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2012 Blog Traffic Report: Analyzing Stats & What I Learned

“If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else.” – Lawrence J. Peter… This quote is so true, and is part of what is helping guide my blogging and business goals for the new year. Last year, I felt like I was often just “trying to keep up” – instead of really taking steps towards my goals. {Although as I reviewed my post, 10 Blogging Goals for 2012: Starting with Be More Awesome – I realized I was lucky to accomplish most of what I set out to. This year, I’m working on setting big goals, and really getting things organized and planned out. And since you really can’t know where you’re going, until you can see where you’re been, I decided to analyze last year’s traffic to get a better idea of what worked, and what didn’t.

Blog Traffic ReportSharing blogging stats: I’ve joined a group of bloggers who are all taking some time today to take a look back at 2012, and share their own traffic stats too – you can find the linky down at the bottom of this post, if you’d like to take a look and get a big picture on what’s working for other bloggers too. And – first things first, here’s my total traffic for all of last year, January to Decemeber of 2012:

Google Analytics traffic report for blog, 2012Traffic was lower than expected: Last year when my blog got hacked, I lost almost two weeks of access to my account, and then another full week of mess once I could get back in. That was a big set back. Then, over the last few months, my little one started having seizures. It started with what we hoped at the time was a febrile seizure, but was then followed my months of more of them. Since October I really lost a lot of my blogging focus, due to traveling to Seattle Children’s Hospital for her appointments, testing and procedures, and dealing with each new episode when it happened. So what should have been my busiest time of the year – wasn’t. But that’s ok. I did my best, I made my family my priority, and she’s doing much better now. So it’s time to ROCK in 2013! Very excited to start fresh.

Where my blog traffic came fromThis list shows you where my traffic came from – my top 10 blog traffic sources: StumbleUpon doesn’t bring me as much as it used to earlier in 2012 – no more BIG traffic explosions. But it does bring steady visitors, and hopefully they’ll like what they see once stumbling onto my site, and come back again. The Weekend.tend is one of Glam Media’s sites – they picked up a few posts of mine during the year, which is always really appreciated. Towards the end of the year, Facebook has moved down to my #8 or #9 referrer, and Google and Pinterest have both moved up quite a bit. I’m working on SEO in the new year, so hopefully that will continue to increase.

Top 10 Blogs that Sent Traffic

What I learned here – One, that linking up some great posts on some good linkys can be a really effective way to bring in traffic. That’s where most of this traffic came from – from linking up to photo challenges, recipe linkys, or my personal favorite to find fun new stuff – the Mommy Club linky on Crystal & Co, where everyone links up their best “mom solution” posts each week.

 Top 10 Blog Posts of the Year

What I learned here – It’s very obvious here that while sponsored posts and reviews pay the bills, it’s the real content that I write that is what brings people to my site. Whether it’s just something funny I think will entertain people, a personal experience I think can help educate people, or a fun recipe or craft idea – those are the things that people like to read. Which is awesome, since that’s my goal in the new year, to write more real content again. Another thing I noticed is that many of these are posts that I link to within posts often, encouraging readers to discover more of my favorite older posts.

 Want to see more?

Check out the other bloggers who have put together their own stats posts – See how you compare, what you can learn, what best practices you can adopt. And if you’d like to share your post – leave me a comment below, so I can learn from you, too!


Bloggertunities: Learn More & Earn More!

Find new blogging opportunities

“Heeeeeeeeey, bloggy ladies!!!!” – {Sung to the tune of Gangnam Style….}

So, once again – I’m a day late getting this post up. *Sigh* I’m late on just about everything these days. Including Christmas shopping. I’m drowning in emails, I have boxes of supplies waiting to be crafted into cool gifty creations. Cupboards full of ingredients waiting to be whipped into creative holiday goodies. And a spare room full of boxes waiting to be opened and [Read more…]


Bloggertunities: Over 20 New Ways to Rock Your Blog!

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde… When it comes to blogging, that’s some of the best advice that you’ll ever get. Perfect grammar, a beautiful design, and good connections to PR are only going to take you so far… It’s the personal connection you make with readers, when you write from the heart, that is what brings success. Plus, when you write “real” – you’ll enjoy what you do MUCH more! I hope you find something helpful in this week’s post – and you have anything awesome to share too, please feel free to add it to the comments!

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Bloggertunities: Tips, Tools, Opportunities & More!

