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No Running. No Diving. No Lazy Lifeguards….

pool safety infographic

A Cautionary Guide to Summertime Pool Safety

We moved into this house in November of 2010, and it has a big in-ground pool – the first time in my life I’ve ever had a home with a pool like that! It had been neglected for a few years – left open, with no cover, and was pretty gross. There were frogs living in it. And as spring approached, there was a pair of ducks that would come by each afternoon for a swim. We knew it would take some work to get it clean – But we had NO idea how much work it would take! But, after bringing in a pro to drain the whole thing, and start over fresh – it was the best summer we’ve had in years. I love being the gathering place for all of our friends and family – and the kids have a blast.

But – Pools are NOT just fun and games

There is so much danger that goes along with having a pool. Drowning is the #2 cause of accidental death in people ages 5-44 – isn’t that crazy? But, almost all of the dangers can be avoided with some simple pool safety tips, like the ones explained in this super helpful Pool Safety infographic from Simple steps like keeping the area around the pool clear, having no-running and no-diving rules, and ensuring that there is always an adult to keep a good watch on the kids are totally necessary. Kids are fast, and accidents happen in the blink of an eye.

Summer time, and the livin’ easy…

Summer is almost here. And in some parts of the country – the ones that are warmer than I am here in the Pacific Northwest! – you might already have the pool open for the season. Whether you have a pool, or visit friends who do, just make sure to keep safety tips in mind too, so that all of your good times end safely!

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  1. StephanieH says

    Thanks for posting this I have seen too many people at the pool leave their children on their own in a pool while they sun tan or talk to friends

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