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Why Mom Bloggers Don’t Sleep…

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of ZzzQuil for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine…

“The phrase “working mother” is redundant.” – Jane Sellman... This is one of my favorite quotes. {If you look up in the sidebar at my About Me box, you’ll see that I use this quote to kick off that section.} I love it because it’s such a truth when it comes to motherhood – I don’t care if you work from home, work outside the home, or “just” stay home with the kids – we’re all the CEOs of running our homes. We work, all day. And while not all of us are paid for our work, our work still has crazy-high amounts of value. We’re raising our kids to be amazing people as they grow up; teaching life skills, helping them explore the world around them and make sense of it all, imparting our family’s values, helping with homework, listening, cuddling, comforting. Not to downplay the role of daddies – {I am BLESSED beyond belief that Abby has the most amazing dad in the world. And a good dad as your partner makes the job of being a mom so much easier} – but I do have to say that moms kind of rock.

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Bloggertunities: Learn More & Earn More!

Find new blogging opportunities

“Heeeeeeeeey, bloggy ladies!!!!” – {Sung to the tune of Gangnam Style….}

So, once again – I’m a day late getting this post up. *Sigh* I’m late on just about everything these days. Including Christmas shopping. I’m drowning in emails, I have boxes of supplies waiting to be crafted into cool gifty creations. Cupboards full of ingredients waiting to be whipped into creative holiday goodies. And a spare room full of boxes waiting to be opened and [Read more…]


Bloggertunities: Over 20 New Ways to Rock Your Blog!

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde… When it comes to blogging, that’s some of the best advice that you’ll ever get. Perfect grammar, a beautiful design, and good connections to PR are only going to take you so far… It’s the personal connection you make with readers, when you write from the heart, that is what brings success. Plus, when you write “real” – you’ll enjoy what you do MUCH more! I hope you find something helpful in this week’s post – and you have anything awesome to share too, please feel free to add it to the comments!

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Bloggertunities: How to Find the Best Blogging Opportunities for Women Bloggers

Blogging opportunities list for women bloggers

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” – Dr. Seuss

Most of you mommas out there are probably familiar with this Dr. Seuss quote – it’s one of my favorites. While it applies to pretty much everything in life – I think it really applies to the blogging world very well. Lately, I’ve seen quite a few instances of people flying off the handle over someone else’s actions, opinions, or parenting ideas. There will always be someone who disagrees with you, in life, and especially on the web. I do my VERY best, always, to be respectful of people I disagree with, but on the internet, that seems to be getting more rare by the day. The trolls love to attack over any little thing, right? So – Be as authentically YOU as possible on your site. Make the choices that are best for you and your readers. Share what you think, listen to other opinions, but don’t ever censor yourself just because of the haters out there. They’re gonna hate over something anyway, might as well be something that you’re really passionate about :)

Making Money with Your Blog

  • Integrate: This is a really interesting network, very different than a lot of others that I’ve worked with. For some tips on how it works, read my Getting Started with post. Or visit their site to read more, and join today.
  • Link Vehicle: This is a pretty easy way to earn a little extra cash for your writing – but there are a few drawbacks to be aware of. While it’s super simple to sign up and get started, not all of the offers you’ll get are always for projects that will be a good fit for you – so be sure to be choosy, and only accept those offers that your readers will be interested in learning about. And, be aware that the price quoted to you for a post {mine is usually around $30} – you will only get half of that price, they keep the other half. But, I do a few of these a month, and they pay on time every month, so I’m happy with them. Learn more about Link Vehicle.
  • Mom Spark Media: If you’re following the Mom Spark blog, then you already know how awesome Amy is, who runs the site. She also has a network to connect bloggers and brands, called Mom Spark Media. It’s a paid membership – either $5 a month, or $40 a year – And after paying for my second year recently, I can tell you that it’s definitely worth it! You not only get connected with cool opportunities like sponsored posts, twitter party hosting, and sweet product reviews, you’ll also be able to access all of the great support forums too. Love it.
  • SheHeard: Making Blogger to Brand Connections – that’s what they do! There are a couple of totally rockin’ ladies behind this network, and you’ll love working with them. Learn more about the site, and sign up to be a member of their great community today to get access to new opps.
  • Stella & Dot: This is a really great option for those of you who are fashion bloggers – Become a Stylish wtih them, work from home, promote your great gear on your site, and earn some serious income. I know quite a few people doing this, and am considering it myself –
  • Business2Blogger: You’ll find everything from paid posts to product reviews on this site. I was able to get connected to a brand who flew me to Texas to cover a really cool event earlier this year, by applying for the opp on the Business 2 Blogger site. Lots of new opportunities going up each week, so check back often. Sign up for their Blogger Outreach.
  • Social Spark: For those of you already using Social Spark to get connected to sponsored posts, are you noticing a lot of new campaigns coming through too? I’m definitely loving that! For those of you not working with them yet – you can sign up for Social Spark now, and be ready for the extra bunch of paid posts for the holiday season!
  • Paper Coterie: Are you a member of this super easy to use new affiliate company yet? You get sweet offers like this to promote – $40 in FREE credit for new members – shop now! – and you’ll get bonus freebie codes to use to get yourself complimentary products to try out each month too. Very cool.

