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Project Playroom Makeover – Ideas, Inspiration, and Product Picks

“It is a happy talent to know how to play.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson… I’m in the process of totally overhauling our house. From painting, trim, and new doors throughout the house, to new flooring and fixtures. And as those rooms get jazzed up, they’ll need new furnishings and accessories too. Plus, a few of our rooms are changing their function… My brother and my 2 nephews used to live with me, but moved out last year. So, we changed gears on some of the projects we’d been planning, to take advantage of the extra rooms we’d have to play with. I was originally working on a master bedroom makeover – since Abby still shared a room with us and needed space to play, and my office was in there too. But now, we have a whole room to convert into a playroom filled with color and whimsy – and I cannot wait to get it finished up! Until then, I wanted to share some of the coolest ideas, inspiration, and product picks that I’ve come across while putting this all together, so maybe you can find something perfect for your little one too…

Kids Room Decor Tips: Find a focal point

Tip One: Picking a focal point [Read more…]


Tips on Decorating Kid’s Rooms – from Toddler to Teens

Kids need rooms that are creative spaces – whether it’s a bright mobile over their crib as a baby, a fun place to explore during the toddler years, or a cool hangout that expresses a teen’s unique style, having a bedroom that’s colorful and creative is so important. Which is why I’m super excited to start on a big remodel of Abby’s room soon – right now, it’s just a big white box, boring. I want to turn it into a room that inspires her – a room filled with color and pattern and texture! And one way to add all of that is with a great rug, right? It’s important to me to make sure that her rug is top-notch, since at 2, she spends a lot of playtime down there on the floor. And, I’ve found the absolute smartest solution that I have to share with you guys. It’s called FLOR, and it rocks.

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4 Ways to Use Baskets and Bins to Organize Your Home in a Flash

Tips on organizing your home using bins and baskets…. Ok. I admit it. I have a little bit of an OCD problem. I like my books and dvds organized by color, my drinking glass in order by height, and all of the clothes in my closet have to be facing the same direction, in categories marked with dividers. Maybe it’s because of all of the other chaos that I deal with daily – running my own business from home, Mike running a business of his own from home too, and life with an incredibly energetic toddler. So keeping the house clean, neat, and organized helps me feel a little more in control. And the best tip I’ve found for helping keep things picked up and put away is to use baskets and bins to organize around the house – they work in every single room, and can solve just about any challenge you have. Check out a few of my favorite ideas…


Home Office by Minneapolis Interior Designer LiLu Interiors

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Wayfair Mirror Makeover – #DIYChallenge

Recently and Hometalk partnered up to put together a super-duper-fun challenge: 25 bloggers each got to choose from one of three Wayfair products – a mirror, a lampshade, or a bookcase. Then, we each had to create a plan to make-over our product choice to fit into one of this spring’s hottest trends – Geometric pattern, incorporating rope, or black & white. Ready to see what product I chose to give a little spring DIY makeover? Check it out…

mirror makeover before and after [Read more…]


Awesome DIY Wall Art Ideas & Inspiration

Does your home feel welcoming, inviting, does it feel like YOU? If not, one incredibly simple way to jazz things up on a budget is to create some DIY wall art. The sky is the limit here – painted canvases, vinyl quotes, family photos, favorite posters, cool old records, the kids artwork – there are so many of your favorite things that can easily be used to create seriously cool art pieces that will really make your house feel like it represents YOU. Starting in late January, we’re doing a lot of revamping around the house, and one thing that’s been driving me crazy since moving into this new house are all of the bare walls. So, I’ll share some of the cool ideas and creative inspiration I’ve been looking at lately – I can’t wait to recreate some of these myself, and hope they’ll give you some cool ideas too!

Frame those awesome DIY Wall Art Creations

Not everything you create will need a frame – but a lot of them will. And when you need frames I totally suggest poster frame depot. They manufacture all frames by hand using 100% American Made Materials, which is super hard to find these days, and is reason alone to give them my business. But I also love that they are the actual manufacturer of their frames, making them stand behind their quality, and letting them sell them at super affordable prices. There are a ton of options when it comes to size, style, and price. You’ll love ’em, promise.

