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Top 10 Trends for Kids this Fall

Clothes don’t grow. Kids do…. Which is why the back to school season can be a bit of challenge. It seems like summer just started a few minutes ago – but it’s been months of kids running and climbing and eating everything in the house, and suddenly they’re all 10 feet taller and they’re feet have grown 5 sizes. It’s not just me, right?

Top 10 Trends for Kids this Fall

Top 10 Trends for Kids this Fall

The first thing we do when getting ready for back to school is take everything out of the closet and drawers. It’s too much work to have everyone try on ALL of their clothes – so I grab a pair of pants, a tee shirt, and a hoodie for them to try. Once I find one of each that fits perfect, I can just measure other clothes up against those to make sure they’re the right size. WAY easier. {For me, it’s just my Abby, and she’ll be starting preschool this year. But my nephews lived with me for years, and this is how we did it for them too.} Once you get rid of what doesn’t fit, sort the remainder into categories. Now you can see where you have “holes” that need to be filled. One pair of jeans but 15 tee shirts? Now you’ve got an idea what to go shop for. And to help guide that shopping – I’ve got a list of the Top 10 Fall Trends for Kids this Fall.

Back to school denim looks for little fasionistas

Denim Rocks for Back to School

1. Everyone knows this. Every year one of the number one things on any parents list is new denim. This year, for boys the trend is skinny jeans. Girls have a lot of cool new options like skirts, shirts, and jackets.

TLC - Oshkosh B'Gosh fall style for girls - mix and match

TLC is the coolest new trend for girls

2. No, I’m not talking about the band TLC. {Although, side note – I did meet Chili from TLC a couple of months ago in California. Ohmyheck. So of course I had to get a selfie with her!} No, this TLC = Tunics and Leggings Collection. One of my fave ideas for girls! So many adorable mix and match options, so that littles can just dress themselves in the morning – sizes go all the way up to 12! {$10 Tunics and $5 Leggings Valid: 8/14 – 9/1.}

Uniforms can be cool

3. More and more schools are requiring uniforms these days. So Oshkosh B’gosh has come out with a line of pieces that are totally sturdy to last the whole school year, while still being affordable and fashionable. Plus, they have lots of ideas on their site for mixing in accessories to let kids still express their own style. {Click through here to see how another mom makes her uniforms SERIOUSLY cuteness. Love it.}

OKO - OshKosh Originals tees

OKO Tees are a classic

4. Oshkosh Original tees are almost collectible – they hold up so well, have iconic images, and are something every kid has worn. I mean, I wore them when I was a kid too! This year’s big themes are hearts, stripes, and bright colors for girls, plus ferociously adorable dinosaurs and super cool monster trucks for boys.

Girl’s Active Wear Rocks

5. Yep, girls need sporty gear too. I love the way that this collection features inspiration messages to empower little girls, but combine it all with glitter and fun color and pattern. Not too girly, still comfy, and always awesome.

Boys Triple Jumper Pant

6. This is a SUPER cool, super versatile pant, perfect for any little man. It’s got an elastic waist with a working drawstring, so it’s a perfect fit no matter what. {Don’t you hate those athletic pants with a “drawstring” waist that’s really just a string there for decoration? And by decoration I mean something that serves no purpose whatsoever and gets in the way? Lol. These pants also have an ankle zip to make them easy to fit over any type of sports shoes or pads, and are lined in a comfy jersey material too.

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” – Marilyn Monroe

7. Shoes have been expanded this year. Every collection has matching shoes, so your kiddos can be outfitted head to toe! Whether it’s girl’s sneakers with glitter, or camo touches – you’ll find something to coordinate with any get up you put together at Oshkosh B’gosh this fall. {50% off Shoe Shop! Valid: 8/21 – 8/27.}

Boys activewear trends this fall

Boys Fleece Pants

8. These are always a staple in any kids wardrobe – and this year there are so many fun colors and ways to mix and match them, whether with tees, hoodies, wovens, or even denim tops!

Outerwear to keep ’em warm

9. Layers are always a super important fashion trend for fall. And while outerwear is important – obviously – to keep kiddos warm, it’s also a great way to layer up and be fashionable. {50% off Outerwear! Valid: 8/21 – 8/27.}

OshKosh B'gosh wovens

Essential Wovens for Boys and Girls

10. Honestly – this is one of my favorites. {Besides the TLC collection, which I wish came in my size. Ahhh – sparkly leggings…. :)} I love taking summer pieces like a tee, and layering it OVER a woven shirt, long sleeve or short sleeve. Usually we think of these as a piece to go over something – over a tee or tank. But they are adorable under a tee, a sweater, a cardigan, anything. For boys, the trend is very “looking like dad” style. For girls, it’s a mix of patterns and textures.

Camo is on trend this season

And Camo!

Another big trend across all of the styles this year is Camo. From skirts and dresses, to tops and jackets – even shoes! You’ll find cool camoflage details on pieces for both boys and girls, babies to big kids. It’s a great pattern to mix in – it’s almost like a neutral.

“Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak.” – Rachel Zoe

Remember being a kid? And wanting to pick your own outfits every day? Wanting to have some control over things? Well, Oshkosh makes that SO doable for kids. All of their pieces – even between collections! – are able to be mixed and matched. So kids can assert their independence, and choose their own attire. And honestly – while I could never get away with heart print leggings, a glittery striped sweater, polka dot rain boots, and a bright scarf – little kids can. And it’s cuter than all heck. So – shop Oshkosh, get some seriously sweet deals, and let your kiddos mix ’em up to their hearts content :)

OshKosh B'gosh Overalls - classic styles and cool new trends!

 Who is Oshkosh B’gosh?

Oshkosh B’gosh is an iconic brand famous for durable quality and emotional connections across generations.  • We’re committed to offering an authentic brand experience to our customers and partners.  • We’re partial to optimistic colors, hand-drawn graphics, timeless and trend-relevant styles that are age-appropriate, easy, relatable and real.• OshKosh offers stylish clothing grounded in an authentic American heritage and the belief that kids have fun being kids.

OshKosh B'gosh coupon

So – if I was a gambling woman, which I am… :) My bet would be that you are SO ready to head to your local OshKosh B’gosh store, or maybe even just hop online rightthisveryminute!!! to start shopping. Because, the cuteness. {Be sure to use the coupon above to save, it’s good until September 3rd. And, a tip: If you are shopping online, start at Ebates so you get free cash back. If you’re new, you’ll even get a free $10 gift card!} And honestly – it can be really hard these days, especially when shopping for little girls, to find clothes that are age appropriate. I love the way OshKosh makes sure to really let kids be kids – clothes that are super stylish and fun for kids to wear, are well made and fit well, and are made from fabrics that let kids move and fun and jump and play. Totally one of my all-time favorite brands. Now… If they only made clothes in MY size…. :)

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