Good reads, resources & tools

  • Profnet: I was super excited to find this post – I’ve been pretty confused about how to use Profnet, but I’m always hearing really great things about it. If that describes you too, check out How to Submit Queries on Profnet and Profnet Connect.
  • Have you been eyeballing these awesome branded paper products like stickers, business cards, and more – but waiting for a sweet deal? Well this is as good as it gets! {Well, I mean, besides the random free offer you’ll find from time to time, lol.} From Tuesday September 18 to midnight on Friday September 21 (PST), you’ll get 25% off absolutely any printed product on MOO.COM – including Luxe and our brand new Gloss Business Cards and MiniCards.
  • Security: Some of you might remember when my blog was hacked awhile back. It was a HUGE set back, and made me really understand how important it is once your blog is your business to have some back up. And 10 Steps to a Secure WordPress Website is full of perfect tips for this.

Product & Brand Opps and Reviews

  • Annie’s: Your fave organic products brand is taking their show on the road, and want you to join them! If you’re in one of the areas where they’ll be having events {listed in the doc} – you can get paid to hang out with them and share what you learn – plus get some fun free Annie’s pizza swag. Learn more about the Annie’s Slice of Happiness tour for bloggers, through Branfluential.
  • Tried and Truth: This is a fun network for people who love to share reviews – Review your favorite family-friendly products, post videos of great gear, and earn reward points you can redeem for cool freebies. Learn more here – Join Tried and Truth.
  • Mom Select: This is a great network that I’ve gotten some really cool partnerships from – Like the opportunity to have our homemade recipes in the Baby Brezza cookbook, which was amazing. They run campaigns on everything from earn a gift card for filling out a quick survey, to chances to host super fun product house parties. Love them. Join the Mom Select team.
  • Simply Sassy Media: This is a great network to join – lots of opps from cool products to paid posts. You can request to join the Facebook group, and then check out their website to sign up to get their Blogger Outreach emails with new campaigns to apply for.

Giveaways and events

  • Twitter & Facebook Blasts: These are a great way to get in front of some new fans – Jennifer at Makobi Scribe runs these BIG giveaway events, and they’re always a success. Sign up for the upcoming blasts today.
  • Lila Rose: This is a cool new idea – A Facebook party, instead of a Twitter party! There are hundreds of dollars in Lila Rose products, and it sounds like a ton of fun! Learn more about how it works, and sign up to join the fun tomorrow!

Share your resources too!

Do you have a cool new giveaway taking sign-ups? A Twitter party you want to invite us too? A cool new tips post to share? Whatever you’ve got going on – share it in the comments below so we can all learn something new! You’re even welcome to share your favorite affiliate sign up links if it’s something not already listed here – I love finding new things to check out. And until next week – Keep your bloggin’ rockin’! Thanks for reading….

