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I’m a Hot Mess Mom, What Are You?

This Fashion Friday post is a partnership with Cents of Style – Join Cents of Style Affiliate Program – I received a complimentary tee, post contains affiliate links.

You guys. I still owe ya’all a post of explanation, of where I was for all of 2016. Life-changing health diagnosis, heart-breaking break up with my daughter’s dad, huge budget-tightening with not working = tough times. I’m a strong cookie though, and am bouncing back, slowly. Mommin’ is a tough gig on the best of days, and in my days now there’s so much adjustment trying to balance new changes and challenges. So, yes, I’m a hot mess. A hot mess mom. And I’m not a bit ashamed about that.

That photo pretty much sums it up, lol. The look on my face, trying, again, to take selfies with this giant iPad because I’m too broke to upgrade to a new phone with internet access. And, that cheap phone? You can see it. In my shirt, tucked into my bra. Because I had leggings on, no pockets, and totally forgot that it was in there. When I said I’m a hot mess I wasn’t kidding you guys. :) Trying to find to with a clean background, as we’re working on remodeling, reorganizing, and redecorating the whole house – on an incredibly teensy budget. If you look closely {but please don’t} you’ll see many new silvery streaks trying to invade my brown hair. And my shirt – Hot Mess, Just doing my best. That’s me.

Hot Mess Mom

Hot mess mom, just doing my best. And here are a few things that help – A little emergency kit, containing bobby pins, mints, pain reliever, band aids, needle and thread, other essentials, in a super cute, teensy little plaid pouch. Then, my absolute go-to beauty product, the “How to Look the Best at Everything” kit from Benefit. It has a primer, tinted moisturizer, two shades of concealer, plus powder, in one handy little kit. Under eye circles be gone! This book, My Formerly Hot Life, helps me keep perspective, and lots of laughs. So good. And, speaking of humor, I think that fashion should be fun, always. And this shirt from Cents of Style, it makes me smile every time.

I’m a hot mess mom – what type are you? There are a million fun tees from Cents of Style to choose from, to fit YOU and your unique life, to make you smile every day. They are seriously the best tees I’ve ever found. They’re a longer length, which is awesome because I have a really long torso, so tees are often a bit short on me, especially after I wash them. These are perfect. The cotton is super soft, not the really thin vintage type, but like one you’ve worn for years and is juuuust right. The necklines are even perfect – the crew necks aren’t like, choking you tight, and the v-necks are low enough to layer a cute tank with, or wear on their own to be all hot momma style like those tops that Alex Parrish wears on Quantico. {She’s my total girl crush right now. Heeey girl.} They aren’t boxy at all, but not tightly fitted. I wear a large, and it’s very true to size. Did I mention I love these tees? {I have a few others, like this Thankful.Grateful.Blessed. from last fall.}

Dress them up, with a cute skirt and heels. Add tights and a cardi in the cold weather. The fabric is a nice smooth finish, so it goes well with a slightly fancier look.

Or wear them casual, paired with comfy jeans and jacket. Add some funky accessories – they’re tribe jewelry is SO fun – a blanket scarf, layer over a long-sleeve top or under a thin cardigan. No matter how you rock it, it’ll be comfy, stylish, and totally YOU.

So – check out Cents of Style Fashion Friday deals today!

Then browse the accessories, boots, jackets – and the dresses, oh the dresses! And be sure to subscribe to my email updates, or follow me on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter… Now that I’m getting back to blogging regularly again {yay! I have missed you guys!} I’ll be posting fashion info from Cents of Style every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Lots of awesome deals, cool ideas on how to wear things, and more. You can also search the #centsofstyle hashtag to find out how other hot mommas like you are rocking their mom style. Or share your own images using the tag too! {I’d love to see your style, so feel free to tag me in a share, or post to my wall on Facebook.} Love ya!


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