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Awesome DIY Wall Art Ideas & Inspiration

Does your home feel welcoming, inviting, does it feel like YOU? If not, one incredibly simple way to jazz things up on a budget is to create some DIY wall art. The sky is the limit here – painted canvases, vinyl quotes, family photos, favorite posters, cool old records, the kids artwork – there are so many of your favorite things that can easily be used to create seriously cool art pieces that will really make your house feel like it represents YOU. Starting in late January, we’re doing a lot of revamping around the house, and one thing that’s been driving me crazy since moving into this new house are all of the bare walls. So, I’ll share some of the cool ideas and creative inspiration I’ve been looking at lately – I can’t wait to recreate some of these myself, and hope they’ll give you some cool ideas too!

Frame those awesome DIY Wall Art Creations

Not everything you create will need a frame – but a lot of them will. And when you need frames I totally suggest poster frame depot. They manufacture all frames by hand using 100% American Made Materials, which is super hard to find these days, and is reason alone to give them my business. But I also love that they are the actual manufacturer of their frames, making them stand behind their quality, and letting them sell them at super affordable prices. There are a ton of options when it comes to size, style, and price. You’ll love ’em, promise.

Sticks welcome sign how to

Framed Sticks Welcome Sign

This is amazingly simple in it’s creativity – I love how it brings this great touch of nature into the room, in a modern way. And it’s super inexpensive – most of the supplies from the ground right outside your front door. I want one of these for my back deck, to greet people as they arrive from our parking out back by the shop. Maybe in the summer when we have the pool parties, I can wrap some tiny greenery garlands around them, or flowers. I can see potential to really change this up each season. {Big thanks to Remade Simple Blog for this awesome Framed Sticks Welcome Sign idea!}

DIY Chicken Wire Frame Tutorial

DIY Chicken Wire Frame

How stinkin’ fun is this, seriously? So much bright, fun, color, and smiles. This would be PERFECT for Abby’s room to share photos of her cousins, or above my desk to help me stay cheerful even when I’m facing a million deadlines – or in the kitchen, to easily switch things up to always show our fave photos. LOVE. {Big thanks to Oopsey Daisy Blog for this adorable DIY Chicken Wire Frame tutorial!}

Framed Family Handprints Art

Framed Family Handprints

I am so in love with this sweet idea – cut each family members hand print out of paper, layer together, and add a great frame to pull it all together. This is on my to-do list for Mike for Father’s Day this year. Shhhhhh….. {Big thanks to Tip Junkie for this Framed Family Handprints idea!}

Wall gallery with framed photos

Creating a Framed Photo Wall

If you want to go a slightly more traditional route – and instead of DIY’ing the wall art, you’d just like a creative way to showcase the cool photos you already have – this great framed photo wall can give you some inspiration. I love the mix of cool unexpected additions in between the photos. Need a little help to guide your arrangement? Check out this display design guide to help you figure out what will work best with the style of your home. Very cool.

For more creative DIY wall art ideas see my board on Pinterest for inspiration!



  1. Amy Peschel says

    How creative! Use what you have on hand is a great idea.

  2. The frame sticks are a pretty cool idea!

  3. I like the Wall Art designs! I think that these really look nice on the wall! I like the Wall Art display with the W in it. You gave me some really interesting ideas about decorating my walls to look like this!

  4. Just wanted to stop by and say “Happy Holidays to you and yours!”

  5. Wow! I am sending my daughter the link to this. She lives in Maine. Her & her husband are building their house themselves. This is a great for her to do cause they are going with a rustic theme in their liviingroom. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love the one with the tree branches! So cute :)

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