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Brusha, Brusha, Brusha – Especially during the holidays! #SweetSmart

Do you guys remember me telling you that we were going to challenge ourselves to build some healthier smiles about a month ago? {What makes you smile?} Well, what more perfect time of year for us to get serious about taking care of our teeth than during the fall Halloween season – you know, candy central? I always stock up on candy waaaaay before the big day – I have coupons, and think I’ll save it until trick or treating. But I never do, lol. So yes, we end up eating quite a bit ourselves before Halloween night even arrives….

trick or treat candyAnd…. I must admit, I’m probably the worst candy-thief in our whole house. I seldom buy it, since I knooooow I’ll eat it. But – back on track – the whole “stealing candy at night” type of thing is why it’s such a great time to be getting into better oral care habits and building better routines, right? Things like dark chocolate aren’t too bad for teeth – but sticky candies like Starburst or Skittles can be extra damaging. So we started our challenge at the perfect time!

Listerine brushing and flossing chartThis is how we set up our challenge for the month – using this super simple re-usable brushing and flossing chart every morning. My nephews no longer live with me full time – my brother finally found a great new house to move into last month. But I do have them every morning before school – so we used the chart to check off, every morning, whether we ALL did our routine. {To build bright smiles, you need to do the whole brush/floss/rinse routine at least 2x per day. But since I mostly wanted to build better habits for the boys, we checked off mornings only.} To get the much-desired “X” mark, we each had to brush, floss, and rinse – every morning. {Brushing and flossing only cleans 25% of your mouth – a smart product like a rinse from Listerine strengthens kids’ teeth 99% better than just brushing alone. Crazy, right?}

brushing teeth isn't enough to keep them cleanOk – so brushing isn’t enough to keep teeth clean. BUT – this little guy, and Abby too – loooooove to brush their teeth. Like, all day. Like, Abby steals all of the toothbrushes in the house. I find her playing with her dollhouse, using my toothbrush to “brush” her dolly’s teeth too. Ah, the joys of motherhood….. Lol. But I do love that these cuties are passionate about keeping their teeth clean. Using cool products like the Smart Rinse, or the flosser tools, really help them boost their skills to a new level – and help me sleep easier…

Now I know that they’ll have less scary cavities to fill, and I’ll have less scary dental bills to pay!

To learn more great tips that you’re own family can use to build better routines, and buy better products – check out America’s Tooth Fairy online. They’re a non-profit organization focused on reducing preventable dental disease in children. You can help less fortunate children who are currently suffering from dental problems, while also learning how to help keep your own families smiles bright!

Read stories from other real moms too – by following the hashtag #SweetSmart on Twitter!

{Disclaimer: I received complimentary product package from Listerine and The Motherhood to help me with this challenge – as well as a fact-filled webinar with great experts. All photos, opinions, and over-use of the word awesome are 100% my own, and totally honest. Thanks for reading – you rock.}


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