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{Part 4} “How to Get FREE Stuff”

Welcome to {Part 4} of my series, “How to Get FREE Stuff”…

Todays Topic: The best trusted FREEBIE sites to use!

Every morning, I get a huge mug of coffee (you don’t want to see me without coffee), and sit down to check my email. These days, that takes a LONG time, but before I had this blog, it wasn’t so bad. I’d usually spend about 20-30 minutes in the morning on the computer, going through the updates from all of my favorite freebie sites, and clicking on the offers I wanted. By the time my coffee had worked it’s magic, and I was finally semi-awake, I had a boatload of free stuff on it’s way to my freebie lovin’ home. Easy, right?

Why would I want to sign up with these FREE STUFF sites?

Well, thats about the only way that you’re going to be able to get lots of free stuff without spending a ton of time! Even I don’t have enough time to go and search out all of these freebies on my own… I rely on a network of sites that I have signed up with, and their daily email updates. Then I can quickly skim through them, pick the offers I want, and delete the rest.

Don’t you get a ton of spam by using these sites?

These sites won’t spam you, (at least none of the ones that I do!) but you will end up getting a lot more emails once you start requesting freebies. Many places are sending you something free in exchange for being able to send you their advertising.

To solve this problem, you have a couple of options. You can set up a seperate email account that you use only for free sample requests, that way you don’t have to deal with any ads.

Or, if you’re like me, and you actually do WANT to get many of those sale and promotion emails, you can just hit the little unsubscribe link when you get an email from a company that you’re not interested in. Then they won’t send you anything else. If I’m requesting a free product, it’s probably because it is something I like, so I’m usually ok with getting their emails. So many awesome deals and special offers are ONLY promoted in their emails, so I love getting these!

How do these sites work?

Some of these sites are approached by companies that will pay to have their samples listed, because they want to get their products into the hands of some new potential customers. Plus, when there is a great sample out there, it gets A LOT of buzz going for that company.

Other sites get paid a “pay-per-click” type compensation, for sharing those offers with their followers. Again, it’s because the company wants to get their name out in front of some new fans. To me, theres nothing wrong with that! If you want people to really promote that you are offering a free sample of your awesome product, the best way to do that is to offer a little reward, right?

Also, most of these sites have tons of people working for them, always out there trying to find new freebies. Some of them even have an option for YOU to post any cool new freebies you find too!

What to beware of when getting freebies:

Even the legit sites sometimes end up posting offers that aren’t “really” free. Some may do it on purpose, others by accident of not checking out the offer well enough first. The easiest way to spot a scam offer is the “with participation” disclaimer. Boooo. This means that they will expect you to complete a bunch of OTHER offers, some requiring payments, just to get to the darn fabric softener sample, or whatever they’re offering. If you see “with participation”, delete it. You can try it, no harm done, but I’ve never seen one of these where I actually got to request the product.

And NEVER enter your credit card info on an offer that is supposed to be free. This seems obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people do this! If it asks for you info, it’s usually because you are signing up for an automated shipment, or a service, for a “free trial”, and if you don’t cancel by a certain time they will charge you big bucks. Don’t do it.

So, give me some sites to check out! I want to get some FREE STUFF right now!!

I know that’s what you’re thinking :) And I love it. I’m going to give you a list of websites and blogs that I use and have had good luck with. Not all of them have great freebies every day, which is why I sign up for lots of them… that way I have a better chance at finding the really good stuff! This is also how I find the great deals and freebies that I post in big lists for you guys too. I broke it down into regular sites, and sites to get free baby stuff. I used these baby sites SO much while I was pregnant, and still find lots of stuff we can use.

My Favorite TRUSTED Freebie Sites:

