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Powdered Sugar Mummy Donuts

This is a super fun Halloween treat for kids – and you can make these Powdered Sugar Mummy Donuts in just a few minutes. They’d be a fun treat any time of the year too – not just at Halloween. Kids love fun foods and silly faces. {I know that sometimes the only way I can get Abby to finish her meals is to make them into creative themes or shapes!} I wanted a last minute surprise treat for the boys yesterday when they got home from school, so I whipped these up with what I had on hand – it takes less than 5 minutes to make a dozen mummy donuts. They’re fun as a gift, and would be great for a party too.

Mummy Donuts [Read more…]


How to Host a “Pretty” Spooky Halloween Party

This post is sponsored by Personal Creations. Opinions are my own.

“Hold on, man. We don’t go anywhere with “scary,” “spooky,” “haunted,” or “forbidden” in the title.” – From Scooby-Doo… I totally relate to this quote! I do not like scary movies, creepy decor, haunted houses {unless they’re the non-scary type for little kids} or anything else like that. But I do love me some Halloween fun!! I just like to keep it on the fun side – slightly spooky, but still… you know, happy. Which is why I am SO excited to share some tips for you to host your own “Pretty-Spooky” Halloween Hangout – we had a blast this past weekend decorating, eating sweet treats, and watching classic Halloween movies. Check it out – and share your fave Halloween party ideas with me in the comments at the end. I love hearing from you ladies.

How to have a non-scary Halloween party

How to have a “Pretty Spooky” Halloween Hangout Party

You know I love to put on parties, right? For awhile I felt like I was working too much – and even though technically I was spending all day at home with Abby, I wasn’t spending enough real time with her, you know? So we now try to take an hour or two every afternoon for some type of themed activity – like our Little Mermaid Crafty Day, or Monsters U Lunch Date – so this past weekend we decided a fun theme would be to host a Halloween Hangout, since we’d have Abby’s cousins for the day. We were super lucky to have gotten an awesome package of products earlier in the week – Treats from Shari’s Berries, beautiful floral decor from ProFlowers, and some super duper fun personalized Halloween pieces from Personal Creations. I usually like to do a lot of DIY when entertaining, but sometimes it’s actually really nice to be able to order some amazing stuff that’s all ready to go. And everything was so gorgeous – and a lot of it WAS made by hand. Check out the awesomeness….

Fall wreath - ProFlowers fall and Halloween decor

“There is a child in every one of us who is still a trick-or-treater looking for a brightly-lit front porch.” – Robert Brault

We already have the front yard decorated for Halloween – including lots of twinkling orange lights, a pretend graveyard in the garden filled with tombstones, and some spooky black cats perched atop the fence. This absolutely beautiful fall wreath from ProFlowers is the perfect addition – and is such a pretty way to welcome party-goers to our house all season long. I may weave a strand of tiny solar lights in it for Halloween, to greet trick or treaters. And – it’s hard to tell because it looks so fresh, but this is actually made from dried flowers, so it can be used year after year. LOVE. [Read more…]


Spooky HERSHEY’S Halloween Spider Cookie Recipe

Witchie, Witchie – Screamie, Screamie – Happy, Happy Halloweenie!… Halloween is one of my holidays of the year. {Christmas and Easter are my other two faves.} There are SO many creative ways to celebrate this time of year – carving pumpkins, decorating the yard for trick or treaters, making costumes, and I love, love, love all of the super fun, spooky kids food and snack ideas. I wanted a few new recipes to make with our extra Halloween candy, and got the inspiration for these Spooky HERSHEY’S Spider Cookies from the Ritzy Halloween Spiders from Sprinkled with Flour, that I found on Pinterest. Check ’em out… Spooky HERSHEY'S Spiders [Read more…]


Halloween Party Foods: Spiderweb Spookamole Recipe

Halloween Party Foods…. Avocados from Mexico can be found at your local grocery store year-round, but this is such a great time of year for them. They’re in season- move from the tree to table in less than a week- and are PERFECT for fall celebrations like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Football parties! Check out their easy peasy tips on buying and storing Avocados too.

Did you know….

  • The world’s first avocado was grown and cultivated in Mexico countless generations ago?
  • That Mexico is the only place in the world where avocado trees naturally bloom four times a year?
  • All Avocados from Mexico are hand-picked and freshly shipped
  • By packers who uniformly exceed international standards?
If you’re a big fan of avocados too – this is the perfect time of year to stock up on some amazingly fresh ones this time of year, make sure to check out the Avocados from Mexico site for more awesome recipes and tips on how to prep, store, and serve them. And then, if you’re planning any type of Halloween entertaining, check out my Spiderweb Spookamole Recipe that’s super simple, yet super fun.

Halloween Party Foods - Spiderweb Spookamole Recipe

It’s Spookamole Time: Spiderweb Spookamole Recipe

This is a super fun, super simple, and super yummy dish to make for Halloween parties and entertaining – or just as a perfect snack to fill up on before heading out to Trick or Treat. {A bit of food helps stop those belly aches kids get from sneaking too much candy…} How to make Spiderweb Spookamole for Halloween:

  • Grab a big plate.
  • Shmear a layer of refried beans over the plate, to about an inch from the edges.
  • Mix up some Guacamole- use your own favorite recipe, or use the amazing Spookamole recipe that I used. Then spread a thick layer of this over the beans.
  • Add some tortilla chips around the edges, and layer with cheese, tomato, onion, and ground beef.
  • Now, the fun part: Put about a cup or so of sour cream into a zip-loc style baggie. Cut a small corner off, so you can use it like a decorating bag.
  • Next, use the baggie to draw circles of sour cream, from the edges of the chips, and getting smaller as you move to the center.
  • After all of the circles are completed, use a knife or toothpick to make the spiderweb- start at the inside circle, and drag it outwards through the other circles. Do this every inch or so through the whole thing, and you’ll see the web appear! Watch a tutorial of how this works- Spiderweb Cake Decorating
  • Last, make the spider- Place one whole olive on your web, then add olive slices to each side for the legs. To make him extra creepy, use a small tube of red cake decorating gel to dot on two little eyes.
  • The kids will love it!

It’s seriously so simple to make. And even if you make a minor mistake or two, trust me, it’ll still come out great. I love recipes like this that are deceptively simple, and make people think you’re a master of the kitchen, lol. You can use this same idea for a ton of other fun Halloween food ideas too – cake tops, on frosted sugar cookies, a pudding dessert – {chocolate or pistachio pudding with the web made from whipped cream on top. Add plastic spider rings to top it off!} The ideas are endless.

If you create a spiderweb dish too – come share your fave photos on my Facebook wall!!

{Disclaimer: I wrote this review while participating in a Spookamole blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Avocados from Mexico and received avocado items to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.}