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3 Must-Have Gadgets for Overworked Moms

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Are you an overworked mom? Tired of picking Cheerios out of the carpet, and out of your hair? Sick of looking at that pile of laundry that sits in the corner, mocking you, when day after day you don't have time to wash it? Are your dust bunnies evolving into dust elephants? I know how you feel ladies! Whew, the past few months around here have been madness – Abby's seizures, and all of the travel to Seattle for appointments, partnered with the busy holiday season, and a very hetic blogging and business schedule – it all has combined to leave me super stressed out. So, join me in adding these three gadgets to your list to Santa, and look forward to some time to relax very soon….


Start your day with the soothing sounds of rainfall, or other theme of your choice – when you wake up with the Sound Soother as your new alarm clock! It has dual settings, an extra large display, and a brushed metal finish that looks sleek and modern in any bedroom. Much better than a blaring beep from a cell phone alarm, right?


During the day, when you need help staying centered, and in a good mood – even when the daily chaos gets into full swing – use your Bluetooth Speaker to wirelessly connect to your laptop, smartphone, or tablet – and listen to your favorite feel-good tunes while you tackle that pile of dishes, or mop the floors. Heck, even paying bills is a little better when you've got some rockin' tunes in the background, right?


Then, to relax at the end of the day, what's better than a Back Massager that fits onto your favorite chair, to give you Spot Shiatsu and soothing heat? All with an easy to use touchpad control. In my house, it's hard enough to get the Mister to take out the garbage each evening – good luck getting him to give me a back massage too! Lol. So this is definitely at the top of MY list this year.

What's on YOUR Christmas list this year?

Are you adding one of the great options to your list to Santa? What other cool gadgets help you keep your energy up to get through a hectic day? What helps you relax before bed? Share your favorite gift ideas with me in the comments!

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  1. Becky Kuntz says

    Most of my kids are grown, but i still have an 11 year old to clean up after and a 4 year old grandson. I feel stressed and hurried all day long,with never a moment to relax! These products seem like awesome ways to sneak in a little ME time! Thanks for the review!

  2. i know im over worked mom i would love to have all of these i could use them love to have

  3. I’m not an overworked mom but an overworked grandma. I need to reduce the stress in my life greatly.This would be wonderful to have. I really love the sounds of the ocean , they are so relaxing to me and would help me on nights I have trouble sleeping. Thanks for the review

  4. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    I love all of these . The back massager and a heat pad help me to relax. I would love a laptop.

  5. Debra Gaswint says

    I think between the back massager and the sound soother, I would become one mellow mama!

  6. Karen Glatt says

    I like that back massager! I never thought about getting one of these, but anything that can massage a tired body is so awesome! I want one of these for Christmas!

  7. Dena Sablotny says

    Are you adding one of the great options to your list to Santa? What other cool gadgets help you keep your energy up to get through a hectic day? What helps you relax before bed? Share your favorite gift ideas with me in the comments! I like the Sound Soother! My Pc helps me get thru the day! A hot bath and a good book help me drift off to sleep! I think gift cards and pretty bath towels make great gifts.

  8. These are great…. Thanks for sharing

  9. The sound soother sounds wonderful! I’ll bet it would help my insomnia :)

  10. The sound soother sounds wonderful! I would love to have one. I could use some soothing sounds. thanks

  11. cathy henatyszen says

    all three are great, especially the massager

  12. Thanks for this post – I could use the Blue tooth speaker and back massager :)

  13. Man I could use that alarm clock

  14. The massager would be just super right now. I have a bad back & this would help with that. I really like them all

  15. Debbie Langley Waddell says

    I think I would like the sound soother for Christmas. I have a hard time falling to sleep and staying asleep.

  16. Sounds good to me, I am so over worked at times I can’t relaxe.

  17. The back massager sounds amazing to me!!!

  18. Betsy Barnes says

    I gave my mom a sound soother machine one year and she says it really helps her fall asleep. I listen to music right before bedtime. It seems to help me relax and be calm. :)

  19. The alarm clock that I can read without my glasses and a massage at the end of the day. Very good things.

  20. Cindy Merrill says

    A 72 Hour emergency kit is at the top of my Christmas list- we were not prepared when we had a power outage.

  21. Oh man, I would LOVE the back massager!!!!

  22. Oh wow – I would love the Sound Soother!!!

  23. I really want a blue tooth speaker to take with me to work on the weekends. I pretty much work by myself and we are allowed radios, but we aren’t allowed to stream music on company computers, but I do it on my phone through my data plan but I hate having to wear ear buds!

  24. All are very nice – I’d lkove to get the Sound Soother.

  25. Dorothy Boucher says

    they all seem very nice, like the sound soother, could use that now ;)

  26. There are so many cool looking iPod docks out now! I have always wanted something to hook mine up to.

  27. Oh! My. Thanks for sharing! This is Great especially the back messager! I could so use this.
    Happy Hplidays,

  28. Oh that back massager looks fantastic. I could really use one of those! I can see myself using it now! ahhh

  29. I want that back massager – and one for feet would be great, too!

  30. Holly Trudeau says

    I think I would sleep right through the sound soother, sounds TOO soothing lol, I need to wake up to loud, annoying noises lol. The back massager sounds heavenly, could use that right now :)

  31. The Sound Soother alarm clock sounds wonderful!

  32. Both the sound soother and the bluetooth speaker look awesome. But my mom has that chair massager and I never miss an opportunity yo use it. It is fabulous and I wish I had one.

  33. I wish santa would bring me that back massager. that looks like it would feel so good.

  34. Sherry Fowler says

    great ideals and gadgets

  35. such a wonderful product!

  36. Kathy Smith says

    The back massager would really feel nice at the end of the day. Thanks for the post.

  37. Valarie Lee Gentry says

    I am a single overworked mom! I really like the back massager and the Sound Soother!

  38. I definitely need the back massager after long days with my little one.

  39. Back massager seems awesome!!!!!

  40. Priscilla Sifuentes says

    Love the Bluetooth Speaker!

  41. Jennifer Johansen says

    I wouldn’t mind having those speakers in the kitchen!

  42. sandy weinstein says

    that chair massaging pad is really nice, i would like one for my chair for my pc and in my car as well

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