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Why My Daughter Will Never Be a Supermodel

Yesterday, I tried to get my little one, Abby, to pose a bit in a new outfit we had, so I could get some photos for the blog. It was an adorable lace romper from that was sent to us a while ago, that we’re just finally getting a chance to try out. The outfit is seriously cute. Abby is seriously cute. But unfortunately, my photos are not seriously cute, lol.

kids being silly

This is my nephew with Abby. I said, “leave her alone for a few minutes bud, so I can get some pics of her in her new outfit. Then you guys can play.” He said, “But what IF….. we pose together and be AWESOME?” Lol. Lots of silly faces appeared, quite quickly.

kids pretending to be sharks

Next they pretended to be sharks. The hands above their head are their fins. You should have heard the sounds they think a shark makes as it swims though a kitchen…

Abby and Cole tiger

After that, they were tigers. ROARing all over the place. Silly kiddos.

Uncle Jamie and Abby

Then, in the middle of the madness, Uncle Jamie {my brother} shows up. Abby LOVES her Uncle Jamie. They got a little bit of snuggle time in.

Kissing Uncle Jamie

And she had to give him a big ol’ kiss before he left, of course. :) {I know a lot of ladies who are very jealous right now. Ladies love cool James, lol.}

So – while I didn’t end up with a “model worthy” photo for this outfit, my little lady had a great time, and so did the rest of us. And that’s what matters. And, I’m able to share an UH-MAY-ZING brand with you…. Squirrel Cheeks has so many awesome outfits and accessories, at seriously ridiculously inexpensive prices. I have no clue how she does it and keeps the prices so low. But what I do know, is that I love it :)

Check her out today: <3


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