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Blogging Opportunities for Power Mom Bloggers

“Don’t agonize. Organize.” – Florynce Kennedy

Welcome to another edition of the weekly Bloggertunities – new leads, opps, resources, and events for amazing women bloggers like you! I keep promising that this will get back to it’s regular Wednesday morning posting time, but again, I’m late. I’m just recovering from whooping cough, and a rib that I fractured from coughing {who DOES that?} – and now Abby is sick too. Luckily, the doc called us today with good news, Abby does not have whooping cough too. Probably just a virus. But she’s still quite the fuss pot – “Sit in chair momma! Sit in chair right now! Cartoons! Cartoons in chair – cartoons with Abby! RIGHT NOW!” Ah, good times. But hopefully, with my nephews back in school, my days a little less hectic, and a recovery in sight – I can finally get back on track again. {Ha.”Man, I’m soooo caught up on work. I just have nothing to do now – I guess I’ll go relax with all of this free time” – Said no mom blogger ever.} I hope that you’re all enjoying the new transition into fall too – and ready for all of the online excitement that the holiday season brings! And, speaking of excitement – I’d love for you to all help out a fellow blogger who’s in the running for a super exciting contest with Macy’s!

Help a mutha-blogga out – Sadie Lankford, formerly of Randomosity, now owner of Slap Dash Mom, needs our help! Most of you know and love her – so let’s help her win the Macy’s Blogger Contest. For this week’s challenge, she needs all of the likes and pins she can get on her Mom on the Go Pinterest board – Let’s see her make it to the next round!!

Giveaways and Events

  • Twitter Party: Join us for the back to school Mompact Twitter party to share tips, connect with other moms, and win a bunch of great swag! RSVP here for the party, and be sure to give it a tweet to share with your friends too. You’ll have chances to win  some great gear like an EasyLunchboxes set and cooler, Today I Ate a Rainbow , Grand Prize of the Easy Daysies Collection, and more!
  • Giveaway Scout: This is a great site to add your blog to – it’s simple to do, add your blog to Giveaway Scout here – and then they’ll automatically pull new giveaways, coupons, or other frugal type posts to share in their daily newsletter. Easy peasy.
  • Harry Potter: Ok, I have to admit it… I’m a total Harry Potter nerd. The kids wanted to watch it last year, so I started ordering  the DVD’s from Netflix. By movie 5 I was hooked. So… I was pretty excited to join this new giveaway – A BluRay boxed set of Harry Potter 1-7. It’s free to join, and you can purchase extra links.
  • Halloween: Are you already getting excited for fall? For cozy hoodies and tall boots, crisp apples and fall leaves  – and of course, all the fun of Halloween! If so, join this great new Halloween-themed giveaway event, free links, from Mom Powered Media.
  • Linky: Promote your giveaway this week on Koupon Krazed’s Win it Wednesday linky – I’ve added all of my current giveaways there, and it always drives some new faces my way!
  • KitchenAid: This is always a super popular prize – Who doesn’t want to win a new KitchenAid mixer, right? This has a value of $300+, and the giveaway event is open now for sign ups – Don’t miss it!

Review and Brand Opps

  • K5 Learning: Apply to work with them, and get a free 6-month subscription to their online learning resources to review. I’ve heard really great things about them – both the products, and working with them as a blogger.
  • Bookieboo: This is an awesome network filled with moms of all fitness levels, who are striving to live healthier lifestyles – and helping their families on their way to better health too. There’s great conversation, awesome opps, and a cool community feel. Join Bookieboo today.
  • Security System: Blog Friendly PR is looking for bloggers who are interested in reviewing a new home security system. It includes 1 base, 1 console, 3 door & window sensors, 1 fire safety sensor, 1 motion detection sensor, 1 keychain remote, 1 yard sign & decals, and service.
  • FavorDeal: I just signed up to work with them, when I found myself falling in love with their amazingly cool, super inexpensive accessories. {I bought 4 owl rings, 2 owl necklaces, another cocktail ring and a leather bracelet for $20 bucks, shipped free. For real. Total steal. Because you know I love owls…} Join today either their partner review program, and watch for their upcoming affiliate program. They’re a foreign company, so the English is less than perfect, lol. But I have friends who have worked with them, and they’re legit and follow through. I was ordering this stuff anyway – so why not share a fun review when I get it, and earn some free swag? So – if you’re an accessory junkie too, you might be interested!
  • Disney Panel: Disney is going to be opening up their Disney Moms Panel for new applicants soon – You just have to watch for the announcement, coming any day during September. Get details on their site. You definitely want to get your app in as soon as they open it, since last year they had to cut it off after 20,000 applications. Craziness, right?

