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$15 + Holiday Weekend Photos = Amazing Art!

This is my print from Canvas People…

And I love it. I get SO many compliments when people come over, wondering where I got it. So, if you’ve got some great new family photos from the holiday weekend, this is a great way to save them and share them!

How it Works:

  • You pick your photo, then head over to Canvas People.
  • Then choose your size. Right now you get an 8×10 for FREE, and pay ONLY the $14.95 for shipping this large print. Or you can use a $50 credit towards a bigger size.
  • Choose a frame, or leave it Gallery Wrapped, which is what I did. This means that the canvas wraps around the side of the image and is secured to the back of a frame. The image wraps around the sides to make a lovely presentation. It looks really cool.
  • Next, choose your effects. You can add tons of stuff, to make the print into a cool piece of art.
  • Then your Canvas is sprayed for protection. They coat all canvas prints with an environmentally-friendly protective coating. This coating will help protect your canvas from moisture, humidity, abrasions, fingerprints, and more. Plus, it gives a really nice finish.

Canvas People

Some Creative Ideas:

  • We had just moved into a larger office & were in the process of redecorating. Instead of the usual company plaques to hang on the walls, we decided to display our logos on bright, modern canvases. They look so professional & other companies in our building have been asking where they can get their logos on canvas too! Rosie- New York.
  • My granddaughter is such a creative 10-year-old. She made a beautiful painting while I was visiting recently. She wanted me to keep it, but I didn’t want to ruin it by packing it up in my suitcase. Imagine my surprise when a few weeks later, her mom had taken a photo of the painting, ordered a canvas of it & sent it to me as a gift! Helene- Texas.
  • Anybody thinking twice about turning their photo into POP art – have no fear. When I say my daughter “flipped” when she saw it, I’m not exaggerating. She shows it to her friends like she’s a movie star! It’s in her bedroom now and she just loves it. Mike- Florida.

Read more from customers:

Check out the chat page on Canvas People to read more great comments, and learn more about how Canvas People works!

Trust me, you will NOT be disappointed with your purchase here. We were a little worried, thinking the quality might not be that great, but figured for less than $15, it should still be worth it. I was surprised to see that they had such great materials and workmanship… And they even touched up a couple of minor flaws in the photo, without us asking or paying extra!


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