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Vacation Freebies!

I put together a little list of vacation planning and travel freebies for you today…

First, travel books and kits! Learn how I use them and why I love ’em:

  • I love to look through and “window shop” new trips, to dream and plan for the future.
  • The kids LOVE the maps that come with these kits! We use them to draw out “Treasure Maps” that they trade each other, and search for toys and goodies they hide outside.
  • I’ve also used a couple of the maps to frame and put up on the boy’s bedroom walls. Great, cheap, decor and they love it!
  • Another use for the kits is to teach the kids about geography, and fun places. Learn states on the maps, have them search the travel books and tell you where they want to go and why, or look for animals. My 4 year old nephew LOVES that game.
  • There are crafts for you too! Maps make great background papers in a travel themed scrapbook.
  • These kits come with maps, glossy travel books, coupons, activities and more!

Since I’m a big fan of these kits, I thought you might be too. If you want a few free ones to check out too, check out the list:

  • Yellowstone: Get a free kit here Yellowstone. I’m hoping to visit here next summer.
  • Arkansas: Tons of guides and choices of kits here! Travel Kits.
  • Alaska: Really nice full size book with this one. Alaska Freebie.
  • Orlando: Get your choice of LOTS of free stuff, plus a discount card. Florida Freebies.
  • Your Choice: Browse destinations, pick travel guides that you’d like, receive guides Free by mail or download. Click Here.

Free Printable Planning Kit:

If you do plan on traveling this summer, check out this fun and FREE printable travel planning kit… Free Printable! It is meant for a Disney Trip, but would work for ANY type of trip, and I think it would be SUPER handy. Love it. Really helps keep you organized and on schedule.

And, here are a few resources that we use to find really deeply discounted travel options:

  • TravelZoo: Sign up for their family friendly travel newsletters for updates on deals. They go quick because they’re at a super discount, but if you can snag one they’re amazing. TravelZoo.
  • Disney Deal: Enjoy 5 nights of FREE accommodations, compliments of Calypso Cay Resort in Orlando, FL, when you purchase 2 tickets to any Walt Disney World theme park. Click Here to learn more.

Plus, a few tips to keep your trips fun and budget friendly:

  • ALWAYS pack snacks. We have a cooler with juice, water, and chocolate milk. Not just for the kids, but for us too. Less stops for drinks means less time wasted. String cheese, go-gurt, and lunchables are more great choices. Plus, let each kiddo pick out a few of their favorite snacks to bring, and pack ’em in a fun lunch box. Saves money too.
  • Activities! Obviously no one wants to hear whining, or “are we there yet?” So pack whatever is age appropriate and fits your family, whether its a game boy, coloring book, or picture books. I like to make pillow case kits… A sack for each kiddo with a few of their favorite things.
  • Also helpful, those cheap plastic trays that fit over your lap, like this Lime Sparkle Lap Tray, so each kid has a place to eat their snack and play.

That’s it! Hope some of these freebies and tips help you guys out! If you are taking a fun trip this summer, leave me a comment and tell me about it… I’d love to hear your plans! And leave a comment with a way you save money, or stay organized during travel. I love to chat :)


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