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How to Prep for Holiday Guests in 30 Minutes or Less

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We’ve all been there. It’s the holiday season, and you find out on super short notice that you’ve got friends or family showing up. You not only need to round up some fun drinks and appetizers – maybe even dinner and dessert! – but you’ve also got to get the house presentable in a flash. Well, like a super hero who shows up right when you need saving – I’m here to help. Keep reading to get my best tips for hosting guests in 30 minutes or less.

Prep for unexpected guests - How to make your home look clean in 30 min or less!

First of all – automate and delegate everything that you can. If the kids are home, they can do a lot of simple tasks – wash windows and mirrors to make them sparkle, spray air freshener, replace candles in all of the holders, fluff throw pillows. So put ’em to work! Then automate other tasks – use life-saving gadgets like the Roomba to get to work vacuuming for you, to save you tons of time.

How to make your home look clean in 30 min or less - use baskets to hide clutter and clean up quick!

I’ve told you guys before about how bins and baskets are my total go-to solution for keeping a house looking clean – especially when you’ve got kiddos around. They will truly help you out every day – not just holidays, and not just last minute. But – when you are in a time crunch, here are a few tips to utilize them for quick clean up – First, grab a laundry basket, and walk around the house quickly picking up all stray items and clutter from around the house. Stash the basket in a closet – or even in the shower {with the curtain pulled!} in a pinch. Trust me, no one ever looks in there. And keep a set of simple fabric totes on hand – so you can use them to disguise any other clutter you need to hide in a flash.

How to get your home looking clean in 30 min or less - dim the lights and light candles. Get more tips too.

Next – dim the lights, and light up your candles. No one can see the dust in the candlelight – and it all feels more festive and fun. Trust me – your guests are there to enjoy the food, the friends, and the fun of the season. Not to judge the cleanliness of your home. So – relax, and enjoy!

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