Makin’ Money

  • Eden Fantasys: Ok, this one isn’t for everyone. But I’ve blogged about Eden Fantasys many times, and there are plenty of ways to keep it PG and family friendly. I am in looove with the bath and body products – especially the Cake and Booty Parlor lines. You can join their affiliate program to earn a whopping 20% on any product purchased from your link. And, when you order yourself, add product reviews to the site, rate items, etc – you earn more free points that can convert to free product gift cards. Love it. Also, if you’ve blogged about them a lot in the past, why not join this program and add in affiliate links to any of those posts that still get traffic?
  • Paper Coterie: You know I love this one :) If you haven’t signed up yet, and would like to get a taste of what their products are like – Right now they’re giving every single new customer a free $40 credit to spend on their site – no strings. This is how I originally found them last year, with this deal. I totally fell in love with their pretty products – so when they opened up an affiliate program this year, I jumped in right away! You can learn more and sign up here. {Another bonus – you get codes for free stuff each month too!}
  • Amazon: If you live in a state where you can work with Amazon, this is a fantastic affiliate for anyone to join. Do reviews? Add an Amazon link to the product in each post. Do craft tutorial? Add links to some of those cool supplies and tools you use. Do recipes? Share links to the cool baking pans you use, or your favorite kitchen gadgets. Love it.
  • Commission Junction: As the holiday shopping season approaches, it’s a great time to get signed up with a few new affiliates. That way, any product/brand/holiday shopping idea you share this season, you’ll have a way to monetize that post. All of those clicks add up! Commission Junction has a TON of brands to choose from.
  •  Cookies Kids: This is like my super fave site to shop for kids clothes on – {See the crazy-amazing deals I got for Abby last week. Sah-weeet.} And did you know that you can earn free credit from them just for sharing their info? You get a link like this – Join me at! – that gives your reader a free $10 credit when they sign up, and rewards you with a free $10 too when they order. With you huge social media influence, it’s a great way to share fun stuff, and get rewarded for it.

Good reads and resources

  • PR Pitches: Are you tired of a million and two random and totally not relevant to your site pitches each day? You know, the ones addressed Hi, {followed by no name at all} – or maybe the totally sweet “Dear Blogger” pitch? Well, here’s a post with a great piece of advice for getting those to stop.
  • Media Kit: I am loving this article – SUCH a great critique, and filled with so many amazing ideas to help you build a better blogger media kit. I’m super excited to work on some big changes inspired by these tips! This is probably the best article on blog media kits that I’ve ever read.
  • Tips: This is a great post from a blogger who does PR too. She put together a list of things that bloggers do that can be really frustrating for PR, and that can totally distract from your awesome content. Dear Bloggers, Please… {Advice to Bloggers, from Bloggers and Marketers.}
  • Facebook Engagement: This is the whole goal of Facebook, right? To build a community of people who are engaged and interested in what you have to say? This new report is really interesting: How Superbrands Breed Superfans: 6 Best Practices for 10x Greater Fan Growth. Definitely worth reading through.

Guest Posting & Freelance Writing

  • Crafts: If you’re a crafty momma, And Then There Were 5 is looking for a couple of ladies to guest post monthly on her site, sharing fun kids crafts. If you’re interested in branching out, sharing your projects, and bringing some new faces your way, this is a great opportunity.
  • Examiner: There are so many fun local things in my area that I wanted to write about and promote, but they didn’t really seem quite right on my blog, since only a small percentage of my readers are going to be local. So I have a column on that I really enjoy, you can see what they look like here – Frugal Living Examiner. It’s been a really great way to connect with local business owners – plus I often get perks like free attraction tickets, since people want me to write about their events. Learn more about being a writer on, and pick your topic today.
  • Project Eve: This is a fun and informative site that you might already be reading… They’re expanding, and are now looking for new guest posters on the following topics – Marketing, Money, Management, Technology, Innovation, Startups, and Family.

What’s new with you?

Do you have cool blogging news to share – or a helpful blogging tips post you’ve written lately? Do you have a weekly linky or hop that you’d love to share? How about a fun giveaway or event sign up to promote? Feel free – as always! – to share them in the comments below so everyone else can check them out too. The more good stuff here, the merrier!

