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Back to School Shopping Tips for Glam Girls

We’ve partnered with for this post – we received some awesome new girl’s shoes for back to school to show you, all opinions are totally ours. As always. #shopkidsshoes #shoeuswhatyougot

Do you have a little fashionista in your life? A girl who lives for glitter and glam? A girl who’s young enough that you still have to do most of the shopping and assisting in the fitting room, but old enough to be super opinionated on what she wants to wear to school every day? Then I’ve got some tips here to help make your mom life easier. Because I love you. Keep reading.

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Why My Daughter Will Never Be a Supermodel

Yesterday, I tried to get my little one, Abby, to pose a bit in a new outfit we had, so I could get some photos for the blog. It was an adorable lace romper from that was sent to us a while ago, that we’re just finally getting a chance to try out. The outfit is seriously cute. Abby is seriously cute. But unfortunately, my photos are not seriously cute, lol.

kids being silly

This is my nephew with Abby. I said, “leave her alone for a few minutes bud, so I can get some pics of her in her new outfit. Then you guys can play.” He said, “But what IF….. we pose together and be AWESOME?” Lol. Lots of silly faces appeared, quite quickly.

kids pretending to be sharks

Next they pretended to be sharks. The hands above their head are their fins. You should have heard the sounds they think a shark makes as it swims though a kitchen…

Abby and Cole tiger

After that, they were tigers. ROARing all over the place. Silly kiddos.

Uncle Jamie and Abby

Then, in the middle of the madness, Uncle Jamie {my brother} shows up. Abby LOVES her Uncle Jamie. They got a little bit of snuggle time in.

Kissing Uncle Jamie

And she had to give him a big ol’ kiss before he left, of course. :) {I know a lot of ladies who are very jealous right now. Ladies love cool James, lol.}

So – while I didn’t end up with a “model worthy” photo for this outfit, my little lady had a great time, and so did the rest of us. And that’s what matters. And, I’m able to share an UH-MAY-ZING brand with you…. Squirrel Cheeks has so many awesome outfits and accessories, at seriously ridiculously inexpensive prices. I have no clue how she does it and keeps the prices so low. But what I do know, is that I love it :)

Check her out today: <3


Kids Clothes that Are Affordable AND Adorable!

I received a complimentary outfit from Squirrel Cheeks to try out, so I could let you guys know what I thought about this adorable shop!

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” ― Coco Chanel… I’m always looking for new ways to stock up on adorable clothes for Abby, while sticking with my budget. Because, little girl’s clothes are seriously cute, right? And… I’ve found a seriously uh-MAY-zing new place to order clothes and accessories for her that I am super excited to share – it’s called Squirrel Cheeks Boutique. And I know you’ll love it too.

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Adorable and Affordable Back to School Clothes for Kids

Thank you to OshKosh B’gosh and The Motherhood blogging network for letting me partner with them to share some awesome kids fall fashion with you!

Ok, I mentioned yesterday in my Top 10 Trends for Kids this Fall post that I am in love – in LOOOOOVE – with OshKosh B’gosh. I’ll be honest – they sent me a gift card to go and shop. Our closest store is at an outlet mall, 2 hours away. The last time I was there, I fell head over heels with everything they had. {You can see some outfits here, here, and a post here, and a video of our summer fashion fun here. Ohmyheck.} We couldn’t make it to the actual store this time, so I had to shop online. But, they make it so darn easy, and I love the way that they match up outfits for you, to give you ideas. They rock. My package of adorableness came the other day… Then we had crazy thunderstorms, and it took me a bit to be able to get pics to share. But seriously – check out the cuteness, and get your credit cards ready to shop :)

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Top 10 Trends for Kids this Fall

Clothes don’t grow. Kids do…. Which is why the back to school season can be a bit of challenge. It seems like summer just started a few minutes ago – but it’s been months of kids running and climbing and eating everything in the house, and suddenly they’re all 10 feet taller and they’re feet have grown 5 sizes. It’s not just me, right?

Top 10 Trends for Kids this Fall

Top 10 Trends for Kids this Fall

The first thing we do when getting ready for back to school is take everything out of the closet and drawers. It’s too much work to have everyone try on ALL of their clothes – so I grab a pair of pants, a tee shirt, and a hoodie for them to try. Once I find one of each that fits perfect, I can just measure other clothes up against those to make sure they’re the right size. WAY easier. {For me, it’s just my Abby, and she’ll be starting preschool this year. But my nephews lived with me for years, and this is how we did it for them too.} Once you get rid of what doesn’t fit, sort the remainder into categories. Now you can see where you have “holes” that need to be filled. One pair of jeans but 15 tee shirts? Now you’ve got an idea what to go shop for. And to help guide that shopping – I’ve got a list of the Top 10 Fall Trends for Kids this Fall. [Read more…]


Make this a Forever Summer!

Big thank you to The Motherhood and Oshkosh B’gosh for sending me a #ForeverSummer package so that we could share our summer fun with you!

It’s summer time – finally. It feels like spring took forever to get here, and even once it arrived, it was so cold and dreary. But then one day, like a switch had flipped – the sunshine arrived! We opened the pool a few weeks earlier than usual, the kids just got out of school {my nephews spend the summer break with me} – and we’re ready for fun.

Forever Summer - Kids Fashion - #ForeverSummer

We’d hoped for a trip to the beach this summer, somewhere on the Oregon Coast. But, it’s not going to work out for us. But just because there’s no beach doesn’t mean there’s no fun! We’ve got a big in ground pool, sprinklers, water balloons – and the Mister even helped me build a SUPER fun Kiddie Car Wash out of PVC pipe. It’s like a big ride-through sprinkler for the kids, and they love it. {Directions coming soon, but you can see it in the video below – so keep reading :)}

Oshkosh Kid's Summer Fashions

So – since most of our summer fun is spent outdoors and around the water, I was SUPER excited to stock up on summer swimwear for Abby. We headed out for a daytrip about an hour and a half away, to visit Oshkosh in North Bend, Washington. And seriously – how darn cute is this stuff? I mean, I want someone to make this whole outfit in MY size! So fun. Watch the video below to see it in action – her funny dance moves at the beginning are my favorite part!

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Confetti Kisses: Mix and Match Fashions for Girls

Do you have a little fashionista in your life? I sure do. I love it… I love it even when she raids my jewelry box and piles on 32 bangle bracelets and all of my necklaces. Sure, she has her share of total fashion mishaps – like last week, when she put on daddy’s work boots, her no pants, no shirt, with a coat, one glove, and a blonde mermaid wig – and then proclaimed that she was ready to go outside and play in the rain. That was a bit of a fashion fail, lol. But, she’s gotten very interested in what she wears lately {she turned 3 in late July} – so I’m trying to choose more pieces that mix and match well, to reduce morning arguments. If most of her closet matches moderately well, then it’s easier for her to choose her own outfit, you know? Which is why I’m very excited to introduce you to a brand I just discovered… Friends, meet Confetti Kisses.

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