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What does your favorite color say about you?

This is soooo cool. It gives a bit of info about you, depending on your favorite colors. I have to say that it is incredibly accurate if you look at my color, “sunshine” – Yes, I’m funny and full of energy. And yes, I do try to shoo away my responsibility… I mean heck, there’s a pool waiting for me outside. Why would I want to work? Lol.

What’s YOUR color? Do you think it’s accurate?


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  1. I did my daughters favorite color because I don’t have one. It was on the money about her, too. She agreed. Of course, it is only her favorite color this month!

  2. Beet is the closest color to my favorite and it was right on the nose.

  3. I like Brown and Grey – They might be a little conflicting, but… so am I ;) Very cool!

  4. Ok, I can’t read the writing … for the colors and can’t seem to make it enlarge… but what I could read was really accurate.. but I wonder if I could read all of them, would they all be somewhat accurate?

  5. Mine was the beet color and it seems pretty accurate. :)

  6. Moss is the closest to my favorite color. It’s pretty close to accurate. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Beet was closest to my favorite and it was pretty close! Interesting :)

  8. I, like Johannah, can’t read them lol. I’m getting old I think lol

  9. I am so night! Thanks for this post!

  10. Wow. Nothing was close. What I wear and what I put on my walls tends to vary a lot. But, I am also a graphic designer and am picky, yet adventurous with color. I have had taupe, gray, brown, red, and orange on my walls. The current kitchen is a mellow green yellow. And although I look good in blues, I tend to not like them on my walls. I do like the more aqua/turquoise that is popular right now, though and have some of that in my dining room.

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