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New From Digitwirl: Using the Cardstar App!

Get your loyalty cards out of your wallet and into your Smartphone!

From the pet store to the bookstore everyone seems to have loyalty cards these days. They’re great. They get you discounts and exclusive deals, which may be why your wallet is jammed full of them. Or, you may be the type who hates carrying them all around with you, but inevitably the one you need is stashed in a drawer at home.

Cardstar ( is a simple, yet brilliant, app that puts all your loyalty cards in the palm of your hand (assuming that hand is holding your smartphone).

Download it for free to your iPhone, Blackberry or Android and then using your phone’s camera just scan the bar codes on the back of your cards. Boom! Cardstar reads the barcode and stores them where they can be scanned at the checkout counter just like you would your plastic card. Cardstar will also show you which of your stores is offering special deals and help you score coupons to save you even more money. No wonder the loyalty card program we’re most loyal to is Cardstar.

Check out this week’s Twirl and see how easy it is to ditch the plastic and hold on to more paper–you know, the kind with dead presidents on it….

Ok, I admit it… I’m a bit old school, and I don’t even have a smart phone just yet. I’ve been thinking about upgrading to an iPhone, because my brother has one, loves it, and is always showing me all of the cool app’s that he has on it.

After watching this new video, I’m pretty much convinced that it’s time to upgrade! I LOVE this app idea!

I do all of the shopping for our household. So obviously, I’m always looking for new ways to save and earn rewards. That means that just like in the video, I have a TON of those little loyalty cards in my wallet!

I looked this morning, and this is what I’m carrying around:

  • Safeway Club Card
  • Albertsons Preferred Savings Card
  • Shopko My Extra Savings Card
  • Rite-Aid Wellness Plus Card
  • Kmart Shop Your Way Rewards
  • Sears Shop Your Way Rewards
  • Buckle Loyalty Card
  • Toys R Us Rewards R Us Card

And more!! That takes up so much space in my wallet, and it is always so hard to find the one that I want when I need it. Ugh. I hate being “that lady” in the checkout line… You know, the one everyone is waiting on while I fumble through my purse trying to find my card. Yikes. This app would solve that problem.

I also love that they not only make it super easy to store and access all of your reward cards quickly, but they also help you find deals and coupons when you get to the store to shop. Super cool, right?

I’m a bit technically challenged (which is funny right, since I’m a blogger?) which is why I LOVE Digitwirl, and the way that they find stuff that is relevant to me and make it super easy to understand.

What do you guys think?? Share some thoughts in the comments!

  • Have you ever used this app before?
  • Are you excited to check it out?
  • What other app’s make your life easier? Share them with us!
  • Have you heard of Digitwirl yet? If any of you are already fans, share some other fun tips that you’ve learned from them!

I hope that you guys loved the video as much as I did, and that this app helps you out! And stay tuned for next weeks video from Digitwirl, so you can learn another great tip :)

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