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Rise of the Rock Festival – #Infographic

Are you a rock junkie? Love outdoor festivals? Here in Washington state, we have a few really amazing outdoor venues, so I’ve been to quite a few big outdoor shows. My favorite is the Gorge Amphitheatre, where you just sit out on the amazing hillside, and enjoy the scenery and the music. {Click the link to see how awesome it is!} If you’re an outdoor festival lover too, you’ll enjoy this cool infographic – great facts, crazy stats, and fun info. Leave me a comment below if you have a favorite outdoor venue too…. 

Music Festivals Infographic

Infographic Provided by EquipSupply

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  1. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    I am not a rock junkie but I have gone to other outdoor music festifvals

  2. I too live in Washington State and have been to the Gorge Amphitheatre! Beautiful place to have a rock concert and listen to music!

  3. I traveled to Sasquatch years ago and thought the Gorge was beautiful as well!

  4. Love outdoor festivals. They offer a variety of things to do and particpate in when you need to get out for an evening and just relax, get out of the house, leave the cooking to the vendors and bring your easy chair to kick back and listen to some hometown music.

  5. Love outdoor festivals! Dreaming of summer….sigh

  6. Ready for Bonnaroo in June!

  7. Wow what interesting fact about rock festivals. Im to old to go to them but I love the events held outdoors and the camping and living there in a sort of a way till the festival is over. Lots of people and friends. They pull in alot of money and the ones that donate a part of it are good guys in my mind and everyone has a good time too.

  8. Lauren Rochon says

    I love going to concerts. I haven’t been to many outdoor festivals or rock concerts, but the outdoor Forest Theatre in the Seabeck, WA area has great performances.

  9. how does the back massager work for you? we bought one and it actually hurt! It was too hard with the massaging! So we returned it. But I really would love to have one that worked in combination with heat!

  10. I am definitely a rock junkie, through and through. The only outdoor venue I’ve ever been to was the Freedom Hill Amphitheater in Michigan. But from that one time, I know it’s a whole different experience then being indoors. I would love to go again.

    • Sunshine and Sippy Cups says

      I sooooo totally agree! An outdoor show is a whole different experience than even the best indoor event!

  11. i live in pa we dont have many of the rock festivals but when we do my family always loves to go to these

  12. That is a seriously cool infographic! We don’t have any big rock festivals close to me though ozzfest has been around. I’d love to go to Bonnaroo.

  13. Rock on.

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