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Family Travel Builds Great Memories…

“Because it’s summer, and the memories are just waiting to happen.” – Unknown… You want to hear something crazy about me? I never traveled out of my home state of Washington until I was 19 years old. And I was 23 the first time I finally boarded a plane! AND… Even though I live her near the coast, I’d never been to the beach until I visited the beautiful Oregon Coast 3 years ago while I was pregnant with Abby. I’d always yearned to travel, but never had much opportunity until about a year and a half ago…  Last summer I flew to four different states, and will head to even more this year! What a change, right?

Family travel with toddlers

Learning to Love Travel

I’ve love, love, LOVED the chance to visit so many new places over the past couple of years – but the majority of it has been business trips associated with the blog – PR, conferences, etc. My goal this year is to involve my family in more of my travel… Because as you can see, Abby wants to come along with me! {Ignore the messy hair and face, lol. I snapped this pic last summer as I was packing for NYC, and it’s still a fave.} We’ll be visiting the Oregon Coast again this summer – Cannon Beach – for a few days of family fun. And we’re researching a few other locations too – one more trip just for the three of us, and maybe a conference in a super cool local, where I can bring Mike and Abby along with me. I never got to travel or see the country as a kid – and I definitely want Abby to have that experience!

cannon beach

Family Travel Ideas…

There are so many amazing places to see and visit her in the Pacific Northwest that I’m actually going to be starting a new site soon, just to share more about the great family adventures to be had here. {Check out how beautiful it in Cannon Beach, above…} We’re in the process of looking for a used RV or camp trailer, to make road trips with a toddler a little easier. But even by car – I imagine that toddler travel is much easier on the road then flying! Still, I do want Abby to have the experience on flying on a plane, and being able to discover things totally different than up here where we live. I love visiting new cities – the sound of a different way of speaking, the smell of new foods, the feeling of different climates. Those things do so much to open your mind, widen your horizons, and really expand the world for a child. One of the places we’ve looked at is Williamsburg, Virginia, since Mike has family nearby. It looks simply beautiful – and absolutely perfect for families. Check it out to see why I’m kind of in love…

Williamsburg, Virginia travel

“Escape to Williamsburg and experience the best of America- modern take on history, richly conveyed in a multi-faceted region brimming with fun, culture, and culinary delights. Inside and out, charming adventures lure the explorer in us all to discover the fascinating, inspiring, and relaxing moments found in this national treasure. Visit – make your nest vacation the Best Trip Ever!”

{Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Williamsburg Area Destination Marketing Committee via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Williamsburg Area Destination Marketing Committee.}


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