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How to Create a Gratitude Journal with a Free Memory Jar Printable

Free Memory Jar Printable… For the new year, I haven’t quite finished writing down, planning for, and deciding on all of my goals. {I’m close though.} But, there are a family goals that I did decide on – I want to build some better routines, so that I’m not so stressed with work and homemaking tasks, and can really live “in the moment” with Abby more often. I want to make sure we celebrate the little things more often. I want to make sure I really and truly show and tell my family how much I love and appreciate them – I want them to feel valued. And, I want to practice gratitude in my life daily. I already tend towards being one of those optimistic, Pollyanna-ish types who always find the silver lining on their glass that’s half full. But I know that I have so much to be grateful for, and want to ensure that I focus my energy and thoughts on that in 2013, versus getting down about any of my challenges.

Gratitude Jar Printable

Free Memory Jar Printable Download from Paper Coterie

This is such a genius idea – Instead of trying to keep up with a daily journal, scrapbook, or other record-keeping, why not simplify it all, and break it down to a super-doable way of capturing those great moments in your life? Yep, Paper Coterie, my absolute hands-down favorite paper products company, is giving you a free Memory Jar Printable to use this year. How awesome is that, right? They make it so easy to keep your memories alive by recording them for the future. Keep reading to learn how it works…

Journaling gratitude printables

Start your own Gratitude Journal in 2013

Here’s how it works – Print out the prompts, the jar label, and the bookplate. Put all of those prompts into your Gratitude Jar, and then simply pull one out each week, tape to your journal page, {use a cool vintage Paper Tape for some fun style} and then write a little page once a week, using that prompt to guide you. Super easy, and super meaningful.

Paper Coterie

Paper Coterie is a circle of friends who are passionate about documenting the beauty of life well lived. Whether it’s in a photo book, guest book, journal, or one of their custom personalized books, they’ll help you capture the memories you want to save and share. Want to document your growing child? Don’t worry. They’ve got that covered. Choose from one of their awesome personalized growth charts, wall décor posters, baby books, or shower guest books. Want to join Paper Coterie as an affiliate? They rock, and you’ll love learning about the newest products too.



Plan a Perfect Party: Mother’s Day Free Printable Kit!

Ah, motherhood. There are so many crazy moments, sleepless nights, and never-ending messes. But, there is also immense joy, unconditional love – and great days to celebrate, like Mother’s Day! If you’re planning a party too, then you will just LOVE this great set of amazingly pretty printables that’ll make any party a little more cheery.

mothers day brunch

“Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.” – Unknown

My “first” Mother’s Day was two years ago – I was 7 months pregnant, and the fact that I would soon be a momma was constantly on my mind. {How could it NOT be? I couldn’t see my own feet anymore, and she was kicking my ribs all day long…. } Last year, Abby was just a baby, and I was still in that daze of early motherhood – sleep deprivation and all. So this year, I feel excited to celebrate my new life role as a mother. I’ve got almost 2 years under my belt, and am feeling much more confident in my ability to raise her into a happy and healthy little lady. And she’s old enough now to run into a room, wrap her arms around my neck, and say, “Kisses Momma!!” Mwah. And THAT is what makes being a momma worth it….

Celebrating Mother’s Day

We’re planning a great big BBQ party to celebrate the day – and have invited just about everyone that we know. I’m really excited to see my favorite people and party it up! I went searching for some ideas and inspiration – {Check out my Mother’s Day board on Pinterest to see my finds} – and I just HAD to share this amazing set of free printables that I came across! Here’s how to get them:

  • Visit her spectacular Facebook page – Amanda’s Parties To Go. Like her page, then click on the little box that says “Mother’s Day Freebie.”
  • Now click to download, and get your goodies! That’s it, easy peasy!

Want some ideas on how to use them? Check out this amazing Mother’s Day Brunch post on her blog – so pretty!! Love these ideas, and will be using lots of them this weekend. And – if you have more summer party needs, check out her super cool Etsy shop too – I’m LOVIN’ her fun themed sets, like the Monster Truck Birthday Party, Pirates Printables, and the holiday goodies!

free printables for mother's day brunch

Free Mother’s Day Printable Package includes:

  1. “Happy Mother’s Day” banner
  2. Chevron pattern blank food tent cards or placecards
  3. 2″ logos for cupcake toppers
  4. 2.5″ background designs for cupcake toppers
  5. 1″ logos for toothpick embellishments
  6. Drink wraps
  7. Napkin wraps
  8. 3 different cupcake wraps
  9. Hershey Kiss circles (to use with a 3/4″ circle punch)
  10. Fill in Mother’s Day Brunch invitation
  11. Fill in Mother’s Day Lunch invitation
  12. Blank Mother’s Day Brunch invitation
  13. Blank Mother’s Day Lunch invitation
  14. Blank Menu card
  15. “Happy” “Mother’s” “Day” yard picks
  16. “Happy Mother’s Day” door sign
  17. Centerpiece picks
  18. “Happy Mother’s Day” tags
  19. 3 colored straw or toothpick flags
  20. 5 coordinating paper patterns

How are you celebrating Mother’s Day? Leave me some comments!


Free Lorax Valentine’s Printables!

Valentine's Day Printables, Lorax, Dr. Seuss

Free Valentine’s Day Printables for Kids

Who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss, right? So many of my favorite books as a little girl were Dr. Seuss books…. My very favorite ever was There’s a Wocket in My Pocket! – There’s a line at the very end, “That’s the kind of house I live in, and I hope I never leave it!” – I have a big blended household of extended family living with me right now, and things get pretty crazy living with so many people, so I say this all the time, lol. I’m also really excited to see the brand new movie, The Lorax! Did you catch the cute clip during the Superbowl?

