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Weekly Bloggertunities – 5/17

mom blogger opportunities

“Blogging is an art, same as any other method of self-expression. Some are better at it than others.” – Hugh Macleod

I’ve been so busy lately, trying to catch up on projects – and maybe even get a little bit ahead before I fly away again… This time to North Carolina, to see my bloggy buddies, and speak at Reviewer’s Retreat. And since I’ve been so busy, my email had piled up. A lot. So I had totally missed the Collective Bias email newsletter for a few days… and I was the featured member on Social Fabric this week! Did you see by big face smiling at you from the newsletter on Monday?You can check out my random answers to the profile questions, and leave a comment too if you’d like to show a little love. It was startling as I was quickly going through messages to suddenly see myself in that one, lol. But lots of fun – I LOVE the peeps over there. {Yes, when they open up to new members again, I’ll let you guys know asap!} Here is a round up of new tips, leads, and tools for this week – and as always, feel free to leave your best blogging tips article links, sign up forms, or event details – in the comments below!

Monetize Your Blog

  1. Link Vehicle: This is one of those options that you need to read the fine print when you do offers with them. The first project that I worked with them on, I didn’t realize that the price they quoted me was the price that the advertiser would pay THEM, and that I’d get half. But – after that confusion, I’ve had a few successful projects with them too. You can learn more and sign up here.
  2. Sponsored Tweets: Make money from tweeting. Super simple – sign up, they’ll show you offers of things you can tweet, and you make some bucks for clicking to approve. Easy peasy cash – learn more here.
  3. YaySave: If you’re a deal blogger this could be a great way for you to earn. During May, earn up to $100 bucks per person you refer – you earn 20% off their purchase. YaySave shows you the lowest prices from them, Walmart, and Amazon, so you know you’re getting seriously sweet deals. AND, you earn Swagbucks from a lot of your shopping. Rocks, seriously. I’ve had a big month with them. Learn more about earning with YaySave.
  4. Paper Coterie: This is one of the prettiest, most amazingly high quality photo product sites I’ve used. The products are really unique and fresh, and they constantly have awesome promotions to share. Sign up as an affiliate – it’s set up JUST like Escalate, same framework, so it’s super duper easy to use.
  5. zuuzs: Similar type of site – share deals, and earn every time your friends shop. Then earn more when THEIR friends shop too. Sweet, right? And what’s really cool is that they often do referral bonuses for affiliates – which means extra cash for you each month. You can sign up for a basic account here, then go to the Affiliate section to let them know you’re a blogger, so you can get the additional earnings.

Paid Freelance Writing Jobs

  1. Skyword: I just joined this site this week – so I haven’t done any writing. Yet. But there are great opportunities through them; I applied to write for Lowes, What to Expect, and a couple beauty columns. Very excited to get started – check it out if you’re interested too: Apply as a Writer.
  2. Examiner: Most of you know that I write a Frugal Living column on Examiner. I’m thinking of picking up a second column soon too – some type of local entertainment category would be fun. I’m eligible now to get media credentials, which helps me score free tickets and fun extras here in town. If you’d like to learn more, and find a category that YOU are an expert on locally – Apply to be an Examiner writer.
  3. Constant Content: This is a great site for freelance writers – people post jobs, and you pick the ones you want. The choices are vast – from “How to pick the best winter boots” to “Malaysian finance tips” – so you’ll always find something new to write about. Learn more here.

Events to Check out

  1. BlogHer ’12: The amazing Jennifer at Makobi Scribe is also doing something really incredible for one lucky blogger – she’ll be awarding one lucky gal a $200 scholarship to help her attend BlogHer ’12 this year! How cool is she, right? I hope that by next year, this is something that I can offer too. You can apply here, and if you’d like, stop by and give her a big thank you on Facebook for offering this!
  2. Stroller: This is a free event to join – just commit to sharing the giveaway at least three times over the course of a month – easy peasy, right? It’s for a pretty awesome $200 stroller, you get a free Facebook link, and you can sign up here.
  3. Nature’s Sleep: Jennifer at Makobi Scribe is looking for 30 bloggers to join her in a massive giveaway event for Nature’s Sleep! Get the details and sign up here.

Cool Partnerships

  1. Product Safety: I’m pretty excited about the new tools available for bloggers on There’s a product safety search feature -similar to what some of the big parenting sites have – but you just copy and paste the code right to your site. I used a full size one on my new Product Recall Finder page, the app on my Facebook wall, and there are also smaller widgets for sidebars. You’ll find all of the cool content here. Let me know what you think of it. Adding this makes you a great resource for parents – but it also has categories for other home products too!
  2. Guac Squad: Join the Wholly Guacamole brand Guac Squad to get notifications of new PR stuff from them – very fun.
  3. QuestionMoms: This is a great network – Check out new mom-invented products first, give direct feedback to influence and improve their ideas, and get paid for sharing that amazing knowledge. As a blogger, you totally “get” what works and what is just NOT going to be popular, so your voice is super helpful here. Plus – you can apply to review awesome Mompact products like the Aquaduck and Swim Zip!
  4. Mom Entrepreneur: Looking for a new project? Well Laina at Mom Entrepreneur is looking for a new partner! She has too many ideas, not enough time – A situation I can relate to 110%! Contact her at for more info and to introduce yourself!
  5. Supernanny: If you’re in the Atlanta, Georgia area, you might be interested in checking this out – They’re looking for families to work with the show. Learn more about this – they’re only taking applications until May 25th – and apply if you’re interested. Supernanny Sign Ups.

Want More?

If you’re looking for more blogging tips and info, you can check out all of the other Weekly Bloggertunity posts too, or browse my Blogging & Social Media board on Pinterest.

Have tips or events to share? Leave them in the comments!



  1. How are you doing with Examiner? I didn’t have much luck myself.

  2. I love these. :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. I’m so slammed to, but can’t wait to see you and the girls at RR!

    I need to start checking this every week. You have some great info! :)

  4. There are so many, I haven’t heard of Skywords before, I am going to check it out.

  5. Thanks for these, am off to check them out.

  6. I’ve heard of a few of these, but the others I’ll look into. Thanks for sharing these.

  7. I LOVE that you post these….so many great opps. Thank you!

  8. So many great links. Thanks!

  9. Great information for writers. I also just joined Skyword and Examiner and would love to hear what you think of them once you get going.

  10. Meagan,

    I love that you post all of these great opportunities. I signed up for Sponsored Tweets about a week ago and so far haven’t gotten any, but that is probably to be expected as typical with something new. Every little bit adds up, right? :)

  11. Ooh, the stroller giveaway will be great for traffic – thanks for sharing!

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