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3 New Ways to Teach Kids Building Skills – #Megabloksparty

Mega Bloks First Builders party time… You know how much I love to entertain, right? From summer pool parties to holiday dinners – and all of the playdates, game nights, and impromptu get-togethers in between – Having our house full of friends and family is what makes me happy. And – I loooove when I get a chance to host a great event like this one from Mom Select, where I get to share great new gear with Abby’s friends – We recently had the opportunity to have a Mega Bloks First Builders playdate party, and the kiddos had a blast! Take a peek, and check out some of cool new toys for toddlers from Mega Bloks that are fun, and teach great building, spelling, and motor skills…

Mega Bloks Tin Tuff Race Chase Rig

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Smile – It’s Party Time! #OralBCrestFORME & Cars 2

Toothbrush and Toddler

“The world always looks brighter from behind a smile.” Author Unknown

When I found out that I’d been picked by MomSelect to host a MommyParties Crest and Oral-B Pro Health for ME Party, I was super excited. When I found out that it included the new Cars 2 – my excitement level doubled! I had an eye appointment at Costco a few weeks before that, and Abby got to watch about 20 minutes of Cars 2 on the big screen TV’s with Daddy while they waited for me – ever since, when she sees a commercial or a product in the store featuring the characters, she says, “Vrrrrrooooommmmmmm – Cars! Cars momma? Vroooommmmm….” She’s hooked. And, Abby loves brushing her teeth. LOVES. She steals everyone’s toothbrushes out of the bathroom, and walks around brushing her “teef” all the time. So – new “toof”-brushes + Cars 2 + friends over? Yep, that equals a happy little girl!

Goody Bag Oral B party

Oral-B & Crest Pro-Health FOR ME!

Here’s a little peek inside the awesome goodie bags that each child received when they arrived at the party – new toothbrushes, rinse, coupons, flossers, and more! These kiddo’s were super excited to see their goodies – and they all had to compare toothbrushes, and do a little trading, until they all had the perfect one. So cute.

Teeth and flossing

“You don’t have to brush your teeth – just the ones you want to keep.” – Author Unknown

The kids thought that these were hilarious – we added a set of fake super-yucky teeth to the floss picks, to show the kids why it’s so important to brush and floss every day. The boys put them in their mouths and tried to scare the girls with their gross smiles – but the girls just chased them around with their toothbrushes to try and clean them up! It was a mad house, but we had sooo much fun.

Kids and toothpaste

“Other than a dimple in a cute little chin, What’s more adorable than a toothless grin?” – Azu “Betty” Espezi

This little guy didn’t have that many teeth left to brush – lol – but was still excited to show us his new toothpaste! He said he will use it every night to keep the “sugar bugs” away, and make sure his new teeth are shiny and white when they grow back. Smart boy, right?


“Having a two-year-old is like having a blender that you don’t have the top for.” – Jerry Seinfeld

And of course, no movie party is complete without popcorn! We had it all set up before the kids got there – and since we have an old-fashioned popper, they all wanted to gather around while we popped it. And a BIG thank you to Mommy Parties for sending these super fun popcorn boxes – I’m going to have to find some to purchase for our next play date – the kids thought these were the neatest thing. We ended up with a huge mess, and lots of tired kids – but this party was a total success, and everyone went home incredibly happy.

Wrapping it up

Abby loved the Cars 2 movie, and still watches it at least a couple of times each week! All of the kids had a blast, and the moms are still thanking me for getting them excited about brushing and flossing – which is so great to hear. In our house we use printable brushing charts, so I had printed some to hand out too. Since all of the other parents wanted more, I figured I’d share the link with you guys too – Printable Tooth Brushing Charts for Kids. And visit me on Facebook to check out more pictures too!

Next time you’re shopping, make sure to watch for these great new Oral-B Stages products for kids, and the very cool new Crest Pro-Health FOR ME line of products, including toothpaste and rinse. Keep your families smiles bright!

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{Disclaimer: I received a complimentary party pack to help me host this party – all photos, opinions, and overuse of exclamation points is 100% my own!}