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Blogathon Bash Wrap Up: What I Learned & Accomplished #Blogathon2

Biannual Blogathon BashThis weekend was a jam-packed, crazy-bloggy few days for me! I participated in the Biannual Blogathon Bash – that means that in between trying to complete all of my usual sponsored posts, scheduled writing, and spontaneous ideas that come to me and HAVE to written about right away – I also tried to fit in a ton of the mini-challenges for the Blogathon too! Oh yeah, and a Blogathon Twitter party too. Busy busy – but good times.

So – what did I learn during the blogathon?

I read some really great tech tips, including HTML for Bloggers, and SEO basics for Bloggers, from Geek with Style. Her posts are super easy to follow, love it. I discovered some super helpful new Twitter tools in Making Twitter Work for Your Blog. And I definitely was reminded of the importance of double checking my writing in each post during the How to Improve Your Writing challenge. Seriously – all of the challenges were great. The only disappointment that I had was that I wasn’t able to complete them all this weekend, since I had so much other work to get done! But – I plan to continue working on them throughout this upcoming week. If you’d like to join in too {even though it’s too late to win prizes, the site content is still available!} – check it out here: Blogathon Bash Mini-Challenge List.

What did I accomplish during the Blogathon?

Well, I was able to get all of the posts on my list completed, meeting all of my deadlines. That’s pretty awesome, since we’ve had a rough week around here, with Abby’s seizure scare, and the boys out of school for summer break. Here are the posts I’ve completed since Friday night:

  1. How to Monetize Your Blog: 5 Simple Steps #Blogathon
  2. Clever Animal Humor
  3. Simple Family Taco Night + Free Movie Tickets!
  4. Who was #Brave today?
  5. Blogathon Intro Post
  6. Join Me: Project Organize Your ENTIRE Life
  7. post rewrite for mini-challenge
  8. My Mommy on My Mind: Toddler Humor
  9. Summer Must-Haves #Mompact Giveaway
  10. Get Some Wind in Your Sails…
  11. How to Build a Hot Dog Bar for Summer BBQs

Just looking at this list makes me feel SUPER accomplished, since I normally don’t get too much blogging done in a weekend!! Plus – I was able to complete 13 out of the 21 Blogathon challenges – and meet some new ladies at the Twitter party Saturday morning. I’d estimate that I put in an average of an hour per post – some with lots of pictures to edit took much longer, and some of the quick ‘n funny posts were way faster. Then it’s an extra 15 minutes at minimum to get each post promoted across all of my social networks and groups. So, that’s about 15 hours of work on JUST the blog posts. Another couple of hours for the challenges. An hour for the Twitter party. And about an hour to connect with all of the other great Blogathoners on all of their social media accounts too. I’m no good at math…. But that’s close to 20 hours of blogging work this weekend!!!!

Whew!! Is anyone giving me a cyber high-five yet? :)

If you want to get in on the fun next time, you can join the next Blogathon Bash happening on January 25 8am EST, to January 28 8am EST, 2012. Hope to see some of you there!!




  1. Cyber high 5! It was an amazing weekend! I learned so much, and now have learned even more as I didn’t know people could continue to to do challenges, and I didn’t know there was a date set for next time. I didn’t link up the challenges I completed (boo, me.) I am going back to my wrap up post and fixing it! Thanks!

  2. Cyber high 5 from me! You did awesome and I was very happy to have you join us. You did a lot of posts, wow!

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