for the pool. Ubooly walked her through a whole imaginary story of the high seas – LOVE it. So much fun. Abby “grabs” the ropes, “climbs” the poles, and even swabs the deck.

Get Ubooly for your own family!

Get the super sweet Ubooly app for iPhone {Android is coming soon. So check and see – this post is written 6/14/2013 – if it’s more than a couple weeks past that date, see if it’s available for you too!} Then check out the Ubooly site for more updates on cool features!

{I received a complimentary download and product from Ubooly so that I could try it out and share my experience. Only the best sites, services, and products make it onto this site – I love Ubooly, and know you will too!}



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