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How to Organize Your Pool Supplies

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Rubbermaid, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #FastTrack….

“Hi. My name is Meagan, and I have an organizational problem.” – It’s true. But I guess I should say I have a couple of organizational problems. As in – I have some pretty hard core OCD when it comes to how I like things to be arranged and sorted and displayed, which can annoy the people who live with me. I also have the problem that over the past 4 years, my home has been like a game of musical chairs – My mom moved in, bringing her dogs. Then my brother remodeled my basement and moved in with the kids. Then I found out I was pregnant. Then my Mister moved in – and WE got a dog. And then I had a baby. And then we moved and bought a new house. Then my brother moved out the next year. My mom only stays here part time now. My Mister’s oldest daughter moved in. Then out, to go to college. Then his middle daughter moved in. And we got another dog. Craziness, right? With all of the moving and swapping rooms and storing people’s stuff and on and on – the house is not the temple of color-coded organization that I would like. {To say the least, lol.} But, this is the year of getting things caught up!

{Update: This was written in 2014, it’s now 2019, and our house is JUST Abby and I, plus the same dog, but two new cats. Calmer, quieter-ish, and more consistently organized. But recently this post has gone bonkers, getting shared all over Pinterest. So, I thought I’d update y’all a little, if you’re new here!}

How to organize pool supplies and gear

I’m a total organizational product junkie, I’m sure you’ve noticed by now. A current fave has been a new mop and broom holder I got for the laundry nook – it’s amazing what a difference it makes, being able to store items up on the wall. So, this past weekend I was out shopping at Target for some new gear to organize our pool supplies to get ready for summer, and picked up these uh-MAY-zing totes with doors that open up in the front {handy dandy}. Perfect to hold all of my pool chemicals {can you tell HTH is my fave brand?} While loading them in my cart, I saw the new Rubbermaid FastTrack Organizer system too –  andI knew it was true love. I may have even swooned a bit. This handsome organizer totally gets me. :)

Oh, Rubbermaid FastTrack, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways….

Installing Rubbermaid Fast Track

First of all, it’s so crazy easy to install. I’m not a pro with power tools, but I do alright. And I’ve got the Mister, who used to be a construction superintendent to supervise me and give directions. But seriously – all you need is a level and a drill – and with a few pulls of the trigger you’ve got this bad boy mounted up on the wall. {And, as the photo says, don’t judge my messy hair and no make up. Ok? Ok.}

How the Rubbermaid FastTrack Works

After installing, you have a selection of handy hooks you just snap right on, easy peasy. It comes with three basic hooks, and one larger one. You can move them around by just snapping on and off in different places. But check it out – there are a TON more options you can purchase later too:

Garage storage options from Rubbermaid

Awesome, right? You can find the right hooks and clips and holders for ANYTHING  you might want to store – your garage, pantry, mudroom, utility room, back porch… anywhere at all!

Rubbermaid storage FastTrack options

And – if just looking at the options doesn’t get your creative organizing juices flowing, maybe this will: Look at all of the ways you can use this thing – from holding your basic lawn tools like rakes and shovels, to heavier garage gear like a step ladder, and even hoses, extension cords, and sports equipment. And that’s just what you can hold with the hooks that are included – you can buy more hooks later, and fit pretty much anything you need to store!

One awesome idea I really loved was using the FastTrack at a low height, and having those hooks be the home for kids outdoor toys – so smart! Take a minute to browse Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for the #FastTrack hashtag to see how other real moms like you and me are using this system to get crazy clutter under control. And… Reveal time. You want to see what I decided to use our Rubbermaid system for?

How to organize your pool supplies

How perfect is this? And I’m not even done yet! I used the big clip to hold a couple of our skimmers – one with a long pole for me and the Mister to use, and a shorter handled one that’s safer for Abby to clean the pool with. The skimmer can swap out with the push of a button, and I can add the brush attachment instead. The straw tote bag is filled with extra towels, sunscreen, and Huggies Little Swimmers diapers. {We don’t need swim diapers anymore, but we entertain a lot, and I like to have extras for the moms who forget them!} And – I’m not even done yet! As I dig out the rest of our pool gear, I still have more space to hold it too. So great.

The key is also a super important part of pool gear – It’s a reminder from Abbey’s Hope, a charity devoted to preventing child drownings. The front has their logo, the back has a set of rules to follow. We keep the gate to the pool locked, and this is the lanyard the key stays on. So, we take turns wearing it by the pool – it’s a reminder to the adult wearing it that they are in charge of watching all of the kids. Because it’s too easy for adults to assume someone else is watching, while we’re all visiting with friends or playing in the pool. So this lanyard is kind of the #VIP of the pool!

How to organize your garage

So – there ya go! One hour, two Rubbermaid totes, and the new FastTrack organizer, and I’ve got a super awesome pool supply center in the garage – to help me be ready for summer days, delicious raspberry mojitos in the sun, and yummy food on the grill every night. And…. Now that I’ve seen how crazy-easy it is to install these, and all of the options it has for storage, I’ve decided to do the WHOLE entire wall in the shop filled with these. Like this example on the box, but more extreme:

How to organize your garage

Forgive the picture quality – this is a picture of a picture, that I took of the picture on the back of the box. But – I am loving this idea. We have a 4-bay shop, with a LOT of stuff in it. I mean…. A LOT. And now that I see how secure the Rubbermaid FastTrack can hold my gear, how simple it is to install, and how versatile it is, I know it’s the perfect way to make more space in our shop. I can’t make more floor space, but I can take advantage of the space that goes UP! I’m thinking a couple of rows like this at arm’s reach, then a couple more up high to hold things like – Christmas lights, hoses and sprinklers, and other seasonal type stuff I’d only need to access and swap out a couple times a year. Awesomesauce.

So – as I mentioned at the beginning of this post – it was originally written WAY back in 2014. And it’s now May of 2019. Crazy how fast time goes by! But, even after all of that time – I still use these Rubbermaid Fastrack systems No joke. I installed two more in the shop, and one in the laundry area. There are just SO many ways to use it, because there are a ton of different hooks and baskets and gadgets, making endless possibilities to customize it. I have the FastTrack Gardening kit that I’ve linked in the Amazon grid below – LIFE CHANGING OMG. We were able to make so much new space in the shop, because that set-up holds ALL THE THINGS. I still have the pool setup. And we’re getting another one to hold kids toys, although it doesn’t need to be as low to the ground as it would’ve when I wrote this post originally ;) She’s almost NINE YEARS OLD NOW. Impossible.

Hope you enjoy! If you have your own tips for storing pool toys and gear, I’d love to hear them! Hop over to my Facebook post here to add your ideas:



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