“In at least one way we are atypical bloggers. That’s because we just keep on posting. The typical blogger, like most people who go on diets and budgets, quits after a few months, weeks, or in many cases, days.” –  Stephen J. Dubner… This quote is so true. Blogging, in my experience, is one of those things that a lot of people pick up as a hobby, or as a way to get free stuff, or because it’s something that they think will be a get rich quick type of thing. But those of us who have been blogging for awhile now know – it is hard work, and you have to be passionate about what you do, to keep with it long enough to be successful. blogging opportunities for probloggers [Read more…]


Bloggertunities: 35 Ways to Improve Your Blog, Build Traffic, & Earn More Money

“Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition.” – Timothy Leary… Love this quote, lol. But really – being a mom is a hard job. When you throw in being a blogger on top of that, well, life gets crazy. {You can read about how MY day is going today here. So.Very.Tired…} So many people don’t “get” what we do at home all day – from diapers to carpool to snacks to dinnertime to blogging and business… So, let me be the one to give you a cyber high-five, pat on the back, and enthusiastic “Good job!!” for everything you do each day! {Feel free to cyber high-five me back. It’s been a long week for me, lol.}

opportunities for women bloggers [Read more…]


Bloggertunities: 20 New Resources for Bloggers this Week

blogging opportunities for women bloggers

“If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to it.” – Jonathan Winters

Summer was super challenging for me. I feel like I’ve gotten way of course, off track, off schedule. Having my nephews here all day every day – in addition to my little girl who just turned two – was a lot more work than I had anticipated. I worked too much, didn’t make enough time for fun, yet still didn’t accomplish even half of what I should have the past couple of months. But – a new school year always feels like the “real” new year to me…. I’ve bought a new desk calendar and a few new office supplies. I cleaned out my Blogging Binder {which I need to do a post about since ya’all keep asking…} and cleaned off my bulletin board. My brother and the kids just moved out, after us all living together for the past 2 1/2 years…. Bittersweet. I miss them already, but I am excited to have more space for a real office, and a playroom for Abby. So – over the course of the next couple of weeks I’m going to re-evaluate things, and revamp. I’m totally ready for fall and new opportunities – are you?

Remember – Feel free to share your best blogging tips posts, event sign up forms, linkys and hops – anything that you think others might find helpful, share it in the comments! I love seeing all the good stuff you guys post too.

Makin’ Money with your Blog

  • Paper Coterie: This is quickly becoming my VERY favorite affiliate that I’ve ever worked with. Not only are they super simple to use {their system is set up just like Escalate, very user friendly} – but they even send out emails once every couple of weeks or so with a FREE PRODUCT coupon code! This is a great way to start stocking up on really pretty, personalized, paper products for holiday gifts.
  • BlogFrog Influencers: Join the Influencer Circle on BlogFrog – see their site for the minimum requirements. If you meet them – apply for opportunities to share great brands and campaigns with your readers, and earn fun compensation too!
  • Bloggabase: This is a brand new network – but you can sign up to be notified when they officially launch. Says it’s a network from the bloggers perspective – with new ways to monetize, get opps, and more. Sign up for Bloggabase here.
  • Social Spark: Super simple posts that you write right on their site, and you get to choose whether to accept posts, to ensure you only share brands that are a good fit to be interesting to your readers. Good payouts that pay directly into your PayPal account. Going into the holidays, this is going to be a great money maker – Last year it was one of my best.

Promote Your Posts

  • Blog Nation: Submit your blog’s RSS feed to Blog Nation – they’ll syndicate all posts to their site. Users who are reading posts there can click whether they like them or not… The more popular your post, the more likely it is to get shown to more and more people – driving traffic your way! Easy peasy.
  • List your Blog: I loooove this list. I haven’t finished it all, but try to go back to it once a month – 62 Places to List Your Website or Blog for Free. The more “doors” there are to your site on the web, the more ways people can find their way to you. Plus some of the links are do follow, which helps build your page rank.
  • Promoting Posts: I love this infographic that shows 12 Things You Should Do After Writing a Blog Post. It’s so important – especially on your good quality evergreen posts – to get them promoted in a variety of different ways. I’ve used many of these tips with success – and it’s a good reminder. I printed it out to add to my blogging binder!
  • Drive Traffic: This is a great post – 50 Ways to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Blog. Each tip is a one liner – super simple ideas that are totally do-able. Many you’ve probably already tried, or thought of… But it’s a great way to jump start your creativity again, and think of new ways to boost your blog.

