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This Will Change How You Take Photos from Your Phone Forever

Big thank you to the Best Buy WOLF Blogging Network and the peeps at Sony for giving me the chance to try out the new lens style camera, the Sony QX10, and share the awesomeness with you! I received a complimentary product, but you know my opinions are my own, as always.

There are a few things that describe me well: Social media junkie. Photo addict. Tech lover. Memory capturer. Which is why I’ve always loved photography. Sure, I’m no pro – although I did take a few years of photography back in high school. Back when we had this weird stuff called film in our SLR cameras. {Notice the lack of a D at the beginning of that?} We developed our own film in darkrooms. Printed our own photos too, testing out different exposure settings. Do I sound old yet? :) But obviously these days photography has changed – drastically – in just the {let’s just say “slightly over”} 10 years I’ve been out of high school. Not only do we have DSLRs, smart phones, awesome point and shoot options, and more – but now, there’s a totally awesome new way to take pics. It’ll blow your mind. Check it out….

I love tech gadgets, but I’m not the most “technical” type of person. I don’t pay as much attention to things like megapixels and stuff, as I do to how the product actually works in my real life. So, for the details, you can check out the Sony QX10 at But I want to show you how this will totally change how you take photos – from your phone, or anywhere – forever.

The Mrs. band at BlogHer

Ok, so here’s my first example. I was at BlogHer about a week ago. I got to see The Mrs. band perform, as you can see above. {If you’re not familiar with them, you MUST check out their #imenough video. So powerful.} This pic is taken from my seat, about midway through the big conference room. I should have taken a comparison video with my iPhone to show you how bad that camera is in low-light – this photo alone is WAY better than what I could have gotten from my phone lens. But check out the zoom on this baby….

Amazing zoom quality on the Sony QX10 lens-style camera

The ONLY edit I did to this photo was to resize it. Is that awesome or what? The Sony QX10 connects right onto any cell phone – or can be held in your hand not connected, as you saw in the video. Or sat on a table. Or whatever else you can dream up. It works amazingly well in low-light conditions, and the 10x zoom is just crazy-cool. Want to see another example?

Jet ski picture

Not so amazing, right? This is my Abby riding on the jetski with a friend of ours, up at Rimrock Lake, here in Central Washington state. She’s so far away, it’s hard to grab a good shot with my cell phone. But then – see what the Sony QX10 can do….

Close up jet ski

Awesome, right? This is taken just a few seconds after the first photo. Granted, it was full afternoon sunlight, so there are shadows I don’t love. But what an amazingly better photo than I could have captured on my phone – without having to lug around a DSLR all day. And can you imagine all the ways you could use this? School plays or talents shows – to get a close up view of the kiddos when you can’t be in the front row. Red carpet events. Parades. Sports events. Concerts. Just catching awesome moments of the kids on the playground. It captures really crisp shots, works amazing in bad lighting, the zoom rocks my socks, and it’s SO simple to use! Now – for a few of the techy details…

The Sony QX10 connects to your smartphone {iPhone and Androids} via it’s own WiFi network that works anywhere. You download the Sony Play Memories app, and that’s what you use to take your photos, instead of your regular camera app. Then, you have a lot of options:

  • Quickly snap the lens onto your phone, and snap pics using the app.
  • Use the lens separately from the phone, like you could see in the video. This is great for getting into hard to see spots, or for taking pics above a crowd at an event. You just hold the lens where you want to take a shot, and whatever the lens sees will show on your phone. Then use the button on your phone, in the app, to snap your photo.
  • Place the lens on a table. Or whatever. Then use your phone to make sure you’ve got the angle and placement right – you can take family photos, record video, and more!
  • Easily share. Once you’ve taken your pics, you get an option to email them to yourself, share to social media, etc.
  • The lens-style camera is super compact, making it easy to keep in your purse. And you can add a micro SD card, so that it’ll save photos to that, as well as in your own phone.

