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The Importance of Outdoor Play – and How to Support It!

Kids should have time to play — at home and at school. We know that creative play can make kids happy and healthy, but some kids aren’t getting enough of it. That’s why the makers of Children’s Claritin are teaming up with the national nonprofit KaBOOM! to help bring innovative play spaces to schools in need. And since I’m a member of the Children’s Claritin Mom Crew, I wanted to be the first to tell  you all about this exciting program.

The Importance of outdoor play for kids

Why this is a great partnership to support play [Read more…]


Summer Staycation: Space Pack Water Blaster

Summer Staycation Pick: Astronaut Space Pack – Super Soaking Water Blaster… Many of us are cutting back on spending this summer, which cutting back on vacation spending. But – no vacation doesn’t have to mean no fun! Create your own “Staycation” worthy outdoor space this summer – filled with the coolest new toys for kids and adults, pretty patio furnishings, and other fun additions to make your home the best place to spend time this summer!

coolest kids water guns

Astronaut Spacepack Super Soaking Water Blaster

This little gadget totally takes water guns to the next level! It’s designed to look like an astronaut backpack, with the “laser gun” being the water blaster. Seriously fun. It has two different shooting styles: Traditional water stream, or a multi-direction spray that blasts water to both sides simultaneously.  The pack that the kids wear on their back is filled with water, which is used to power water blasts to over 30′!! It’s meant for kids ages 5 and up – but all of the kids here love it, from Abby who is almost 2, to Uncle James, who’s in his late 20’s, lol. I have GOT to get another one of these to make it fair when they’re out in the yard water blast battling…

Be the master of the water blaster

Become the master of the water blaster…

This blaster lives up to it’s name… It is seriously a BLAST for the kids to play with outside, and it’s one of those rare toys that is still as popular now after a few weeks of constant use as it was the day that we got it. But here’s what’s even BETTER – it’s got a ton of super adorable accessories you can get to go with it, to really boost that Astronaut theme. You can get the Astronaut Helmet with sounds, which is totally fun. Or get the full look, with the Astronaut Boots and full Astronaut Suit with Embroidered Cap. Make your gear do double duty by using it as a super sweet Halloween costume this fall too. The Astronaut Suits come in sizes from baby to adult. So, so fun.

water blaster

Blast into Summer Fun!

If you want to grab a Space Pack Water Blaster to add to your own Summer Staycation stock, you can get one on Amazon for only $15.99 – Astronaut Space Pack. You can also check out Aeromax online, to see the other super fun summertime toys and gear to get your kids off of the XBox and into the outdoors to play.

What is YOUR favorite Summer Staycation tip? Great product, fun game, decorating tip? Leave me some comments!


Are Your Kids Old Enough for a Motorcycle?

Momma on a motorcycle

We’re a motorcycle family…

Does that surprise you? Do you picture people who ride Harley’s to be the rough ‘n tough type? Fueled by drugs and alcohol, chased by the law and their own bad reputations? Well think again – most motorcycle riders are the law abiding type, with families and good jobs – who just love to have a little bit of fun! This is me at an event we go to every year – it’s a big celebration, full of motorcycle lovers, and totally family-friendly. Good times.

motorcycles and kids

Kids and motorcycles – safety first

This is my nephew – going for a super slow, and totally safe, ride around the park with a friend of mine, who’s one of the best riders that I know. {Yes, this was just a pose for the camera – they both put helmets on to ride!} My nephews LOVE motorcycles, and are always so excited to check them all out. They’re always super impressed during the “bike games” – where the riders show off their skills in some fun challenges. And of course, being little boys – they want motorcycles too, just like their daddy has! So…. What do you do when the kids in your life want a motorcycle, but are still too young to ride their own?

Kool Rider

The Kool Rider – Makes your bike sound like a motorcycle!

Remember when we were kids, {you know, back in the old days…. with dinosaurs…} and we would use playing cards in the spokes of our bikes to make them sound louder? Well, the Kool Rider builds on that idea – but totally takes it up a notch!! It is incredibly simple to install, and they are seriously cool. My nephews are ages 5 and 8, and the older one can be hard to impress. We put this on his bike – and one of the neighbor kids came over to the fence, and told him that it sounded almost like his dad’s motorcycle. Oh man, was that a priceless moment!

Kool Riders in Action!

Isn’t this such a fun idea? They are incredibly simple to put on – my 8 year old nephew did it all by himself. The package comes with a piece of velcro that you attach around the bike’s fork, and then there’s the body of the Kool Rider that just attaches right onto that. Kids get to customize it with their choice of stickers, then pop it on and go! They’re super durable, super fun, and super affordable at only $9.95 each. {They recommend using two Kool Riders per bike – which does TOTALLY upgrade the noise level, to the total delight of the boys in our house.} This is such an awesome way to get kids up off of the couch, and into the outdoors for some active play and exercise this summer. Love it, right?

Buy the Kool Rider today on! And make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter, to stay updated on cool new products and promotions – included a Kool Rider version for toddler and beginner bikes coming soon!

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{Disclaimer: I received two complimentary Kool Riders to try out with my family, so that I could give you some honest feedback. All pictures, opinions, and thoughts are my own. We love this – and know your family will too!}