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3 Ways to Get in Shape on a Budget

I got these tips today from LearnVest, a daily newsletter filled with fun and frugal tips. It’s one of my favorites…

My New Goal Inspired by these Tips!

These are three {super easy} ways to get yourself in shape without wasting time or money. I’ve been working on getting our days on more of a schedule lately…. I’m a new stay at home mom, and also take care of my two nephews. Plus, we’re all living in this big new house, with lots of projects that need to be done. PLUS, I decided to take on a new project for myself and started this blog a couple months ago. PLUS, I’m an online student too! Woah. So not a lot of time to get everything done!

And, I’ve been wanting to lose that last big of baby weight, since our new home here has a really great in-ground pool. So, my new goal that I made today after reading these tips, is to combine my housework with my workout, and do it all in one hour each day!

That means, for one hour, I will clean this house so dang fast… Like, Batman fast. Just vacuuming the whole place once a day is a workout in itself! Plus, I’ll get the kids to help… We ‘ll put the music on loud, and wash windows, put away toys, dust, swiffer, and take out trash. Good times, right?

I really feel like doing this is going to be a great sanity-saver too. I won’t be always worrying about cleaning the house, because I know I’ll get it mostly done (and “good enough” is how we do it around here!) each day during that one hour. After that, I’ll stop worrying about it :)

So read on for the tips from LearnVest and see if they can help you make a new goal too!

Spring-Clean Year Round.

No reason to pay for a cleaning service when mopping and vacuuming could work off that extra serving of pasta from dinner. Turn up the volume on your iPod to get some pump-up favorites going as you choose a project to tackle, like reorganizing the junk closet or scrubbing down the bathroom. Take a few trips to the trash and recycling bins to maximize your movement, and remember that running up and down the stairs is actually a good thing.

Go Outside.

If you’re an avid gardener, you already know about the hard work involved in outdoor upkeep. Otherwise, try planting and maintaining a garden (think trundling around with flower pots and squatting to pluck weeds), which gives you the added benefits of fresh flowers or fresh food. Experts have already proved that spending time outside your four walls can improve your mood, lower stress, and boost energy. If you do have outdoor acreage to maintain try mowing, raking, shoveling, trimming, and pruning it yourself.

Do Just A Little Extra.

Instead of starting to do something you hate (your laundry), try adding exercise potential to things you already do. If you like being in the kitchen anyway, knead and roll your own dough instead of getting the pre-made quick fix. For the busy woman always fielding phone calls, walk or lunge as you talk instead of taking it easy. Make the bed instead of leaving it sloppy. And if you do love laundry, dance around as you hang up your fresh items.

Great stuff, right?

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And if one of these tips helped YOU make a new goal today, share it in the comments to inspire everyone!


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