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No Matter Where You Roam – These Tips Keep You Connected to Home

How do you stay connected to family and friends who are far away?… Friends and family are so super crazy-important to me. I’m lucky that the majority of my family lives right in here in the same city that I do, and at the farthest they’re just across the state of Washington, a few hours away. But my Mister has a big family – 11 brothers and sisters! – who all live over in Ohio. We were super lucky to be able to bring his dad and one of his brothers over to visit recently, to see Mike’s oldest daughter graduate from high school. It was so great to spend a week getting to know them – and Abby adored them both! I know we were all pretty darn bummed when it was time for them to leave, knowing that they would be so far away again.

Using technology to stay connected

Using technology to stay connected

This is Mike’s brother – Uncle Joey – teaching Abby how to use my camera, while we were at the big graduation dinner. We took a million photos that weekend, to hold on to all of those important moments that go by way too fast. Then, before Uncle Joey and Mike’s dad left to head back to Ohio, we taught them about another bit of technology that can keep us all connected – Skype. I’ve told you guys before about how much I absolutely love Skype, and how it helps Abby keep in touch with her Papa who lives on the other side of the state. I’m also think it’s a great tool to help work at home moms be more productive. It’s super simple to use, which is great when you’re needing to teach people across several generations how it works. And it is the next best thing to actually being in the same room with the people you live far away from.

The Animal Family Portrait — A unique family brought together by Skype

Isn’t this the sweetest video? It really does a great job of explaining the things I love about Skype – that excitement of getting to see and interact with loved ones, the ability to really connect. A phone call is great – but you can’t see facial expressions or emotions, and you can only talk to one person at a time. With Skype the whole darn family can crowd in around the screen, or you can even set up a multi-person chat – grandma and grandpa in one box, you and the kids in another, and an aunt or cousins in another! It’s like a virtual family reunion, and it rocks.

Kate Gosselin at BlogHer

No matter where you roam – Skype keeps you connected to home!

I travel a lot, as a blogger and online entrepreneur. It’s getting easier the older Abby gets – she’s almost 3 now. But even though my trips take me to some cool places – like BlogHer last year when I met Kate Gosselin {who was super nice, if you’re wondering}. But at the end of the crazy-busy days, when I get back to my hotel room, I love being able to connect to home. Daddy can get Abby all set up, and we can talk via Skype before bedtime. It helps me SO much to see her silly smiles, and sometimes I’ll even pick up a new bedtime story book on my trip, to read her a “surprise story” through the screen. Priceless.

Skype keeps families connected

To learn more about how Skype helps other families stay connected – and how you can use it yourself to keep in touch too – visit today. You can even share your “stay together story” for a chance to win a trip to see your family! If you don’t have a Skype account set up yet, visit to learn how to claim your free trial month, and to check out their super affordable pricing and plans.

Let’s Chat: Do you use Skype? What’s your favorite feature, or your fave person to keep in touch with? If you’re not using it – what’s stopping you? Leave some comments below – I love hearing from you ladies!

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