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Facebook, Please. I’m Trying to Work!

Does this ever happen to you?

Having a job where you work online, at home where no boss can come sneak in and catch you goofing off, is not as easy as you might think. The internet is a tough place to work… There are so many distractions.  Oooh, a funny cartoon – gotta re-post it to Facebook! Super controversial article – Totally gotta go share it in my blogging group and see what they think of it! Awww, look at that sweet pic of baby kittens – clearly I have to give it a thumbs up on StumbleUpon. Maybe I’ll just hit the stumble button a couple of times too….

Suddenly, it’s 3 hours later, and I still have a pile of work to do.

And that’s why bloggers have messy homes. That’s why it is extremely difficult for us to be productive. The internet is just so full of shiny things, it’s hard to stay focused. I mean heck – How can I get any work done when there are so many pictures of Ryan Reynolds without a shirt on Pinterest??

I mean, seriously.



  1. I don’t know how I have been doing it but I have been forcing myself to be on task for the past few days. I know soon enough I will be sitting here mindlessly looking at fluffy animal photos and watching clips on you tube. Darn you internet.

  2. Ugh… this totally happened to me today. And every day. I thought I figured out a way around it by writing my blog posts in word before switching over to the internet (you know… cause you get sucked in) and I found myself going into Firefox to check a few facts and get some information. 3 hours later my blog post is only 1/2 written, I only looked up one thing I needed and pinned about 20 or so pins.

  3. Mary Beth Elderton says

    Just ONE more Stumble and I’ll go to bed….

  4. I complete my chores in the morning so that my afternoons are free for playing with my son and working online.

    It is not always easy to stick to the routine.

  5. LOL!!! I feel ya! Add in a few giveaways that I *must* enter…and it’s the end of the day and I have NOTHING done!

  6. Pinterest, email and my blog group on FB distract me a lot!

    • Sunshine and Sippy Cups says

      Those time-wasting – Whoops! I mean amazingly helpful – Facebook groups!! Lol, they definitely do help encourage me to take extra breaks from working during the day :)

  7. Too funny, but totally get you – I am work outside of home and blog at home, so you can imagine my house is nothing but mess

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