Sticks welcome sign how to [Read more…]


{Mildly Extreme} Master Bedroom & Playroom Makeover

Yes, by that headline, you’ve probably figured out what this post is about – The planning for my {Mildly Extreme} Master Bedroom & Playroom Makeover. We’re on a ridiculously tight budget, which is why it will be only mildly extreme, lol. But – There is SO much that you can do to totally transform a space without spending a ton, just by being super creative and resourceful. And creative is one skill that I do actually excel at! {Unlike cooking…. But that’s another story.}

master bedroom in shades of grey

This is an awesome room. This is not my room.

I found this amazing photo on Pinterest, but unfortunately, it doesn’t link up anywhere. {Pinterest tip: PLEASE make sure you pin to original sources when adding content!} So I have no idea who to credit, or how to get any of these materials. But – this is kind of my inspiration for my space – I’ll be painting our walls this color – {any suggestions of paint brands? I hated the last kind I used!} – and painting our trim white. Our room is already in shades of black and grey, but I love, love, love the use of textures and patterns here. Just perfect.

What I’m Workin’ With:

carousel designs baby girl crib bedding

Mommy and Me – Sharing a Room

This is the designer crib bedding set that Abby has right now – It’s from Carousel Designs, and it was so worth the cost. It was the most expensive purchase I made when shopping for baby stuff – but it’s as gorgeous today as it was when I bought it, even after 20 months of washing. Due to our big, crowded household of extended family, Abby and I have been sharing the Master Bedroom, and will be for about another year. {But that’s ok, since we both adore pink and polka dots.} Now that she’s become a toddler, I want to upgrade our space, and make more room for her to play. My office is also in the bedroom until the end of the year, so the big challenge in this makeover is to make separate areas for all of the uses in the room. Also – Speaking of challenges – This Master Bedroom was built without a closet! Whaaaat? There was clearly no woman involved in the planning on this, lol. So we’re building one in.

damask and polka dot bedding

This is what I sleep on – Keep, or Switch?

I chose this bedding set before Abby was born, because it matched so well to hers. The polka dot trim and damask type pattern tie them together really well. But, while I do still totally love it, I feel kind of ready for a change. I’m debating a few different options, and you can see them on my Master Bedroom & Playroom Makeover planning board on Pinterest. I’d LOVE some comments on this board, with your opinions as I add and decide.

The Makeover Plan

Over the next two months, I’ll share pics of our projects and progress, and of course a big reveal at the end! Here are a few of my plans and ideas:

  1. Build a closet. I wanted to go all-out, and build a really awesome customized closet… But, most of what I wanted was out of my price range. So, we’ll be building a smaller, but still cool, closet along one wall.
  2. Convert to a toddler bed. Abby’s crib has a few scratches from moving last year, but is still in really great shape. It’s the type of crib that converts to a toddler bed, and I think it’s about time to make the switch.
  3. Cover the carpet. I’d LOVE to add laminate floors, but that will be a year or two from now. Our carpets wasn’t in great shape when we moved in – and with a toddler and a puppy here, they are a mess. So, we’re going the more affordable route – We’ll be doing a thorough carpet cleaning, and ordered an awesome new rug from Mohawk Home, to cover the damage and really upgrade the room.
  4. Playroom Space. We just got the sling bookshelf from One Step Ahead, which is an adorable way to store and display Abby’s book collection. I also ordered a super cool toy chest, and we just set up the ClosetMaid 9-Cube Organizer, with some cute pink fabric bins, and it’s going to be an AWESOME new option for toy storage!
  5. Office Space. I will be moving my desk and shelves to a corner, with my rolling file cabinet and lamp, to make a great little office area. I need a rug, and will add the ClosetMaid Mini-Organizer to keep all of my smaller accessories neat and easy to access.
  6. Wall Art. We’ll be painting the walls and trim, and I’m in need of some cool wall art too. The room has really high vaulted ceilings, so the walls right now look very bare. I have a TON of cool ideas to choose from on my Creative Wall DIY board on Pinterest – Leave some comments to help me decide. There are so many amazing ideas there to be inspired by!

There’s a boat-load of work to do, but I’m super excited to get started! We had meant to get this rockin’ a month ago – but with my big computer crash, I really got pushed behind on all of my projects! My goal is to have our room ready by the end of May, for my birthday.

What do you think?

I’d love some comments on my Pinterest boards, to help me make some decisions. {I got some great feedback on Facebook from ya’all, with helping me to choose a rug!} And if you have cool DIY idea posts that can help inspire me, be sure to leave the link in a comment below! You guys rock.