Ok – so how cool is that? Again, you can get more info about this by checking out the Sony QX10 at And – I used this baby at BlogHer quite a bit. I had to stop every 10 feet, because people would come up and ask me about it. I’ll have to make a video for you guys, to show it to you in action – it is seriously SO cool. Like, Marty McFly came and delivered it to me, from the future, in his DeLorean – that kind of cool :) It’s on sale right now at Best Buy – $80 off, so it’s only $169, which is an amazingly good deal for this bad boy!! Make sure to check it out – at least add it to your Best Buy Wish Listicon! If you’re visiting a Best Buy store any time soon, be sure to check this out and have someone show you how it works. Seriously – the coolest gadget I’ve come across in a long time!

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Let’s chat: Have you seen or tried out the Sony QX10 yet? What do you think? How would you use it? Any tips? I love hearing from you guys! And be sure to follow me on Instagram – from now on, as I take pics using this lens-style camera, I’ll tag them with #SonyQX10, so you can see more examples!



  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    Ok, that is all kinds of awesome. I want one.

  2. Okay, this is pretty cool. My daughter does a lot of her photography with her phone. I’m going to have to show this to her!

  3. WHAT? This is such a great idea! Since I mainly use my phone for pictures, this would be a lifesaver!

  4. My brother has one of these for his iPhone and LOVES it!! I hate using my phone’s camera but do in a pinch.

  5. How cool is that. Totally adding it to my Christmas list.

  6. I saw this at Mom 2.0 and looooove it! Such a great idea!

  7. That is really an awesome tech product! So many people use their phone as their main camera now so this is truly a great idea!

  8. Wow, I am so impressed with this lens! I’d love to try one out myself as we mainly use our phones for family outings.

  9. Oh my goodness, I had no clue this was available… I use my phone for so many photos and so many of them are blurry. This is awesome.

  10. That is so cool, I want! I love just having my phone but the photo quality sucks and I’m a photo snob. Best of both!

  11. This is absolutely the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen! I mean, technology is getting crazy!

    • Meagan Paullin says

      You have to try it, and see everything it can do. It will blow your mind, seriously. I can’t even explain it all in a post! Next time you’re at Best Buy ask for a demo!

  12. This is awesome. Now instead of carrying around my phone (AND its bag) I can just take my phone and a cool attachable lens. Cool!

  13. I’ve already got LOTS of ideas for how I can use this. My number one idea is never carting around my camera again!

  14. I love this so much. Now my camera phone can actually be as useful as I’ve always wanted it to be!

  15. I love this. Mainly because I don’t have to keep track of my phone and my camera. Now all I need is an attachment, and my phone camera becomes a fully legit camera!

  16. That is so cool! I really need this lens as I love to take photos but they do not turn our very good.

  17. What a great way to take photos to the next step!! I am going to have to look into this!

    • Meagan Paullin says

      SO true. I mean, it’s no DSLR {although there’s a deluxe version, $400-$500?} where you can adjust settings and stuff. I’m seriously thinking of getting that too!

  18. This looks awesome. My husband would love it! I am putting it on his Christmas list right now! Way cool.

    • Meagan Paullin says

      Seriously – he’ll love it! You can even take pics of the whole family…. Like, you set it up on it’s own, or on a tripod. Aim it at your group. Look at your cell phone to get everyone into place – since the phone screen will show you what the lens is seeing. Once you’ve got everyone in their spot, hide the phone low, off to the side, or hold it behind someone, and click the button to take the pic! It works hooked on your phone, OR not connected. Just. Rad. :)

  19. So wait how does that attach to my iPhone? My phone takes crummy photo’s. i love the size of this lens I just do not know how it would attach to my phone?

    • Meagan Paullin says

      It has two little clips on the back – they pop open, then slide out to fit any size phone perfectly snug. I haven’t had anyone yet who’s tried it who’s phone won’t fit! But great question – I’m going to update the post later to show how it works!

  20. Wow! Great tips! I didn’t even know this was available! Looks so convenient and easy to use!

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