Tools, Resources, and Good Reads

  • Rafflecopter: This is a really great break-down of survey results that Rafflecopter did to determine how many entries should be on a giveaway form. It shows how many most businesses and bloggers use, and what most giveaway entrants prefer. Interesting – and I was glad to see I fall into the middle ground on this one.
  • Ethics: This is a great post about ethics in blogging – following the laws and regulations that apply to you, as well as doing the right thing – even when you don’t have to. Get it here Tips to Avoid Ethical Pitfalls in Blogging and Social Media.
  • Facebook: This is a perfect post on how to get more interaction on your Facebook fan page. I mean – there’s only so much that you can control, Facebook changes all.the.time. But – when you learn a bit about how Edgerank works, and how Facebook decides which updates to share in people’s newsfeeds, you can bump up your “seen by” numbers quite a bit.

Events to Join

  • Eddie Bauer Giveaway: This rocks – Join in this great event to give away an Eddie Bauer 3-Wheel Travel System! If you’re a member of MDIB you get one free link – extras are only $1 each. Super cool. Join here.
  • Blogs to Riches: I love Lisa Cash Hanson from Mompreneur Mogul – such a fun site packed with great tips. And – she has a new community, Blogs to Riches club. To celebrate, and have a chance to win some fab bloggy prizes, join her giant giveaway event here: Blogs to Riches Membership Giveaway Event.
  • Party: Healthy Child, Healthy World is looking for influential moms to host in-home parties to share great “green” brands, like  Seventh Generation, Plum Organics and LUNA. Apply on their site if you’re interested.
  • Keurig: Join this new giveaway event coming up to give away a new Keurig, which are usually really popular events! And, if you refer the most visits during the giveaway you can get your spot for free. Find details on the sign up page here.

Awesome books to read

Networks to Join

  • Question Moms: The “Meet the Moms” promotions, where we were promoting mom-invented daily solution products, is coming to a close. We’re on our very last campaign now. But – sign up to be a part of Question Moms, so we can notify you this fall as we roll out some cool new ambassadorship campaigns, and other cool new opps. I’m very excited to see things coming together!
  • Nick Mom: Have you heard of this yet? It’s a super fun new rewards networks for crazy-busy moms like us. Check it out and join here  – Nick Mom. Win prizes, connect with other cool moms, and get free stuff. What more can you ask for, right?
  • Social Moms: This is an easy way to earn free stuff like Amazon gift cards… All of your activity on the site is rewarded. When you do things like tweet out a post you like, or leave a comment, you’ll earn points towards freebies. And, there are loads of giveaways – I’ve won a couple hundred in gift cards here over the past few months, just by having the winning comment on a post. Very cool.

If this post was helpful – be sure to share it with your own networks and friends too…

Want more good stuff?

You can check out all of the older weekly Bloggertunities posts too – some of the events and opps are expired, but there are tons of great networks to join, tips to read, and other helpful stuff. You can also check out my Blogging & Social Media board on Pinterest too – to find some of my favorite helpful tips, sites, and resources.

{Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. But all opps and leads listed are things that I trust, and have used myself. I only share what I love with ya’all! Photo Credit.}



Bloggertunities: Blogging Opportunities for Women 8/18

opportunities for women bloggers

“You don’t write because you want to say something; you write because you’ve got something to say.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Ok – I’ve been a bit inconsistent with these Blogging Opportunity posts lately, I know it. Having my nephews home from school for the summer was a lot more work and stress than I had anticipated. Then there was the travel for conferences. And all the kiddos who like to come visit each afternoon because we’re one of the only people in our group of friends with a pool, lol. But – as school is getting ready to start again, and my days will have a little more structure and stability back in them – You can look forward to the weekly Bloggertunities post every Wednesday morning again, starting soon. {So be sure to sign up for my email updates so you never miss one!} This post isn’t as full as usual, because I’m still catching up from BlogHer – Ohmyohmy, what 6 days away from checking my email can do…. But I hope you find some good stuff! If you have events, sign ups, linkys, hops, or cool news to share, leave it in the comments below. And if you do find this post helpful – be sure to give it a tweet or Facebook share too. Thanks all!

