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Bloggertunities: Over 20 New Ways to Rock Your Blog!

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde… When it comes to blogging, that’s some of the best advice that you’ll ever get. Perfect grammar, a beautiful design, and good connections to PR are only going to take you so far… It’s the personal connection you make with readers, when you write from the heart, that is what brings success. Plus, when you write “real” – you’ll enjoy what you do MUCH more! I hope you find something helpful in this week’s post – and you have anything awesome to share too, please feel free to add it to the comments!

Bloggertunties: Learn more, earn more!

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Monetize Your Blog

  • Ad Networks: I’ve been searching for some new options for ad networks lately, and here are a few new ones I’ve found. I don’t have first-hand experience to share yet, but they look worth checking out: Value Click Media, Lifetime Moms Network, and Tribal Fusion.
  • Share a Sale: As I’ve mentioned before – this is my new favorite affiliate company. It’s so simple to use, payouts are on time, and you get great offers emailed to you from many of the brands, for bonus reviews or payments. LOVE it. Join for awesome benefits. To see some of my fave places there that are earning me big bucks, see last week’s Bloggertunities post.
  • ChaCha Affiliates: This is similar to Sponsored Tweets, but for me – there are about 10 times more opps that I have available to share. Join the ChaCha Affiliate Program! Get paid to tweet, simple as can be.
  • Freelance Writing: I have been super motivated by some of the ladies in the Facebook group, and they’re big earnings lately. So I’m going to be set a goal of getting to at least a post a day in my local column there. If you want to expand your reach, it can be a great way to get links back in to your blog, reach new readers, and make some extra cash. You can also apply as a writer on, and
  • PostGenius: I’ve just completed my second offer here – one for $125, the second for $195. Very happy with it so far – I haven’t received my first payout yet, {am waiting to request it soon} but have heard the process is super easy and fast.

Tips, Tools, & Resources

  • Free web hosting: Yep, you read that right – You can get a full year of free hosting! CafeBlogelina is able to provide each person who registers today for updates on CafeBlogelina’s upcoming launch a complimentary year of web hosting ($84 value)! Sweet, right?
  • Top Mom Blogger: This is an interesting looking site – filled with videos, tips, tutuorials, and more. BUT – it comes with a $9.95 a month membership fee. I’m planning to join and try it out in January {when I’m less busy, and can really take time to check it all out.} If anyone has tried it already, or tries it now – I’d love to hear some feedback! If not, watch for a review from me in January after I’ve used it awhile…
  • Logos: Do you want a new logo, but don’t have the cash to spend on a designer? You could try, and I’ve heard some people have a TON of luck there. {You put out your request, everything is only $5 bucks.} Or, if you’re the creative type, you could make it yourself. This post has 40 Logo Design Tutorials in it, everything from using Photoshop to Gimp, and a million things in between.
  • eBook: Get the free ebook: How to Use Facebook for Mobile Marketing from HubSpot – once of my very favorite sites for great blogging and online business resources.

Promote Your Blog and Build Traffic

  • Juxtapose: This is a new site that I just came across this week. Another blogger that I know mentioned that it was referring her a ton of traffic, so I had to check it out of course! To me, it seems a lot like Pinterest. I joined, and am clipping some of my own posts to it, and will let you know how it goes. If you want to check it out too, it takes just a minute to sign up.
  • Madame Deals: This a free event to participate in, it’s a little different than most giveaway events, but should pull in some BIG traffic. You can learn all of the details here on the doc form. You won’t get a link on the giveaway form, but you WILL get some other pretty cool perks. I signed up, and am really excited about it.
  • Facebook: One of the points I went over while speaking at Reviewer’s Retreat this past summer was the importance of having a Facebook “Like” box on your blog. Not just a little  icon that takes people to your page, but the box where they can just click “Like” right there on your site. Adding that made a dramatic difference in my fans there, and has worked the same magic for everyone else that I know who’s added it too. Get a Facebook Like box for your blog here.
  • Recipes: If you’re talented in the kitchen, use those great recipe posts to bring some new traffic to your blog! Link them up at What’s Cooking Wednesday, and the Menu Monday Blog Hop.
  • Giveaways: Get more traffic to those giveaways you’re rockin’ – Wednesday Wealth Linky, Got Giveaways?, Lilac’s Linky, or the amazingly huge linky resource on MomSpark.
  • Event: Join this totally free giveaway event starting at the end of December – get a free Facebook and Twitter link, or pay $1 each for additional links! Fill out the form here to join, and get details. Then join the Christmas Let-Down Hop, starting the day after Christmas. It’s also free to join, you just need to have your own prize.
  • Email List: This is an awesome post on how to add a custom email sign up box at the end of your blog posts. {Seems easy enough, but I may hire someone to do this for me – since I’m always nervous to mess with my code!!} With the way social media sites are always changing, it’s very smart to rely more on your own email list to build traffic, than on any other site. This plugin only works on Genesis sites – which I VERY highly recommend. As I’ve been helping some new businesses start simple blogs, I realized how much more functionality it has versus a basic WP site. You can learn more by checking out the newest StudioPress Theme of the Month – Apparition Theme.
  • Twitter Parties: I’m part of a super awesome party going on tomorrow {December 6} to celebrate the launch of our new Chef Boyardee ebook. Being a part of Twitter parties is a great way to connect with new people, gain new followers, up your Klout, and of course – winning prizes! If you have a party you’re a part of this week, share it in the comments so I can party with you too!

Other Interesting reads and resources

  • Glam Tastemakers: This is a new community built by the people at the Glam ad network. {I totally heart them!} They’re building this new group of totally influential women to help guide their new campaigns going into the new year. You get to meet cool people, share your opinions, influence new brand opps, and win prizes too!
  • Finding Balance: Can you really have balance in your life, while making an income working at home? Sadie shares what works for her, what doesn’t, and shares tips you can borrow too.
  • Business Cards: Ready for some new updated business cards in the new year? makes some of the most amazingly high quality cards – when you hand it to someone, they can feel the difference, seriously. And with this link, you save 10% off of your whole order.
  • Inspiring Moms: This is a brand new group – but I’m excited to have joined it! It’s all about networking and personal growth, with other like-minded moms. About: “The Inspiring Moms Collective is a group of social media moms interested in improving their quality of life, connecting with their inner wisdom, and inspiring other moms to live their best lives.”

Product Opps

  • EcoTraction: They’re looking for US bloggers from Chicago IL, NYC, St.Paul MN and Boston MA to participate in a sponsored post with EcoTraction! Sign up and get more details here:
  • Mom Central: This is one of my favorite places to work with – they are great at sending out easy to follow guidelines for posts, they partner with awesome brands, and compensate well. Fill out the form here to join Mom Central.
  • Books: If you’re interested in getting free digital copies of a wide range of books, check out NetGalley delivers digital galleys and promotional materials to professional readers and helps promote new and upcoming titles, and it’s free to use.


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{Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. But all opps and leads listed are things that I trust, and have used myself. I only share what I love with ya’all! Photo Credit.}

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      I definitely always update as I use stuff- to let people know whether they’re worth it or not!

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