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What Inspires You? Design Spotting with #DysonDesign

“Everything is designed. Few things are designed well.” – Brian Reed… What designs inspire you? There is beauty all around us, every day, in the simplest places – if we only take a moment to break from the rush and fuss of daily life to stop and notice it. From the new poppies blooming in my backyard in the summer sunshine, to the great texture in my old metal spinning star that reflects the light onto the patio in cool patterns each evening – there are little spots of beautiful design in many of the everyday objects in our lives.

Instagram Stars Photo

“The only important thing about design is how it relates to people.” – Victor Papanek

This is one of my favorite store windows ever. I love the way the colors look so vibrant, the light reflects on the glass, and even the texture of the carousels of greeting cards for sale inside the store, behind the lighting display. This was inside of the SeaTac aiport in Seattle, when we were on our way to the Nike Kids event last month. I just had to stop and capture it – and it makes me smile again every time that I see it. I love finding little spots of great design like this.

Instagram starry rain

“Design is in everything we make, but it’s also between those things. It’s a mix of craft, science, storytelling, propaganda, and philosophy.” – Erik Adigard

The above photo is a great design that someone purposely put together – but this one is beautiful due to a random set of circumstances. First – I have no idea if these steps once were useful, or connected to something, or if they were placed here as a joke, but they are just free-standing steps we came across one day in downtown Seattle. It was raining {as usual} and the bit of a breeze had blown these tiny petals off of the flowered trees across the street onto the sidewalk here. I love the way they catch the light, and make it look as though little stars have sprinkled down out of the sky along with the rain. So pretty.

Great design can inspire great things – from the beauty in your own back yard to the simplicity of a great product, get inspired with #DysonDesign

“Great design will not sell an inferior product, but it will enable a great product to achieve its maximum potential.” – Thomas J. Watson Jr.

A well-designed product that you use daily helps bring a little bit of beauty into your day, and simplicity into your routines. And a wonderful example of a beautifully designed product is the Dyson Air Multiplier – Smart, simple, and super impressive. I am incredibly impressed with the innovation behind this new fan…

Dyson Air Multiplier

The Dyson Air Multiplier is available in table, tower and pedestal sizes. With no fast-spinning blades, it’s safe, easy to clean, and generates smooth air with no buffeting. Keep cool with Dyson Air Multiplier. Learn more at

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{Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Dyson via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Dyson.}



  1. The picture is really stunning. It almost looks like it was set up that way.

  2. Awesome pictures! I love how they were taken! I also love Dyson and their inventive ways to make something look great but also functional and function better the most other stuff out there

  3. I love to look around and find different everyday designs that inspire me. It’s am awesome way to be inspired by life. I love the first picture you took – just stunning!

  4. Lovely pictures! I’m also a lover of Dyson products and can’t wait to try their new fans.

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