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Wedding Paper Divas: 10 Free Save the Date Cards

At this time of year, we’re usually thinking of sleigh bells. But if you’re one of those lucky ladies who are also thinking about wedding bells – I’ve got a really fabulous little goodie for you today – Enjoy ten (10) free save the date cards or save the date postcards using the code SAVEYOURDATE at checkout. How awesome is that?

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Worse than the Flu – the “Bieber Fever” is Spreading to Weddings…

The Bieber Fever is Spreading…

You’ve heard of the Bieber Fever, right? You know, Justin Bieber, that little mop-headed doll with the catchy songs on the radio? If you’ve got a teen girl in your house, then you know what I’m talking about. And if you don’t have a teen girl in your house… Well, you still probably know what I’m talking about. This kid’s everywhere these days.

Surprise Wedding Dance

This video is the greatest thing I’ve seen all week. Even better than the Swagger Wagon. Here’s why –

  • This kid has got moves! Holy heck – did you see him jump over the groomsman’s head during the Ludacris part? Impressive.
  • The put in some hours of practice! I didn’t see any real mess-up’s. Do you think these dudes choreographed it themselves, or had some help? Either way, rocked it.
  • LOVE the wigs on the groomsmen. And I love watching these dudes with big beards dancing to Bieber. So great.
  • Dancing a fool at a party? Funny stuff. Dancing a fool on the biggest day of your life, in front of every single person you care about, while being video taped and shared on the ‘net? Priceless.

Have a favorite funny video?

Share the link in the comments, or post it on my Facebook page! {Family-friendly on Facebook please, no wild surprises, lol}I have piles upon piles of work to do, and I don’t wanna. If you post your links, then I’ll get to watch them and call it work….. Have a great weekend everyone!

Have Funny Old Family Videos?

Bring decades of your favorite family images to digital – Send them your old home movies, films, and photos, and they’ll send them back as DVD’s with amazingly brilliant digital detail. This is so awesome, and I can’t believe we didn’t start doing this sooner – My nephews think I’m extra old when they see me on the old VHS tapes. lol. Creating an account is easy and free – choose the “send them in my own box” option, then you’re logged in and can check out all of the cool editing tools. Love this – Click Here to rock YOUR old videos too!