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Why Do-It-All Moms Need an All-In-One Computer

I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free, in exchange for sharing my experience with the new Dell All-In-One computer.

Obviously, as a crazy-busy mom who works online from home – while trying to entertain my toddler, and two rowdy nephews – I rely on a lot of tech gadgets in my daily life. I’m definitely NOT an expert on technology, but have quickly learned over the past couple of years how much it can help calm the chaos of my hectic days. And – I have found a new helper that is seriously rocking my socks off – the Dell All-In-One computer from Best Buy. It’s like you took all of my favorite things, threw them in a box together, waved a magic wand over it all – and created the most perfect computer ever. Check it out below, and learn why it is an absolute must-have for Do-It-All moms like us.

What is an All-In-One Computer?

Ok ladies, let me introduce you to my new love. His official name is the Dell XPS Portable Touch-Screen All-In-One Computer. I just call him Dell :) All-in-One computers offer big advantages over traditional desktop PCs, by having all of the coolest new technology and power packed into a much smaller streamlined design. Check out some of the super cool features:

What can an All-In-One Computer do?

It has the portability of a laptop – the screen is over 18″ wide, but it weighs just 5 pounds, making it light enough for even the little kids to carry it from room to room. It also has all of the capability and power of a PC – but without the big bulky tower and a bunch of cords and cables tying you down. AND – it has a sweet touchscreen, allowing it to work like your favorite tablet. But then it also has a wireless mouse and keyboard, so that it can function more like a desktop when desired. Wait – there’s more! It has little pop out feet in the back, so that it can be propped up to watch videos, flat to watch games, or tilted just right to read your favorite recipes in the kitchen. Or you can even buy a stand to set it on, to make it sit up a bit higher, more like a traditional monitor. How much cooler can you get, right? And it works in every room of the house, for every member of the family.

Why Do-It-All Moms need an All-In-One computer

When I say All-In-One, it’s not just that it packs every feature into one gadget – it’s also that it does the job of so many other gadgets, all in one sleek and sexy computer. I’m going to show you just a few of the ways you’ll use this every darn day – and some other ideas for the rest of the family too:

How busy moms use tech in the kitchen

Technology in the kitchen is a busy-mom must-have

Whether you have digital recipe boxes on sites like ZipList, love to find new dinner inspiration on Pinterest, or have fun following online cooking shows or videos in the kitchen – I’m sure we’d all agree that having tech in the kitchen is a must-have. I use this tablet instead of my Kindle now to watch videos – the screen is SO much bigger and clearer! I use it to help me do my weekly meal-planning, to create my grocery lists on Food on the Table, and to clip and print coupons for that week’s menus. Love it.

All in one computer for do it all moms

Super portable so I can enjoy the summer sun while working

We have a pool and the kids LOVE to swim, all day, every day. And we are one of the only families in our group of friends and family with a pool, and central Washington is HOT in the summer. So we are kind of the gathering place for everyone on weekends and extra hot afternoons. Being able to have a super portable option to take out to the patio is super helpful – I can get some work done, while still visiting with friends and being a part of all of the fun!

Works great as a workstation too

When I need to really sit down and focus on getting some writing done, I can set this All-In-One up in a style similar to my desktop. Right now I’m stuck working at he dining room table, until my office remodel is all finished up. But when I’m at the table with the Dell in “work” mode – the kids know to go find Mike with any questions or their 1007th snack request. Momma is workin’ her Dell #LikeABoss!

One computer that fits the whole family

One computer that fits the whole family

Since this is so easy to move from room to room – there are literally a million uses. {And how cool is it that it works like a cell, shifting the view when you shift it? LOVE seeing my Facebook feed in a longer length like this.} During school days, my nephews are here every morning and after school. They’ll be using it in the dining room daily – we have some really cool learning games that I bought that will be SO much cooler with the touchscreen. If you have multiple school-age kids, it would be great to be able to move this from room to room in the evening to get homework done, too. Abby absolutely LOVES setting this up in the playroom to watch her nursery rhyme videos on YouTube, or do activities on ABC Mike can take just the touchscreen tablet part out to the shop when he runs into a problem working on his race car, and look up the info he needs. It’d be awesome for teachers, daycare providers, or even in an office – it’s so much easier to tote around than a laptop, and the touchscreen gives it a serious “cool” factor.

What Geek Squad does

Geek Squad to the Rescue!

And last – but definitely not least! – don’t forget to add-on their Geek Squad Service Plan. It’s available at all Best Buy stores nationwide – and is seriously worth it. You can add up to 3 different devices – TV, computer, tablet, etc. When you buy something with Geek Squad insurance, you can get help learning how to set it up, how to use it, and cool tips to maximize your new gear. Plus, you’ve got protection on your purchases in case of accidents – which as moms, we see a lot of!

Learn More About the Dell All-In-One:

The All-in-One PC is not only durable, but is also a multi-tasking space saver that’s perfect for everyone in the family. If you want the super technical details on the Dell Portable All-In-One computer, visit Best Buy. It is the only place you can get this super sweet computer. It’s part laptop, part PC, part tablet – and all awesome!

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  1. I really like this computer! I use a MAC so I know about having everything at my fingertips, working and running smoothly. My daughter may be in the market for a new computer (really bad year with our HP laptop). I’ve heard a lot of great things about Dell and I’m loving the look of this and everything I’m reading here!

    Elizabeth T, Early Riser

  2. That’s awesome! So you get to keep it forever or just for a trail? How get involved in doing this, how much if any experience do you need ?

  3. What a cool and unique device….can you use a traditional keyboard with it?

  4. I want one of these!

  5. I’d up it and say not just every mom, but EVERY ONE needs this. We don’t know how we lived without ours :). Loved your post!

  6. GET OUT! That is the COOLEST laptop computer thingy ever!!! I am also .. in love! You are going to have to share this.. so called Dell my friend! AWESOME! Honestly my computer has been acting up lately.. and I am kinda looking forward to having to buy a new one!

  7. what a great computer–my laptop is big cluncky and old–I would so love to have that one! Looking forward to buying a new one soon-I’m book marking to show the husband as he is the computer geek guy :)

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