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How this FREE Post-it Sample Helps Shattered-Brain-Syndrome…

Get a Super Sticky Notes Sample from Post-it!

I. Love. Post-it’s. And today you can get a sample of a cool new style by filling out a request here- Free Post-it Request.

I might even be addicted to Post-it’s…. My brain is so scattered, and runs a million miles an hour all of the time. And I’ve learned that having a baby just takes what little focus I had, and shatters it into a million more pieces.

Example of Shattered-Brain-Syndrome:

Ok, I’m going to write this review now. Let me see, where is the email with the information I need…. “Hey, Abby, don’t eat that quarter!” Ok, where was I? Right, find the email… “But Auntie Meagan, that’s MY quarter Abby was trying to eat!!” – “It’s ok honey, she didn’t eat it.” – “But now it’s SLOOOOOBERY!!!” – *Ignore the cries of a 4 year old over his slobbered on quarter* Back to work. Found the email. Write a couple lines. Hear more crying- surely not still over the quarter still? Nephew runs in with a lump on his head. Ask questions. Remind him- “How many times have I told you no doing front flips on the bunk beds??” then wonder, why is this something that even comes up so frequently Back to work… See my baby sharing her sippy cup with the dog. Again. Decide that this is ok, she is learning to share, and that’s a good thing right? Back to work…

You can see why I need Post-it’s…

Every time I get a thought that needs to be remembered, it goes on a Post-it, and is placed where I’ll need to remember it!

Does anyone else have Shattered-Brain-Syndrome too?

It’s not always CAUSED by children, but I am completely sure that they are a major risk factor….

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