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Weekly Bloggertunities for Mom Bloggers – 6/14

mom blogging tips and leads

“If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready…” – Will Smith

Love this quote. And I’m feeling more “ready” than ever after spending a few days with some of the most kick-ass bloggers around at Reviewer’s Retreat a couple weeks ago! Seriously – I learned tons of great tips and tricks, connected with some amazing ladies that I was so excited to meet in real life, and the excitement and energy from all of those awesome people really motivated me to bump my blogging up a notch! I had to travel for over 12 hours to get home again last week, then took a couple days to rest and help my poor house recover from being left alone with just the men to keep it clean, lol. But – I will be doing a recap of my session – Grow Your Audience – with a little more info thrown in. And I’ll pull out my notes from the event, and share some of the other great info that I learned during the weekend too. Stay tuned! {Want to head to some cool conferences this year too? Check out this Blogging Conference List for 2012}. Until then, check out my round up of cool stuff to help you increase your earnings, connect with new brands and bloggers, and cool tools to help you save time. As always – if you have any great event sign ups, linkys to share, blogging articles to help, or affiliates not listed here – PLEASE feel free to share them in the comments. The more you guys share, the more everyone benefits! And to make sure you never miss these weekly opps, take a minute to sign up for my email subscription. Thanks for reading!

Monetize Your Blog

  • Referred Media: I just joined them a couple of weeks ago – {I’d been hearing about them for ages, and just finally took the time to check it out!} – I’ve heard good things, and am excited to check it out a little more. Refer partners to Referred Media!
  • Paper Coterie: These are the prettiest paper products you will ever find… Seriously, incredibly creative picks. I’m crazy in love with their photo-cover planners! Sign up for their easy peasy affiliate program {runs just like Escalate} – and earn when you share their fun seasonal promotions and pretty products!
  • Izea: They have a lot of different options for monetizing your blog – I don’t use the ads, but I love Social Spark {get paid for writing totally easy posts}, Sponsored Tweets {get paid for tweeting fun info}, and – a new one where you earn from your own photos that you share.
  • InfoStable: Share quick giveaway links, and earn a buck a piece each time one of your readers enter. So simple – and I researched the giveaways, the ARE legit and safe to promote. Earn with InfoStable.
  • zuuzs: Similar type of site – share deals, and earn every time your friends shop. Then earn more when THEIR friends shop too. Sweet, right? And what’s really cool is that they often do referral bonuses for affiliates – which means extra cash for you each month. You can sign up for a basic account here, then go to the Affiliate section to let them know you’re a blogger, so you can get the additional earnings

Brand Connections and Opportunities

  • Moms with Voices: They are looking for great bloggers who also offer services – things like editing, social media promotion, design, and more. If this is you, fill out the form on her site to add your information to the new database they’re putting together.
  • Real Mom Media: Another great network that wants to connect with you! Fill out this form, and get onto their contact list for cool upcoming opps and other fun stuff. Join Real Mom Media.
  • Question Moms: If you’re a business owner, you can get great feedback on your products or services. If you’re a blogger – you can earn incentives for sharing your feedback with the brands, and connect with them for product reviews too.
  • Clever Girls: There are SO many fun opps on here right now – You’re totally missing out if you’re not signed up with them yet! Click here, then the button up top to “Join Clever Girls Collective” – you’ll love it.
  • Sponsored Opps: Fill out this form to get on their mailing list for announcements of new opps like sponsored posts, twitter parties, and giveaways. Sounds cool.
  • Global Influence: Are you a member here yet? It’s simple to join, and you get access to their weekly newsletter with fun new blogging opportunities and giveaways. Join Global Influence Network today.
  • Brad’s Deals: Sign up on this form to be contacted about joining their team – it’s a pretty awesome site, so I’m excited to see what else they have in store for blogger promotions. Feel free to use me as your referral if you need one.

Good Reads and Helpful Tools

  • Ping-o-matic: Ping-O-Matic is a service to update different search engines that your blog has updated. Check them out, and enter your info today.
  • Sendible: I am loving this super helpful Social Media Management tool – very helpful, and very simple to use. Check it out – learn more, and try it yourself to see how much time it will save YOU each day.
  • Business Cards: Are you heading to conferences this summer too? Then you need to have the coolest business cards – seriously. And my very favorite are {Hint, sign up for their newsletter, to get TONS of super cool ideas each week. Love the creative cards that people come up with!}
  • Facebook Promoted Posts: Many of you have already read my post introducing the new paid post option on Facebook – But if you’re interested to learn how it’s working for real bloggers and businesses, take a minute to read some of the comments. I learned a ton by checking out everyone’s feedback on this new FB feature!

