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Some Great New Programs to Save $ on Baby Stuff

I found some great new offers on Planning Family today…

Planning Family

If you haven’t signed up with them yet, get started here:

New Mom? Baby on the way? Get free baby samples and coupons. Click Here!

Now check out the site!

Once you get started, you can check out all of the great info on the site. I’ve learned some of the best tips in their weekly baby-stages emails. Each email also has a Quote of the Week, like the one I got today…

“It kills you to see them grow up. But I guess it would kill you quicker if they didn’t.” – Barbara Kingsolver

This one really pulls on my little heart. She says it so simply, but so perfectly.

Free Stuff for Baby:

The top navigation bar of the Planning Family site has a tab called Free Baby Stuff, go there to see some of the cool offers available.

New Offers Available:

  • Strong Moms by Similac: I signed up for this before Abby was born, and got a ton of great coupons and samples of formula.
  • American Baby Magazine: You get a FREE subscription to this. Not only are there great articles, but the ad’s helped me learn about cool new stuff for baby before she came, since I had NEVER baby shopped before!
  • Enfamil Family Beginnings: You’ll get emails with trusted advice for every stage of your baby’s development, plus discounts on Enfamil products, free samples and goodies, like an Enfamil Carryall and EnfaChill bottle cooler.

Check out the site to find a ton more!

Plus, they update them often, so you can check back each week after reading your “stages” email, and see what new programs you can sign up for! Using these brand newsletters and getting on their mailing lists is SUCH a great way to get free baby stuff. They will send you SO much, seriously.

And, for more free baby stuff check out:FREE baby stuff from Baby to Bee! Click Here to get started.


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