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Rock Out with PLAYMOBIL PopStars & Your Fave Tunes!

Big thanks to PLAYMOBIL for sharing product & information with me, so that I could try it out and show you guys how this cool PopStars set works – and for providing an additional PLAYMOBIL PopStars set for a winner too…

There are a lot of cool things about being a mom. One of those things is introducing your kiddos to things that you loved as a kid – whether it’s a favorite cartoon, a candy you couldn’t get enough of, or an awesome toy that brought your imagination to life. I kind of love that Abby ended up coming into my world a little later in life, when so many of my fave toys from childhood are cool again. Things like Cabbage Patch dolls, Care Bears, and My Little Pony. But there are also some toys that just kind of always stayed cool – things like Lego, Mario Brother games, and one of my favorites – PLAYMOBIL. I spent many, many, many hours as a little girl playing with my PLAYMOBIL sets. And I love them just as much now…

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I’m Free to Do Anything… If My Mom Says I Can – State of the Kid Results from Highlights

Who else has fond memories of reading Highlights magazine as a kid? They were some of my very favorite things to read. And I love that they have 3 versions, perfect for kids of all ages – Abby just outgrew the Hello magazine for ages 0-2, and is now reading High Five, the version for kids 2-6. Then when she grows older, we’ll transition to traditional version for kids aged 6-12. We didn’t find a preschool for her this year, so I’m trying to do “preschool at home” – and Highlights are such a great resource to make learning fun! I think one of the reasons that Highlights does such a great job at creating content is that they truly believe in listening to kids, to learn what they like, what they think, what they want to know about. Which is where the State of the Kid survey comes from…

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No Matter Where You Roam – These Tips Keep You Connected to Home

How do you stay connected to family and friends who are far away?… Friends and family are so super crazy-important to me. I’m lucky that the majority of my family lives right in here in the same city that I do, and at the farthest they’re just across the state of Washington, a few hours away. But my Mister has a big family – 11 brothers and sisters! – who all live over in Ohio. We were super lucky to be able to bring his dad and one of his brothers over to visit recently, to see Mike’s oldest daughter graduate from high school. It was so great to spend a week getting to know them – and Abby adored them both! I know we were all pretty darn bummed when it was time for them to leave, knowing that they would be so far away again.

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Can TV Kill Your Child?

We all know the risks of kids watching too much TV… Studies show that babies and toddlers need to really limit their amount of screen time. Some experts claim that playing violent video games or watching violent movies can lead to an increase in aggressive behavior in kids. And the childhood obesity epidemic is yet another reason why we should try to get kids off the couch and away from the screen. But, do you know about an even more serious risk to your kid’s from TV?

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Monsters Scare Away Potty Training Fears

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Huggies Pull-Ups. I’m super excited that they trust us to share our best potty training tips with you ladies today…

“Kids these days. They just don’t get scared like they used to.” – Henry J. WaternooseThere are a few phrases that can strike fear into both kids and parents. Things like, “Dentist Appointment,” or “Longer than expected wait time” make everyone cringe. And when you say, “Potty training” – well, that can cause a lot of apprehension from both the kiddo that has to learn a new skill, and from a first-time parent who’s not sure where to start.

Take the fear out of potty training
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You’re Not a Person, You’re a Mommy…

“You’re not a person. You’re a mommy!”…. My almost three year-old told me this a few days ago. And honestly, doesn’t that pretty much totally and completely sum up motherhood? You’re not a person with rights that ordinary Americans take for granted. You’re now a servant. You have small masters who suffer from crazy mood swings, and are irrationally demanding at all hours of the day. They are tiny, adorable, and sometimes terrifying. But, unlike traditional servants, you do at least get some pretty darn amazing perks… hugs and kisses, lots of love, and an overwhelming sense of joy {you know, until they have a toddler break down again. The perks are so epic, but in between, there is constant chaos, lol.}

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Does Your Toddler Need a Nursing Pillow?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Comfort and Harmony for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
“Having a child is surely the most beautifully irrational act that two people in love can commit.” – Bill Cosby… Ah, motherhood. I remember the excitement I had when I was pregnant with Abby, waiting to finally meet her for the first time. I also remember the absolute terror I felt the first time I walked into a Babies R’ Us store for the first time… OHMYHECK. There are 237 different types of bottles. Why are there so many different rattles? Do I need a bouncer and a swing and a vibrating swing and a jumper to hang in the doorway too? With all of that gear, do I even get to hold my baby sometimes?? It was overwhelming, all of those choices. But, I was lucky – we had extended family living with me at the time, so Abby would have to share a bedroom with me, her daddy, and our fluffy little dog. Why was that lucky? Well, it forced me to be super selective about what I purchased – meaning I didn’t go overboard, and I bought things that transitioned well to toddler life. Today I’ll share one great product that you’ll use the heck out of with your new baby, that will be just as popular when they grow into toddlerhood.

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