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Tips on Decorating Kid’s Rooms – from Toddler to Teens

Kids need rooms that are creative spaces – whether it’s a bright mobile over their crib as a baby, a fun place to explore during the toddler years, or a cool hangout that expresses a teen’s unique style, having a bedroom that’s colorful and creative is so important. Which is why I’m super excited to start on a big remodel of Abby’s room soon – right now, it’s just a big white box, boring. I want to turn it into a room that inspires her – a room filled with color and pattern and texture! And one way to add all of that is with a great rug, right? It’s important to me to make sure that her rug is top-notch, since at 2, she spends a lot of playtime down there on the floor. And, I’ve found the absolute smartest solution that I have to share with you guys. It’s called FLOR, and it rocks.

Create Your Own Unique Space with FLOR Tiles

I am super excited to have found this! I love that I can design a rug that’s the exact size and shape that I want, in any color and pattern that I want. And when Abby spills her sippy cup on her rug – it’s super simple to just grab that one tile, wash it in the sink, and replace it again. And if she does something like color with permanent marker {been there, done that…} – well, it’s easy to replace just that one stained tile. So not only do I get a flooring solution that’s super bright and beautifully made, but it’s also a really practical choice for a busy mom like me. Check out some of the design ideas below to see how verstatile FLOR can be – making it a perfect fit for every child’s room. {See more design and installation videos on their YouTube channel.}

Modern Mix: rug for your babies room

Soft and Safe for a babies room

This design is called Modern Mix, and is a perfect fit in a nursery. You can get other color combinations as well, to match your decor theme. The super soft, plush texture is the perfect place for a baby to learn to crawl and play – and the patterns are fun to look at and explore.

Vintage Vibe teen rug

Trendy styles for teens

This is so on trend right now – Vintage Vibe would be perfect in a teens bedroom. The more muted shades keep the focus on the photos and posters and other memorabilia that teens are likely to have covering their walls and shelves – while still adding some really great texture and pattern into the room.

Fleece and Thanks rug for toddlers

My pick for a perfect toddler room

Remember when I said I wanted to add a ton of color into Abby’s room? Well this rug is the perfect way to do that! I’ve ordered this one for her  – it’s called Fleece & Thanks – with a grey color for the middle, instead of the pale blue shown here. Once it arrives, I can then finalize my paint colors for the walls, based on the colors in the rug. I love, love, love that it can grow with her too – we can add or remove tiles to change the size when needed, or rearrange the tiles in new ways as we redo her room later on. This is the perfect focal point for her new space – and I can’t wait to show you some before and afters as we get working on it!


With FLOR, ( the unique carpet design square company, parents can create an inspired living space for their little ones. Offering a variety of patterns, colors and textures, FLOR carpet squares are not only stylish, but they are also sustainable, safe, and easy to clean (for those unexpected messes!). Time for a new pattern? Simply switch out the FLOR tiles you have with new ones for an entirely new look. For updates on new products and promotions, follow them on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

{Disclaimer: FLOR has partnered with us and let us choose a complimentary rug to try out – so that I can share some honest feedback with you guys on the product. I’m very excited to have been introduced to them, and thought you guys would love this idea too!}




  1. Great write-up, Meagan! FLOR tiles are actually something that I’ve had my eye on for a while, I really love the inventive possibilities that their product offers for home interior design as well as other locations… I’m thinking pre-schools, day cares, and all sorts of places where such FLOR tiles can really help spark kids’ creativity and imagination!

    And we all know that imagination is a very important thing to cultivate in our children because it helps them learn crucial problem solving skills. Plus, you never know, your kid might just become the next great innovator!

    this is really topical to me because, as it happens, I just wrote a blog post on this very subject today – the importance of imagination to child development, and how a creative interior design can help promote invention.

    You can check it out at the link in my name above. I hope you do, I think you’ll find it interesting if nothing else!


  2. We love FLOR! Their floor coverings are a fantastic way to transition from toddler to teen without breaking the bank.

    We also want to recommend investing in kid’s wall art and room decor accessories that children can enjoy and engage with from a young age into their tweens and teens. Canvas wall art is a fantastic way to add pizzazz to a room while providing a heavy-duty kid’s wall art option that they can grow with!

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