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Are Your Kids Old Enough for a Motorcycle?

Momma on a motorcycle

We’re a motorcycle family…

Does that surprise you? Do you picture people who ride Harley’s to be the rough ‘n tough type? Fueled by drugs and alcohol, chased by the law and their own bad reputations? Well think again – most motorcycle riders are the law abiding type, with families and good jobs – who just love to have a little bit of fun! This is me at an event we go to every year – it’s a big celebration, full of motorcycle lovers, and totally family-friendly. Good times.

motorcycles and kids

Kids and motorcycles – safety first

This is my nephew – going for a super slow, and totally safe, ride around the park with a friend of mine, who’s one of the best riders that I know. {Yes, this was just a pose for the camera – they both put helmets on to ride!} My nephews LOVE motorcycles, and are always so excited to check them all out. They’re always super impressed during the “bike games” – where the riders show off their skills in some fun challenges. And of course, being little boys – they want motorcycles too, just like their daddy has! So…. What do you do when the kids in your life want a motorcycle, but are still too young to ride their own?

Kool Rider

The Kool Rider – Makes your bike sound like a motorcycle!

Remember when we were kids, {you know, back in the old days…. with dinosaurs…} and we would use playing cards in the spokes of our bikes to make them sound louder? Well, the Kool Rider builds on that idea – but totally takes it up a notch!! It is incredibly simple to install, and they are seriously cool. My nephews are ages 5 and 8, and the older one can be hard to impress. We put this on his bike – and one of the neighbor kids came over to the fence, and told him that it sounded almost like his dad’s motorcycle. Oh man, was that a priceless moment!

Kool Riders in Action!

Isn’t this such a fun idea? They are incredibly simple to put on – my 8 year old nephew did it all by himself. The package comes with a piece of velcro that you attach around the bike’s fork, and then there’s the body of the Kool Rider that just attaches right onto that. Kids get to customize it with their choice of stickers, then pop it on and go! They’re super durable, super fun, and super affordable at only $9.95 each. {They recommend using two Kool Riders per bike – which does TOTALLY upgrade the noise level, to the total delight of the boys in our house.} This is such an awesome way to get kids up off of the couch, and into the outdoors for some active play and exercise this summer. Love it, right?

Buy the Kool Rider today on! And make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter, to stay updated on cool new products and promotions – included a Kool Rider version for toddler and beginner bikes coming soon!

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{Disclaimer: I received two complimentary Kool Riders to try out with my family, so that I could give you some honest feedback. All pictures, opinions, and thoughts are my own. We love this – and know your family will too!}



  1. It so does NOT surprise me that you guys are a motorcycle family! That`s great. DId you see the family of stunt drivers on America`s Got Talent a while back? The youngest was I think 8 and he and his sister rode bikes in one of those big metal balls around and around. It was crazy!

    BTW, I read your posts wrong, I expect the text that is ABOVE a photo to be about it so I read the info that said this was a pic of you and then i saw the pick of the guy with your nephew and was like… I’m pretty sure that’s not you LOL.

  2. How cool! Looks like a great way to spend time with the family, it’s great that you are so safe about it with the kids, I bet your nephew loves it!

    • Sunshine and Sippy Cups says

      Oh they SOOO love it!! :) The little one gets kind of scared, but the older one thinks is’s “So cool” – and he loves this new little gadget to make HIS bike sound loud like dad too :)

  3. One of my close friend’s use to belong to a Motorcycle club and she loves her Motorcycles. I know she would love this idea for her daughter when she’s old enough to start riding a bike. Great product!

  4. You are too cute! And I just did not see you as a motorcycle family, but that is awesome!

    Loved the post! Thanks for the flashback of playing cards in our spokes! LOL

    • Sunshine and Sippy Cups says

      Most people find it pretty unexpected, lol. I even went to Sturgis – the HUGE motorcycle rally in South Dakota, a few years back. All I can say about that is…. WOW! :)

      I don’t ride very often, but it’s all still a lot of fun!

  5. It’s such a hard opinion for me on motorcycles. My sister in law is an amazing motorcycle rider and used to race/ teach and so much more. My brother really got into it too after meeting and marrying her.
    My other brother went the route of dirt bikes and disclocated his shoulder.
    We’ve also lost 3 friends in motorcycle accidents over the years. One being our friends fault.

    but some th ing like this is awesome to get kids excited! My son at some point will probably ride and I’m thankful we have the helmet law in CA!

    sorry didnt’ mean to get so deep! :)

  6. Jacqui Odell says

    My son loves them! Although I haven’t let him ride on one yet.

  7. I am not a fan of kids on motorcycles. However, as long as it’s done safely, I usually stick with, “not my kid, not my choice”.

    But, those Kool Riders look like every little boy’s dream. I only have girls, but I can think of a few boys who would love these. I’ll definitely be passing this on to their moms.

  8. Cecilia says

    This is such a cool idea! My aunt and uncle ride motorcycles and I used to think they were the coolest things ever, (still do!). My little girl loves motorcycles, (and princesses… go figure), and gets so excited everytime she hears/sees one. she would love this!

  9. I have a friend whose sons love motorcycles, so this would be great!

  10. Cute! Love the idea. My father in law drives a motorcycle and the kids are super curious about it but not quite old enough to ride along. I’m sure if they’re interested we’ll definitely start to teach them more about motorcycles and motorcycle safety.

  11. My little boy just got his first bike and would get such a kick out of this!

  12. I think my son would think this is the coolest thing ever… thank you for such a wonderful opportunity!

  13. Jessica says

    I would like to win because this is a super cool product that my son would love! Thanks for the chance to win.

  14. We are a motorcycle family to. We love riding with our neighbors in a group scene and this year we attended our first ever ‘Bike Night’ and it was just AWESOME! Since my kids don’t really need the Kool Riders, if I win I’ll probably end up donating them to the less fortunate kids in my community that don’t really have much and this would totally make their day. Thank you for sharing this post and giveaway and I will share it with my friends as well ☺

  15. my three year old girl loves power tools and motorcylces…. she would go crazy!

  16. Wendi Scharrer says

    I would love to win this and give it to my nepews. They would have so much fun!

  17. My two year old would think he’s hot stuff on his trike with this!

  18. My four year old would love it on his bike!!!

  19. My sons would love these!

  20. My nephews currently use playing cars and i know it can get louder than that

  21. We had a motorcycle once, loved riding.Now we are a 4 wheeling family that loves our atvs.

  22. Shanna Hartwell says

    These are so neat! My daughter would love them!

  23. Have to say you surprised me a little, but it’s a shame that people do still have that stigma that all motorcycle riders are in gangs or living the low life. We’re a four-wheeler family :) but the boys want to progress to dirt bikes now, so I’m sure the motorcycles will be in our family future.

  24. I think it would be a great way to keep track of Jake this summer! LOL

  25. My nephew would love this!

  26. Angela Cisco says

    I think that my son would really love this.

  27. teresa dey says

    thank you

  28. jessica schueler says

    I have a house of boys! Come on they stick pop cans and all kinds of stuff on their bikes to make noise. lol

  29. amy deeter says

    my nephew would like this

  30. Roxann Clark says

    My grandson would think this is awesome

  31. Kathy Smith says

    This is such a great attachment for bikes. So much better than the playing cards we used.

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