Products and Reviews

  1. Solilor Girl: Join this site as a member, then sign up as a blogger. It’s totally free, and they’ll send you out some of your favorite clothing pieces that you can feature on your blog. Sounds really cool – I’m just getting started with it myself.
  2. Moms Meet: This is a great program that I’ve been a part of for years now. They provide really generous party packages of healthy, organic samples for you to share with your mom group, playdate parties, or friends and family. Right now you can apply to try out the Stonyfield Farm YoKids Yogurt products. If you’re not a member of Moms Meet yet, there is a link right at the beginning where you can sign up too!
  3. Software: Are you a software junkie? Love trying out new programs? Then get paid to give your feedback on it – up to $50 per review. I’ve not used this yet, but it was recommended to me by a few people – if you’ve used it, let me know your thoughts!
  4. Diet Products: Mallery’s Deals has info on how to get a 90 supply of an awesome new diet product for review, plus a giveaway for your readers too. Check it out and apply if you’re interested!
  5. Guac Squad: I just got a big ol’ shipment of Wholly Guacamole products – and I can tell ya – They are GOOOOOD! To join the Guac Squad, and have opportunities to partner with them on fun promotions, fill out the form here.


Making money with your blog

  1. Social Spark: I’ve told you guys before – this is one of my fave ways to earn easy money by writing on my blog.The posts are very quick to complete, the payout is great and pretty quick. Love it.
  2. Paper Coterie: This is my fave affiliate ever. Beautiful paper products, and awesome promotions = Super easy content to promote and share. It’s simple to use and get started – learn more here: Paper Coterie sign up. Another bonus? You get an email once a month with a new product featured, and a code to get it totally free. How cool is that? I’m so stocking up on holiday gifts!
  3. RewardIt Sponsored Posts: They’re looking for bloggers who would be interested in running sponsored posts, social media shout outs, and giveaways. If this is you – fill out this form today.

Events to Join

  1. Blissdom: One2One Network is giving one lucky lady a sponsorship to the awesomeness that is Blissdom! I am SO wanting to go to this one – and am entering this contest! – so I hated to share it and increase the competition, lol. But – Good luck to all!
  2. Giveaway Events: One of my fave chicks that hosts events is Becky at OhMyGoshBeck. She is amazing at promoting, and I always get a ton of new fans. And she’s a total pro, so the events always run smoothly. She has a few awesome new events coming up that you can join – a great way to bust out of that low-traffic-end-of-summer-rut that most of us are in. Extreme Cash Giveaway, Mega Gift Card Giveaway, and weekend Target Gift Card Flash Giveaways!
  3. Non-Con: The Aiming Low Non Conference is in Georgia in October. This sounds like such a fun idea – there is NO cost to attend, other than your travel and room cost. They realize that the best parts of any conference are usually the informal conversations that happen between forums, so that’s what this event is all about. Learn more on their site – and I just might see  you there! {Best of all? The Pioneer Woman is going to be the closing Keynote!!}
  4. Cash Giveaway: Join another awesome Megan – at Meg’s Moxie – for her cash giveaway coming up soon! Get details, and sign up here for her Friday Flash Giveaway!

Tips, Tools, & Resources

  1. Bad Neighborhood Checker: Enter your blog’s URL, and this site will scan to see if you’re linking to any sites that are considered “bad” by Google. Then you can unlink. Very helpful – Bad Neighborhood Blog Checker.
  2. I’ve been seeing everyone rave about this site and the awesome tech training available there – so I had to check it out. If you want to learn more, see what’s available, and get cool tips to help you decide which course to sign up for, sign up for the newsletter.
  3. Infographic: I love this new infographic from The Pixelista that shows tips on how to troubleshoot your wordpress site. Super helpful tips in an easy to understand format.
  4. Klout: The site has updated, trying to pull stats from more networks, and give a better picture of your real influence across the web. That means scores changed a bit too for most people – my Klout score went up to a 65. Check it out to see the new updates and features.
  5. 5 Days to a Better Site: Sign up for this free information series, and get help in seeing your site with fresh eyes, learning what PR and brands are looking for when visiting your site, and more.
  6. Free Resources: This site is the cutest thing I’ve seen in for-ev-ah. If you’re a crafty type – or even if you’re not – You’ll find amazing free resources on her site. She’s super motivating and inspiring – love it. My fave section is the Study Guide for Creative Entrepreneurs.
There ya go! And again – if you have anything cool to add this week, be sure to leave a comment below! Share your event sign up forms, links to any cool hops you have going on, or share cool news that you’re excited about. I love to hear from you guys! And if you’d like to share this post – be a tweetheart and share it with the button below!

Love free stuff? Then Join here for Free Family Fun Passes and More!

{Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. But all opps and leads listed are things that I trust, and have used myself. I only share what I love with ya’all! Photo Credit.}