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Does Your Toddler Need a Nursing Pillow?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Comfort and Harmony for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
“Having a child is surely the most beautifully irrational act that two people in love can commit.” – Bill Cosby… Ah, motherhood. I remember the excitement I had when I was pregnant with Abby, waiting to finally meet her for the first time. I also remember the absolute terror I felt the first time I walked into a Babies R’ Us store for the first time… OHMYHECK. There are 237 different types of bottles. Why are there so many different rattles? Do I need a bouncer and a swing and a vibrating swing and a jumper to hang in the doorway too? With all of that gear, do I even get to hold my baby sometimes?? It was overwhelming, all of those choices. But, I was lucky – we had extended family living with me at the time, so Abby would have to share a bedroom with me, her daddy, and our fluffy little dog. Why was that lucky? Well, it forced me to be super selective about what I purchased – meaning I didn’t go overboard, and I bought things that transitioned well to toddler life. Today I’ll share one great product that you’ll use the heck out of with your new baby, that will be just as popular when they grow into toddlerhood.

Mombo nursing pillow with slipcover and vibration unit

This is the Mombo Firm2Soft – and I’d definitely call it the best nursing pillow I’ve ever tried. {And as a blogger, I’ve tried a LOT.} There are a lot of other similar-looking nursing pillows out there – but this one has some seriously unique features that make it so much better. It has two different sides to it – one side is firm, and gives you and your little one great support when nursing or bottle feeding. It’s much firmer than other pillows I’ve tried, which really helps protect baby’s back. Then you flip it over, and the other side is softer, and perfect for tummy time, or just lounging to watch a movie as they grow up. And – it’s got a little secret soother inside too…

Vibration unit in nursing pillow

Check this out – it’s a little vibrating unit that you can put into the pillow! How cool is that, right? You can turn it on and off, and the gentle vibration is super soothing to babies, and my little girl at 3 years old absolutely LOVES it. Such a great addition – don’t know why all pillows don’t have this. After you insert it into the pouch in the pillow, you can add your favorite slipcover – We love our elephant print one. The print is adorable, and the minky fabric on the back side is one of the softest that I’ve felt. And it washes up great too.

Toddlers love nursing pillows too

Most people know why a nursing style pillow is great with a new baby – for feeding times, to help support them during tummy time, and to help give them a little help as they learn to sit up. But they’re so great for toddlers too… Abby will lay on her tummy, with this pillow to support her head, while watching movies at night. She likes the way it snuggles her when she sits with it wrapped around her waist. And she likes to sit with it facing out like this, when she reads her story books – it gives her the perfect little perch to help her hold them. We use this every single day!

Want to Learn More:

You can learn more about the best nursing pillows from Mombo by visiting them online: Comfort & Harmony on Facebook, and Comfort & Harmony on Twitter. And – if you’d like a chance to try one of them out for yourself, totally free, leave me a comment below for a chance to WIN!

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