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The Impatient Woman’s Guide to Getting Pregnant

“What to do when you want to be pregnant yesterday – and you don’t have any time to waste.” – Jean M. Twenge, Ph.D…. This book is for the impatient woman. The woman who has moved up the ranks in her career successfully, and wants to succeed with pregnancy using the same methodical approach. {Except that babies  don’t cooperate with planning very well.} The woman who has been trying to get pregnant for a couple months, or even a couple years! {Yep, that would make anyone impatient.} The woman who is getting older, and worried that you don’t have as much time left as you used to. Or the woman who realizes that now is the perfect time in life to start a family – career, finances, home life are all aligned perfectly. Whatever the reason, you are ready for a baby, and you’re ready to be pregnant yesterday!

Impatient Woman's Guide to Getting Pregnant

“A grand adventure is about to begin.” – Winnie the Pooh

From the first chapter – “What to Do Before You Start Trying,” to the funniest chapter, “Not the Kind of Egg That Comes in a Carton: How to Figure Out When You Are Ovulating” – This book is so fun to read. It’s not clinical, but it is filled with research and facts. {Did you know that many sites, especially those selling pregnancy tests, will claim that tests can determine pregnancy at as little as 6 or 7 days after ovulation – but, lab tests that are 100 times more sensitive than home tests have shown that it really takes 9 days to detect it? And most women won’t be able to see a positive result on a home test until day 10 or 11? Save your money, and wait a few more days.} The book is filled with info, but also with humor and compassion. It’s perfect for an “Impatient Woman” since it’s such a quick read.

“Everything grows rounder and wider and weirder, and I sit here in the middle of it all and wonder who in the world you will turn out to be.” – Carrie Fisher

One of my favorite parts of this book is that it includes about 25 pages of appendix info – making it easy to reference important tips, and use them as checklists for yourself. Here are some of the things that are included:

  1. Countdown to Trying: Checklist of things to do, starting at a year in advance, then 6 months, then 3, 2, and a month before getting started. A lot of things that I never knew, or would not have thought of.
  2. The Impatient Woman’s Shopping List: From the expected things like prenatal vitamins and digital pregnancy tests, to a rice cooker and veggie steamer to start prepping healthier meals, there are great suggestions here.
  3. Food Ideas: A list of the top 10 foods that help prep your body for a healthy pregnancy, and will continue to be the best choices after you are expecting. No weird foods – just good, whole foods.
  4. Troubleshooting: Great tips for overcoming challenges – are you over 35? Get a fertility monitor to perfect your timing and make the most of your chances. Do you have blocked fallopian tubes? Learn what procedure will help you. Hypothyroidism? Talk to your doctor about taking baby aspirin during your first trimester to balance those thyroid antibodies.

Trying to get pregnant encompasses so many different parts of your life – it’s not just medical, but when you run into problems, there can be a ton of advice out there to sift through. It’s not just emotional, but it is one of the most emotional times you’ll go through. When you’re trying to get pregnant, all you see are babies everywhere – making you even more impatient, wondering why you are not yet able to do such a simple act of life that others all around you are accomplishing every day. This book will help you regain perspective, prepare yourself with the best tips and knowledge to give you the best possible chances, and give you a laugh or two along the way.

Buy The Impatient Woman’s Guide to Getting Pregnant today on Amazon!

And, for more great tips and information from the author of this book, the amazing Jean Twenge, Ph.D., see my interview session with her here, too. She answers questions like, “How long should we try on our own before seeing a doctor?” and “Is it true what they say about positions for conceiving boys and girls?” Great info there.

“Life is magic, the way nature works seems to be quite magical.” – Jonas Salk

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  1. This sounds like a great book! It’s hard to not be impatient when trying to get pregnant, even if you’ve just started!

  2. What a great book!

    When we were trying, I was so lucky that our Dollar Tree had ovulation tests and pregnancy tests for $1 each. I would buy $20 worth at a time, lol.

  3. Now see, I had the exact opposite problem. I couldn’t stop. No matter what I tried. Finally shut the factory down by tying the tubes.
    Probably a great read for those who don’t suffer my affliction =)

  4. Sounds interesting. I wouldn’t have thought that food/diet could make you more likely to conceive.

  5. I think I need the prequel…or the follow-up…I actually didn’t have trouble getting pregnant but I have firends who have and are still trying so I’ll def. send them info about this book : )

  6. I have been trying for TWO YEARS and I am the most impatient person EVER. I have to check this out!!

    • Sunshine and Sippy Cups says

      It really does have some good ideas in it – things I’d never heard of before. Good luck to you guys!!! :)

  7. This does sound like a good resource book. I think most of us know couples who have been trying for a while, it can be a stressful time!

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