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Why I love the Nintendo 2DS and the Tomodachi Life Game from Best Buy

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You guys know I am always conflicted on giving the kids more tech gadgets, right? I’m a BIG believer in kids doing old school stuff like running and climbing and playing outside. My Mister’s oldest daughter told my nephews one day – {they’re 8 & 10} – about how she used to play. That she didn’t have all these gadgets and tablets and phones… She had geese. And 10 acres. And that was it. How times have changed. Lol. And I love non-tech type toys, especially for my little nephew who has a few sensory disorders. But at the same time, I do love the way that technology can seriously help kids learn, grow, and expand their minds. It’s amazing!

Nintendo 2DS and Tomodachi

Nintendo 2DS and Tomodachi Life Game

We have a lot of gaming gear in my house. Kindle, LeapPad, Wii, MG, Nabi, Innotab, and iPad. But even though we have more than enough for each kid to have their own to play, I’m always looking for something new that can offer something different to the kids, when it comes to learning and interaction. Which is why I am SO loving the Tomodachi game and the Nintendo 2DS. Because kids do need to learn tech. And when you find the right games and equipment, I think they’re a huge boost to your kiddo’s learning path.

So, first, let’s talk about this awesome game. Or, rather, let me SHOW you this awesome game…. :)

That video gives you an idea of how the game works

Cool, right? It’s not just another mindless video game, where they zone out and push buttons. They have to put thought into it. Create actual personalities. Interact. Almost – *gasp!* – like in real life :) But seriously, it’s cool to see kids start to think through real-life situations, and talk about how they’d handle them. But it’s in a super fun way, since it’s a game. LOVE it.


More info on the Tomodachi Life Game from Best Buy

On the Tomodachi Life game, you can totally customize your Mii – which if you use other Nintendo products, you’re probably already familiar with. But, this is extra fun – not only do you get to customize how your character looks, you also customize their voice and personality too! {Like in the video I shared above.} You get to make multiple characters as  you progress, too – but just like real people, they will all have different moods, personalities, and likes/dislikes. Some may not really get along with each other. It’s funny to mess with them a bit and dress them in clothes they don’t like, or feed them foods they have specifically said they don’t like. The kids think this is super funny! You also give them life goals, like getting married, having kids, or even having the kids grow up and move OFF the island!

I love that all of the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS games will work on the 2DS. And, it has rockin’ parental controls -If you set it to Early Childhood, it will lock kiddos out of playing any game they put into the device that isn’t appropriate for them. {You can override that with a parental pin, since you know your kids better than a device does.} It has camera and video too. The top screen shows you your game, the bottom touchscreen responds to finger taps or the included and attached stylus.

Check it out online, or at your local Best Buy: The Nintendo 2DS is a great price – only $129.99 for a really sturdy, portable, versatile gaming system that can play games from both DS systems, and has a built-in camera and takes video! And Tomodachi Life is a great game for kids of all ages – and adults too. Seriously – I’m kind of addicted…. :)

And….. The Nintendo 2DS, paired with this sweet game, makes you a total ladies man. :) That’s my nephew last weekend, in our camper up at Rimrock lake. All the girls wanted to hang out with him. So – be cool. Buy these products. Lol.

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