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What Makes Your Family’s Tail Wag?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of ALPO® Brand Dog Food for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

What makes your family’s tail wag? Well, ok – I don’t have a tail. {Except on days that Abby and I play dress up or pretend to be animals. But I don’t usually have a tail.} I’m talking about the tail – or tails – of the pets in your family – specifically, your dog. If you don’t have a dog, feel free to disregard this post. Or, send it to a friend who’s a dog-lovin’-owner. Or read it for reference in case the apocalypse comes and we run out of food and you want to know about the next best thing to eat – which would be these amazing homestyle dinners from ALPO®. No lie. I’m not surprised my dogs loooove them, since they look good enough for me to eat too. {Not that I’ve tried them. Yet… Lol.}

First, let me tell ya a little about these cans of meaty goodness. If your dogs could talk, they would ask for them – because these are pretty much the food that dogs dream of. They’re the new wet canned foods from ALPO®. I call them “thank you dogs for finishing your dinner.” They call them the Chop House Chucks in gravy and ALPO® Homestyle Prime cuts gravy cravers. ALPO® wet dog food is 100% complete and balanced and has quality ingredients – {which is crazy-important to me} – like healthy protein sources, wholesome grains and accents of vegetables, contribute to form a complete and balanced diet for each life stage. ALPO dog food helps support a happy, healthy life, a shiny coat, strong bones and teeth and a mealtime tail that just can’t stop wagging. A healthy dog is a happy dog.

As you can see – the dogs get pretty darn excited when they see that can of ALPO® come out. Ella dances and jumps and can hardly contain herself. Kind of the way I look when the Mister brings home a take out bag containing my fave Mexican food :) Wanna know WHY they love it so much?

See that? That looks almost as good as a dinner I’d make for me, lol. This is the Prime Slices Gravy Cravers, Homestyle, Beef in Gravy. {Woah, that’s a mouthful to say. And a lot of doggy mouthfuls to eat…} As you can see, it’s a ton of beef flavored slices smothered with thick gravy for gravy-lovin’ dogs. I don’t often like to buy canned wet food, honestly, because it’s usually gross. It’s just a big, can-shaped blog of stinky slop that slithers out of the can with that “schloooop” sound. Yuck. But this stuff looks like real food. And since I really love our little guys, that matters.

This is Ella, who you met in the video above a minute ago. She belongs to my Mister’s oldest daughter, who just moved in with us for awhile. She’s about a  year old, sweet as can be, and picky as heck. Mister’s daughter was really doubtful that Ella would like this stuff – but she gobbled it up in no time. Seriously.

And this is my little fluffball, Deuce. I know, at first you didn’t think he was a dog. Maybe an Albino Ewok, or perhaps even a dustmop. But no, he’s a messy little Shih Tzu that we got when Abby was a baby. They’ve grown up together, and Abby likes to share her snacks with him :) So, he’s learned the bad habit of eating just about anything. So while he’s not picky about what I serve him, that makes it even more important to make sure he fills up on healthy bites so he doesn’t want the animal crackers that Abby offers up. So, we give this 2 paws up :)

Good nutrition helps support your dog’s healthy, shiny coat and strong bones and teeth. Every can of ALPO® contains high-quality protein sources and essential vitamins and minerals—every bite is 100% complete. Learn more on ALPO’S HOMEPAGE, or on ALPO’s Facebook Page.

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