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How to Pack a “Potty Bag” for Potty Training On-The-Go

Thanks to Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean* Wipes new stylish baby wipes for sponsoring today’s discussion about how to pack a “potty bag” for potty training while traveling or on-the-go…

Recently I shared some tips on how to potty train when traveling – or just on-the-go during the busy summer months. Abby has got this whole potty training thing down pretty darn good, finally. But long car rides or flights, unfamiliar locations, and changes in routine can throw even the most consistent kids off track. So, even for just a day of running errands or an afternoon at the park for play dates – we pack a “potty bag.” Here are a few of my absolute must-haves {including some new super stylish baby wipes!} for a day on-the-go with a toddler or preschooler – and be sure to add your own suggestions in the comments too.

timi and leslie diaper bag - works as a stylish bag for mom, or "potty bag" for on-the-go potty training!

I still use a diaper bag, even though we’re no longer in the diaper stage. My current absolute favorite is this one – the timi & leslie Rachel 7-Piece Diaper Bag. It comes as a set, so you get all of this awesome gear, including a gorgeous leather bag that does NOT look like a diaper bag. Trust me – I get so many compliments on it, and everyone is always shocked to hear it’s meant to hold baby gear. Here are a few reasons why it rocks as a potty bag:

  • Lots of pockets, to keep things organized. Stash a stack of Pull-Ups, a change of clothes, a pack of stylish diaper wipes {more on that later – keep reading!}, and all of the other essentials you need daily.
  • The stroller straps also work perfectly when you want to attach this bag to a shopping cart – SO helpful!
  • It includes a little matching clutch purse, just big enough for your wallet and lip gloss. It includes a zippered pouch and credit card slots, and even a handy wrist strap. Great for when you have just a quick trip on your own, or a night out – you’ve got easy access to simply grab and go your own personal essentials, without needing to swap bags.
  • The insulated bottle holder works perfect for keeping water bottles cool – and preventing them from getting water in your bag.
  • The changing mat is a big help if a kiddo has an accident in the car – just put it on the seat, so they have a dry place to sit. And the zippered bag works perfect to hold any wet clothes.

This bag isn’t cheap – but the quality rocks, I use every one of the accessories regularly, and it works just as great when I travel – holding my laptop, business cards, all chargers and gadgets, and files. You will fall in love with this bag – pinky promise. {And it comes in a few other stylin’ colors too!}

How to pack a Potty bag for potty training on the go

Another must have – wipes! Even once kiddos are using the potty on their own, you will still rely on wipes like crazy: To wipe down yucky public bathroom seats, to clean messes that regular paper isn’t going to clean up, and more. Plus, aren’t wipes just handy for everything in life when you have kids? I mean, face it – no matter what we do, kids are messy. A big tub of wipes isn’t convenient to carry around, and the smaller containers are either boring, let wipes dry out, or too delicate to hold up to regular use. So – enter a GENIUS new product, the Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean Wipes. Like, why weren’t these invented years ago? Here’s why these rock:

  • They’re stylish. There are three designs to choose from – and I love that they’re not girly, or boyish. They’re just bright and fun, right on trend, look great in your bag, and perfect for mom OR dad to carry. {Because Mike hates carrying stuff with a pink bow on it when he takes Abby out for the day, lol.}
  • They’re so handy. They’re totally portable – use the strap to attach it inside your diaper bag, potty bag, purse – or even a gym bag or sports bag. The strap has a loop and snap, making it easy to hook onto your stroller, shopping cart, car seat handle, anywhere in the car {especially back seats, so kids can grab them to clean up their own messes} – or anywhere in the house you’d like to have easy access to wipes.
  • They’re economical. These little handy-dandy wipes are just a few bucks each, {average reg. price of $3.99} making it easy to stock up on a ton. {Um…. the check out lady may have thought I was crazy, buying 2 of each style…. Lol.} And, they’re super simple to refill, so you can keep buying your favorite Huggies baby wipes in bulk {hello Amazon subscribe and save – 20% off makes them .2 cents a wipe!} while still having a great way to tote them around easily.

A few other must-haves I include in my bag – although yours will vary, depending on how many kiddos, ages, and your routines or trips  your taking. But some things I totally rely on: Hand sanitizer, a portable cell phone charger, a Kindle loaded with ebooks and learning apps, snacks and juice pouches, mini first-aid kit, and treats to encourage potty trips – things like stickers or lollipops are great motivators and rewards!

Huggies stylish baby wipes

Ready to put together your own “potty bag” too? Make sure to add these awesome new Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean Wipes, and be sure to grab a few extras for the car, stroller, and around the house. They also make an awesome baby shower gift! Learn more here – allows you to read reviews, and compare prices on baby wipes at all major retailers. How cool is that, right? Then you can choose the best deal and order right there online. And be sure to check the tabs up on top of the site for new coupons and promotions too.

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  1. Well this is WAY better than the ziplock bag I carried in my front pocket with one diaper and two wipes!

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