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No Budget to Hire a Nerd? Try! {Updated and Upgraded} #Blogathon2

I’m participating this weekend in the Biannual Blogathon Bash, a semiannual blogging marathon. This summer’s blogathon will take place from June 22 to June 25. If you are signed up for the blogathon, completing mini-challenges {like the challenge I put together, called Anyone can Monetize their Blog: 5 Simple Steps} – give you chances to win prizes, in addition to improving your blogging. Fun, right? This post is for mini-challenge #3: Improve Your Writing. Join us – It’s not too late to get some blog-boosting work in this weekend!

Blogathon Bash: Mini-Challenge #3

After reading the tips on how to Improve Your Writing, for mini-challenge #3, I needed to choose a recent post that I’d written, go back and re-read it, and make corrections. I was a bit embarrassed to see that when I gave this post a second look, that I had quite a few spots where I wanted to change the way that things were written. My usual writing process is to sit down and quickly get my ideas out… I’m so uber duber busy that I don’t always have time to proof read every post. But clearly, I should get more consistent with it! So, drumroll please….. Here’s my updated and revised version of my post. You can see the original post here – No Budget to Hire a Nerd? Try! The main things that I noticed is that I tend to use the same descriptive words too often in the same paragraph, and that sometimes I don’t describe things as clearly as they seem in my head as I write, lol. Let me know what you think of the changes…

No Budget to Hire a Nerd? Try! {Updated and Upgraded}

In the age of Facebook and Twitter, is the good ol’ paper flyer a thing of the past?… If you need to get the word out about an event, you may feel inclined to type up something in Helvetica and head to the photocopier, but we have a better idea…

Smore makes creating web pages simple - no coding needed


Imagine… You (yes, you!) can create a beautiful web page with no coding experience and no design chops. Whether you’re spreading the word about a book club event, a small business, a networking event or a bake sale fundraiser for your local theatre, Smore is a great way to create a compelling online flyer! You can fill it with all the information needed to promote your event, easily share it through social media and email, and even see how many people it’s reaching. Creating a flyer is fun, fast and it looks so professional everyone will think you have a design nerd on staff.

Smore makes pretty web pages… no coding required

I am seriously in love with this site. I’ve been playing around with it all morning, and it is so simple to use – very intuitive. {And if you know me well, you know I’m NOT a techy type. Yes, I run a blog, but what I’m good at is taking pretty pictures, writing stories, and telling jokes. The tech side is much more challenging to me. Which is why I LOVE that my girls at Digitwirl teach me these great tips each week. Subscribe to them – Seriously, they’re so smart.} Anyway – back to talking about this sweet new site: If I can use it, anyone can. And it truly does make it quick and oh-so-easy to create incredibly professional looking pages – no coding needed at all. Learn more:

  • Get Options: Choose Event Invitation, Product to Sell, Personal Flyer for a Person, Flyer for a Business or Shop, Informational Newsletter Style, or just use “other” if nothing really fits. {Coupon or Ad Promotion, and an App are coming soon too.}
  • Get Inspired: Check out the sweet online gallery of cool examples of what you can create with their online templates, to help you think of new ways to create buzz for your event or promotion. All of the templates to share a similar style of template – but they all still have custom feel, using different photos, fonts, colors, and styles. Love it.

I’m definitely going to be using this a lot – and I am SO super grateful to the ladies at Digitwirl for sharing this tool with me. Their video made it SO easy to jump right in and get started.  {For more tech made simple tips, services, and products – browse my board on Pinterest.}

What Ideas do You Have for Fun Ways to Use this Free Service?

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  1. You of all people are one I would think DIDN’T need to improve your writing! I LOVE how you write and format your posts! (and going to check out

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