Get Free Lorax Printables for Valentine’s Day!

Head on over to the Lorax Blog to print out bunches of fun Lorax themed printables for Valentine’s Day – The kids can use them to make their own cards to hand out at school, and you can check out more fun clips from the movie too! Even bigger kids are going to get excited about this movie – It stars little mister heart throb Zac Efron, and everyone’s favorite girl-next-door, Taylor Swift. It also features one of my favorite funny ladies – Betty White!

You can find The Lorax on Facebook and Twitter – And learn some great “green” tips for your family on the Lorax website too!

{Disclosure: No compensation of any type was received for this. I am excited to see the movie, and know you’ll love it too! Happy Valentine’s Day!}



Thanksgiving Party Package – Totally FREE!

Thanksgiving KitDimple Prints Printable Thanksgiving Party Package

Get all of these super cute printable party supplies from this site that I just found this morning – Dimple Prints! I am SO in love with her site – way too much adorable stuff!

How to get it all:

Click on this link – New Freebies – then click page 3. You’ll see the link to get the printables – click it, and on her site you’ll see the HUGE list of stuff you get with this!! Like, 30+ pieces! This is such a fun way to personalize your family gathering – and a great way to get the kids involved and occupied. Be sure to check out some of the other amazingly fun ideas, printables, and tips she has on her site – love, love, LOVE.

Click HERE – Scroll to the bottom, then click the link to get to the Printables!!


Rafflecopter Giveaway- Win The Homeschool Planner! #educational #homeschool

The Printable Homeschool Planner, by Heather Bixler

I have two little guys in my house that are in school- my youngest nephew just started Kindergarten, and the older one is in Second Grade this year- Gosh I cannot even believe that they’ve gotten so big!

I don’t homeschool the boys; they both attend the public elementary school around the corner from our home. But, since I’m the one who is here each day when they get home from school, I dedicate afternoons to helping them with their homework, and hearing about what they’re learning in class. On the days that they don’t have homework, I like to have fun activities lined up, to help reinforce the skills they’re learning.

“Heather Bixler has been homeschooling since January 2006 and knows that organization is key to a successful homeschooling experience.”

When I heard that the amazing Heather from was looking for people to review her Printable Homeschool Planner, I knew right away that this was just what I was looking for! And I was not disappointed- it is SO incredibly helpful to have this binder-  I can have our activities, games, and worksheets all organized in one spot.

What Makes The Printable Homeschool Planner so Great:

You all know that I am a BIG fan of printables- from crafty goodies, to calendars and to-do lists, I use printables almost every single day. I put together both my blogging binder, and my “Mommy Central” binder {which you’ll learn more about soon!} from printables, and I love the way that using them allows you to fully customize your planner.

When you purchase pre-made planners, there are almost always sections that you don’t need, or sections you need more of. When you purchase The Printable Homeschool Planner from Heather Bixler, you get access to download ALL of the printable sections, so that you can add and subtract pages as needed! Plus, you’re set for years- since you just print more as needed.

The The Printable Homeschool Planner is available for only $4.99 – what an amazing value for everything that is included!

Putting it together:

If you have a sturdy 3-ring binder, ink in your printer, and some dividers to get organized, the Printable Homeschool Planner will supply everything else you need!

  • The Cover Page – PDF Printable
  • Art Project Planner – PDF Printable
  • Attendance Record Keeper – PDF Printable
  • Book Report Worksheet – PDF Printable
  • Field Trip Planner – PDF Printable
  • Project Planner – PDF Printable
  • Science Experiment Planner – PDF Printable
  • Scripture Verse Planner – PDF Printable
  • Student Project Notes Worksheet – PDF Printable
  • Thematic Unit Planner – PDF Printable
  • Lesson Planner – PDF Printable
  • Password for unlimited access to our current and future homeschool printables in our exclusive member download page.

Win a Copy for Your Family!

This is a great tool if you’re currently homeschooling, but it can also be a great help to anyone- if you’re like me, and do after school activities, this can help you stay organized and on top of things!

Use the easy peasy Rafflecopter entry form to enter to WIN your own copy today!

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{Printable} Recipe Cards

I LOVE printables. I just discovered this idea a few months ago… I had no idea that there were so many amazing FREE things that were available for me to print and create with!

While I am an {extremely!} crafty person, I am not skilled with design on the computer, so I have no idea how to make fun printables myself. But I will start sharing some of my favorites here on Sunshine and Sippy Cups with you guys.

I’m always on the look out for new crafts that don’t cost very much, and using printables is a great way to do that! There are so many different types, and ways to use them, and SO many things you can do with them… All for the price of a few sheets of printer paper. Love it.

Today I’m going to share some fun recipe card printables that I found on the Tip Nut website. If you haven’t checked this site out yet, you’re missing out! Subscribe to her emails, you’ll LOVE all of the amazing stuff she sends out. I’m a BIG fan. She has a whole list of printable recipe cards here. There are a ton of styles to choose from…

I really love the modern, simple design of this recipe card from Messy Vegetarian Cook. Plus, it’s red, so it matches my kitchen :)

This one is really fun too, but there is more work involved in making these cards. They are actually printed on old paper grocery bags! There are step-by-step instructions over at Crafting a Green World, which is another AMAZING site that you will love too. I think that this could be a fun idea to add family recipes to a scrapbook or photo album.

Check out all of the other designs on the list over on the Tip Nut website. And leave her a comment telling her how awesome she is for putting this big collection of links together!

Let me know what you think, and if you have any other crafty ideas for using these!

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