  • MySavings: This is one of my very favorite sites! They send out a great daily list of freebies and giveaways, plus you can find even more deals on their site! Sign Up.
  • The Deal Scoop: Cute site “giving you the scoop” on daily deals and freebies! Sign up for her email updates or follow her on Facebook so you don’t miss any goodies. Click Here.
  • Deal Crown: This one is brand new for me, but I’ve found some awesome stuff! Get signed up to check out their freebies! Up to the minute updated free sample and deals Click Here.
  • Freeflys: This is a big site, with tons of free samples and coupons. To sign up, it does make you click through a couple of offer screens, but just skip ’em if you want. Then you can get to the samples. Freeflys sign up.
  • Frugal Freelancer: A blog with a really random assortment of stuff… Deals, coupons, freebies and tips. Frugal Freelancer Sign Up.
  • Vocalpoint: I’ve mentioned this site before, because its awesome. Their newsletter always has tons of fun info, and they send out lots of really generous samples too. Click Here.
  • Women Freebies: Free samples, giveaways, and special offers chosen just for women and moms! Sign up for Women Freebies!.
  • TradePub: This is a site for FREE magazines. You may notice in my freebie pics that I mention how I NEVER pay for magazine subscriptions. This is one of the ways I do it. They feature mostly business magazines, but if you sign up, you’ll get notices when they have new ones like Cosmo or Womens Day too. Click Here.
  • Go Freebies: You have a chance at winning an Amazon gift card each day just be being an email subscriber. Sign up at Go Freebies.
  • Freebie Fanatics: “Your guide to finding quality freebies on the internet”. Sign up here.
  • Sweeties Freebies: Love this site, and the partner site Sweeties Sweeps too! Always good stuff. Sign up here. You can also stay updated by “liking” her on Facebook.
  • Hey, It’s Free!: Great resource of new stuff each day. Sign up here.
  • Sample A Day: Check them out and sign up for daily deals and free stuff. Click Here.
  • Free Snatcher: Tons of new coupons, free samples, and deals! Sign up here.
  • All You Magazine: This link will take you to a page where you can sign up for their daily free sample newsletter, plus you can check out their giveaways and other great stuff! Click Here.
  • Free Sample Freak: Loads of new stuff each day! Sign up for updates here.
  • Free Sample Momma: Fun new freebies and deals, great stuff! Click Here.
  • The Daily Goodie Bag: Awesome ladies posting tons of awesome deals, freebies, and giveaways all day! Check out their site, and follow them on Facebook too! Click Here.
  • The Frugal Free Gal: Coupons, samples, how-to’s and more! Check it out.
  • Freebies4Mom: Spoils you with freebies each day! Check her out here.
  • I Love Free Things: Check them out because, well, you love free things too! Click Here.
  • Coupons and Freebies Mom: A mom of two boys who posts all of the best deals and freebies for you every day! Click Here.
  • Mommy Wants Freebies: Another great site to check out for fun new deals, coupons, and free stuff! Check it out by clicking here.

Best Safe Sites for FREE Baby Stuff:

  • Baby to Bee: I’ve posted about this one before. Love it. Tons of giveaways, helpful tips, and free samples. Get FREE baby stuff: Click Here.
  • Planning Family: Another one I’ve talked about. I got so many great freebies while I was pregnant from this site! “Tons of free baby stuff from the brands you know and trust.” Click Here.

Plus, for more baby samples, see {Part 2} Newsletters, for bunches of baby company newsletters to sign up for to get free samples, high-value coupons, and exclusive offers. Having a baby is darn expensive, and getting all of these freebies help a lot! I was able to stock a whole diaper bag with samples not long ago for a baby shower! Diapers in different sizes, tons of free formula, diaper cream, bibs, and tons of coupons for mom. Great gift.

What do you think? Ready to go freebie hunting?

Every single one of these sites were taken right out of my own personal email this morning! I use all of them, so I can promise that they are all safe, with great offers and freebies. Let me know which ones you decide to sign up with.

I’d love you guys to add your own favorites in the comments too!

And, if you’ve missed the earlier parts of the series, you can check out {Part 1} Survey Sites, {Part 2} on Newsletter Freebies, {Part 3} Shopping Rewards. Plus, you can see a ton of sweet pics of my goodies on the {Intro} post and see the best coupon resource right here. I really hope this set of posts helps you guys! - Free baby stuff



  1. Thank you for linking me up! :) Have a great weekend!

  2. I’ve been doing the coffee while going through my e-mail in the morning too. Gonna have to check out some of these links that I haven’t tried yet! Thanks for posting & doing this series. You have helped me become a
    freebie-aholic!! LOL!

    • Sunshine and Sippy Cups says

      Bonnie, I’m glad you liked it :) And maybe we’ll have to start a “help” group… Freebies-lovers Anonymous or something, lol. I sometimes get way more stuff than I even need, and I’m always making goodie bags to give to people! But it’s so much fun getting the mail and always having fun surprises!

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