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4 Ways to Use Baskets and Bins to Organize Your Home in a Flash

Tips on organizing your home using bins and baskets…. Ok. I admit it. I have a little bit of an OCD problem. I like my books and dvds organized by color, my drinking glass in order by height, and all of the clothes in my closet have to be facing the same direction, in categories marked with dividers. Maybe it’s because of all of the other chaos that I deal with daily – running my own business from home, Mike running a business of his own from home too, and life with an incredibly energetic toddler. So keeping the house clean, neat, and organized helps me feel a little more in control. And the best tip I’ve found for helping keep things picked up and put away is to use baskets and bins to organize around the house – they work in every single room, and can solve just about any challenge you have. Check out a few of my favorite ideas…


Home Office by Minneapolis Interior Designer LiLu Interiors

Baskets to organize bookshelves – I have a ton of bookshelves in my house. And it’s easy for them to quickly get overwhelmed by all of the “stuff” that’s kept there. But using some simple baskets or bins on my shelves helps to corral all of the clutter – books look a little neater when they’re housed in a basket. Magazines are cleaner when in a cute bin. And they can be used to disguise all of your messy stuff too – like paperwork or mail.


Traditional Living Room by Vancouver Interior Designer Enviable Designs Inc.

Organizing Toys with bins and baskets – this is a lifesaver in my house! We have a bunch of big baskets like this in the living room… They make clean up time way easier. Every day at naptime and bedtime we grab a bin and gather up any of the toys and dollies that have been enjoying adventures around the house with Abby, and easily haul them back to the playroom. Easy peasy, and they look great too!


Traditional Porch by Sydney Media And Blogs A Beach Cottage
Keeping things together with baskets – I use baskets in similar ways to this photo… For me, having miscellaneous things around the house contained together in baskets, boxes, or bins helps things seem more pulled together. In the kitchen, I have a KitchenArt Spice Carousel, my knife block, and a ceramic jar to hold extra utensils. When pulled together in a shallow wooden basket, they look SO much cleaner. I have baskets on the bottom shelves of the kitchen island to hold Abby’s extra toys for her play kitchen. And I have a big wooden box like this on the patio to hold our extra chair cushions – the little kids use them as seating during BBQs.


Contemporary Closet by Other Metro The Container Store
Organizing your closets with baskets – Imagine what this closet would look like without the boxes on the shelves. You’d have stacks of sweaters, piles of accessories, and random flip flops or clutches stacked up. The boxes make it easy to store like items together, making them easier to find. And they totally make things look cleaner and neater – just by throwing piles into boxes.

The Land of Nod, design for kids and people that used to be kids
 Ready to stock up on some cool new bins and baskets to organize your home too? – If these ideas and tips inspired you to find some pretty new baskets and bins to store your messes too – You’ll love the sweet selection at one of my all-time favorite storage supply sites, Land of Nod. They have designs that are seriously fun and whimsical for kids – without being cheesy or over the top. The type of kids storage gear you can buy now, and they can use even up to their teen years. And they have loads of modern, pretty, delightful designs to bring some happiness to an adult room too – check ’em out: Storage at The Land of Nod.

What are your favorite tips for organizing quickly? Share some advice in the comments below!

{This post contains an affiliate link to support this site. I only share sites, services, and supplies that I truly love – and Land of Nod totally gets my “nod” of approval!}



  1. I love the rustic look of the wooden crate in the Traditional Porch photo!

  2. I love that closet! I need to invest in more baskets!

  3. I love that closet. Yesterday was National Pack Rat Day! I hope that a lot of people decided to start doing some organization because of it {to fight being a pack rat, so to speak}. These ideas would come in handy!

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