Events, Linkys, and Hops

  • Free Events: I always love this list – great resource for finding FREE blog events to join. This is a great way to help get your blog in front of a lot of new people, and meet some cool new bloggers too.
  • Mommy Solutions:Crystal & Co does my favorite weekly linky – I find SO many amazing ideas here, and get quite a bit of traffic from the stuff I link up. Whether you add a post, or just browse the super smart, and incredibly creative ideas there – you’ll love it.
  • Twitter Party: I’m helping co-host the Glad One Bag Twitter Party with Mom Central – check out the details, and tweet out the invite for a chance to WIN $50 Amazon gift cards. Awesome, right?
  • Intimidated by Twitter Parties? Join this super fun, much slower paced, and totally informative party as a great way to learn how it all works. It’ll give you a chance to explore Twitter, share solutions to parenting challenges, and connect mom bloggers and mom businesses. Cool, right? Mompact Twitter Party RSVP.
  • Pin Party: Link up your Pinterest account, check out the other super amazing ladies on the linky, and have fun pinning cool content! I love this weekly feature.
  • Cannon Camera: Join this great giveaway event to giveaway an awesome prize – a new Cannon camera! Learn more and sign up here.

Love it? Share it!

Use the easy peasy buttons at the top or bottom of this post to share these tips and leads with your own blogging buddies, and then take a minute to add any great opps, linkys, events, or other awesome stuff in the comments below. I put out a new Bloggertunities list every Wednesday – so be sure to sign up for email updates so you never miss a post.

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Parking Pal: Smart Parking Lot Safety Solution #Mompact

“The Parking Pal™ will entertain kids while keeping them safe at the same time! Children are automatically drawn to the unique, colorful, fun designs. The Parking Pal™ gives kids a safe spot to stand, helping to reduce parking lot injuries!”

Parking lot safety is easier with the parking pal magnet

Parking Lots are Safer with the Parking Pal Magnet!

This is another one of those products where it’s so obvious that it was invented by a mom – it’s simple, smart, and a really great solution to one of those busy mom challenges… The Parking Pal is a cute magnet that you attach to your car, giving the bigger kiddo’s a safe place to wait while you unload packages or younger children. It’s cute, it’s fun, and most importantly – it’s effective.

Great for kids of all ages and abilities

I love, love, LOVE the ideas in this video from Mom 4 Life – It’s very cool to hear the other clever uses that moms have come up with for using the Parking Pal in new ways, outside of the parking lot. And you get to meet the mom that invented this great product too! Definitely take a minute to watch this video and grab some great tips.

Learn More & Connect with the Brand

I have been using the Parking Pal for awhile now – and every time that we do, someone stops to ask us about it, or comment on what a smart idea it is. And I’m not the only one who’s loving this invention –

  • Mom Reviews: One Busy Momma appreciates this great idea, even though her boys are a little bit older now. She says that the Parking Pal still helps keep them safer in parking lots at age 8! And Nicole loves how it allows her to focus on what she’s doing when loading and unloading the car, instead of nagging and reminding her daughter to stay close.
  • Amazon: For less than $9 bucks each, you can grab enough magnets for each child in your family! And read more opinions on the Parking Pal Car Magnet – Parking Lot Safety for Children too – Every reviewer on Amazon gave it a 5-Star rating!

So, don’t just take my word for it – read the other online reviews from moms just like us, watch the video above to learn how other moms are finding creative ways to use the Parking Pal to help manage their own daily challenges, and learn more parking lots safety tips for kids on their website.

Connect with Parking Pal

See the selection of Parking Pal Magnets online, then connect with them on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated on new products and promotions.  And if you love supporting mom-owned businesses, be sure to visit today!

{This post was not sponsored. I love helping spread the word about my favorite mom-owned businesses, and Parking Pal Safety Magnets are such a smart solution for busy moms, I knew you guys would love them too.}